Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Pembroke Regional, 2018-2019, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 9, 2018
AB10110:00 AMPMC Petawawa Patriots2-2Kanata Blazers
AB10210:00 AMPACC Arnprior Packers1-1Ottawa West Golden Knights
AB10311:00 AMPMC Highland Storm0-4Russell Warriors
AB20411:00 AMPACC Loyalist Jets5-0Renfrew Timberwolves
AB20512:00 PMPMC Frontenac Flyers3-0Nepean Raiders White
AB20612:00 PMPACC Mississippi Thunder Kings6-0Brockville Braves
AC113:00 PMPMC Valley Storm2-0Tweed Hawks
AC123:00 PMPACC Mariposa Lightning2-4Lakefield Chiefs
AC134:00 PMPMC Brock Wild3-0Muskrat Voyageurs
AC144:00 PMPACC Sturgeon Lake Thunder0-6Deep River Knights
AB1155:00 PMPMC Russell Warriors3-1Arnprior Packers
AC165:00 PMPACC Douro Dukes1-7Cayuga Stars
AB2176:00 PMPMC Renfrew Timberwolves1-10Mississippi Thunder Kings
AB3186:00 PMPACC Casselman-Embrun Icedogs4-1Kemptville Panthers
AB3197:00 PMPMC West Carleton Crusaders9-2Campbellford Colts
AB3207:00 PMPACC Manitoulin Panthers2-4Pembroke Kings
AB2218:00 PMPMC Nepean Raiders White1-2Loyalist Jets
AB2228:00 PMPACC Brockville Braves1-4Frontenac Flyers
Saturday, November 10, 2018
AC237:00 AMPMC Valley Storm2-5Sturgeon Lake Thunder
AC247:00 AMPACC Muskrat Voyageurs2-0Douro Dukes
AC258:00 AMPMC Brock Wild2-0Lakefield Chiefs
AC268:00 AMPACC Cayuga Stars7-0Tweed Hawks
AC279:00 AMPMC Deep River Knights3-1Mariposa Lightning
AB1289:00 AMPACC Kanata Blazers2-1Highland Storm
AB12910:00 AMPMC Ottawa West Golden Knights1-1Petawawa Patriots
AB33010:00 AMPACC Campbellford Colts1-7Casselman-Embrun Icedogs
AB3351:00 PMPMC Manitoulin Panthers0-5Kemptville Panthers
AB3361:00 PMPACC Pembroke Kings0-2West Carleton Crusaders
AB2372:00 PMPMC Frontenac Flyers3-4Mississippi Thunder Kings
AB2382:00 PMPACC Nepean Raiders White4-0Renfrew Timberwolves
AB2393:00 PMPMC Loyalist Jets5-5Brockville Braves
AB1403:00 PMPACC Petawawa Patriots1-5Russell Warriors
AB1414:00 PMPMC Highland Storm1-3Ottawa West Golden Knights
AB1424:00 PMPACC Arnprior Packers1-3Kanata Blazers
AC435:00 PMPMC Sturgeon Lake Thunder3-1Douro Dukes
AC445:00 PMPACC Mariposa Lightning1-2Valley Storm
AC456:00 PMPMC Lakefield Chiefs1-4Cayuga Stars
AC466:00 PMPACC Deep River Knights1-3Brock Wild
AB3477:00 PMPMC Casselman-Embrun Icedogs2-2Pembroke Kings
AC487:00 PMPACC Tweed Hawks1-7Muskrat Voyageurs
AB3498:00 PMPMC Kemptville Panthers9-0Campbellford Colts
AB3508:00 PMPACC West Carleton Crusaders2-2Manitoulin Panthers
Sunday, November 11, 2018
ABQF5510:00 AMPMC Frontenac Flyers2-3Russell Warriors
ABQF5610:00 AMPACC Kemptville Panthers2-3Mississippi Thunder Kings
ABQF5711:00 AMPMC Kanata Blazers1-3West Carleton Crusaders
ABQF5811:00 AMPACC Loyalist Jets1-2Casselman-Embrun Icedogs
ACSF5912:00 PMPMC Muskrat Voyageurs2-1Cayuga Stars
ACSF6012:00 PMPACC Deep River Knights2-1Brock Wild
ABSF632:00 PMPMC Casselman-Embrun Icedogs1-2Russell Warriors
ABSF642:00 PMPACC West Carleton Crusaders1-2Mississippi Thunder Kings
ACF665:00 PMPACC Muskrat Voyageurs1-2Deep River Knights
ABF676:00 PMPACC Mississippi Thunder Kings2-1Russell Warriors
Friday, November 16, 2018
PB30112:00 PMPMC Loyalist Jets3-3West Carleton Crusaders
PB3021:00 PMPACC Renfrew Timberwolves1-2Alexandria Glens
PB2031:00 PMPMC Petawawa Patriots0-7Nepean Raiders (White)
PB2042:00 PMPACC Smiths Falls Bears4-1Brighton Braves
PC052:00 PMPMC Centre Hastings Grizzlies1-0Valley Storm
PC063:00 PMPACC Brock Wild3-0Powassan Hawks
PC073:00 PMPMC Tweed Hawks1-6Deep River Knights
PC084:00 PMPACC Douro Dukes6-3Mariposa Lightning
PAA094:00 PMPMC Nepean Raiders5-3Ottawa Sting
PB1105:00 PMPACC Char Lan Rebels1-4Kemptville Panthers
PAA115:00 PMPMC Vaughan Panthers2-3Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
PB4126:00 PMPACC Frontenac Flyers5-3Brockville Braves
PAA136:00 PMPMC Kanata Blazers2-2Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
PB4147:00 PMPACC Ottawa West Golden Knights1-3Russell Warriors
PB1157:00 PMPMC Cumberland Grads3-2Pembroke Kings
PC178:00 PMPMC Norwood Hornets7-3Muskrat Voyageurs
Saturday, November 17, 2018
PB2168:00 AMPACC Nepean Raiders (White)5-2Brighton Braves
PB3198:00 AMPMC Alexandria Glens2-0Loyalist Jets
PB2189:00 AMPACC Petawawa Patriots1-5Smiths Falls Bears
PB3219:00 AMPMC Renfrew Timberwolves3-4West Carleton Crusaders
PAA2010:00 AMPACC Rideau St. Lawrence Kings1-3Kanata Blazers
PB42310:00 AMPMC Russell Warriors4-1Frontenac Flyers
PAA2211:00 AMPACC Ottawa Sting0-3Vaughan Panthers
PB42511:00 AMPMC Brockville Braves1-2Ottawa West Golden Knights
PAA2412:00 PMPACC Upper Ottawa Valley Aces1-2Nepean Raiders
PB12712:00 PMPMC Char Lan Rebels3-1Pembroke Kings
PC261:00 PMPACC Muskrat Voyageurs5-5Centre Hastings Grizzlies
PB1291:00 PMPMC Kemptville Panthers0-0Cumberland Grads
PC282:00 PMPACC Deep River Knights4-1Norwood Hornets
PC312:00 PMPMC Powassan Hawks1-5Douro Dukes
PC303:00 PMPACC Valley Storm1-6Brock Wild
PC333:00 PMPMC Mariposa Lightning6-1Tweed Hawks
PB3324:00 PMPACC West Carleton Crusaders3-5Alexandria Glens
PB2354:00 PMPMC Smiths Falls Bears2-0Nepean Raiders (White)
PB3345:00 PMPACC Loyalist Jets2-2Renfrew Timberwolves
PB2375:00 PMPMC Brighton Braves2-5Petawawa Patriots
PB4366:00 PMPACC Russell Warriors4-2Brockville Braves
PB4396:00 PMPMC Ottawa West Golden Knights3-3Frontenac Flyers
PAA387:00 PMPACC Kanata Blazers0-1Ottawa Sting
PAA417:00 PMPMC Nepean Raiders0-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
PB1408:00 PMPACC Pembroke Kings3-1Kemptville Panthers
PAA438:00 PMPMC Upper Ottawa Valley Aces2-3Vaughan Panthers
PB1429:00 PMPACC Cumberland Grads6-2Char Lan Rebels
PC459:00 PMPMC Deep River Knights6-1Centre Hastings Grizzlies
Sunday, November 18, 2018
PC448:00 AMPACC Douro Dukes1-2Valley Storm
PC478:00 AMPMC Norwood Hornets2-1Mariposa Lightning
PC469:00 AMPACC Tweed Hawks1-3Powassan Hawks
PC499:00 AMPMC Brock Wild5-2Muskrat Voyageurs
PBQF4810:00 AMPACC West Carleton Crusaders1-5Russell Warriors
PBQF5110:00 AMPMC Frontenac Flyers3-2Smiths Falls Bears
PBQF5011:00 AMPACC Nepean Raiders (White)2-0Cumberland Grads
PBQF5311:00 AMPMC Kemptville Panthers3-4Alexandria Glens
PAASF5212:00 PMPACC Nepean Raiders2-0Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
PAASF5512:00 PMPMC Kanata Blazers0-5Vaughan Panthers
PCSF541:00 PMPACC Douro Dukes5-1Brock Wild
PCSF571:00 PMPMC Norwood Hornets2-3Deep River Knights
PBSF562:00 PMPACC Nepean Raiders (White)3-0Alexandria Glens
PBSF592:00 PMPMC Frontenac Flyers3-2Russell Warriors
PAAF583:00 PMPACC Nepean Raiders0-5Vaughan Panthers
PCF604:00 PMPACC Douro Dukes3-4Deep River Knights
PBF615:00 PMPACC Frontenac Flyers1-2Nepean Raiders (White)
Friday, November 23, 2018
BB20110:00 AMPMC South Grenville Rangers0-6Arnprior Packers
BB30211:00 AMPACC Renfrew Timberwolves0-4Brockville Jr. Braves
BC0311:10 AMPMC Norwood Hornets2-0Douro Dukes
BAA0412:10 PMPACC Cumberland Grads1-4Rideau St. - Lawrence Kings
BB20512:20 PMPMC Petawawa Patriots10-0Newcastle Stars
BB3061:20 PMPACC Bancroft Jets2-8Mississippi Thunder Kings
BC071:30 PMPMC Tweed Hawks6-0Mariposa Lightning
BAA082:30 PMPACC Gloucester Rangers3-6UOV Aces
BB!092:40 PMPMC Ennismore Eagles1-4Gananoque Islanders
BAA103:40 PMPACC Mississauga Terriers4-1Northumberland Nighthawks
BB2113:50 PMPMC Smiths Falls Bears3-2Osgoode Richmond Romans
BB3124:50 PMPACC Clarence-Rockland Crush4-1NGS Braves
BC155:00 PMPMC Valley Storm0-1Muskrat Voyageurs
BB2146:00 PMPACC South Grenville Rangers3-5Newcastle Stars
BB!136:10 PMPMC South Dundas Lions2-2Pembroke Kings
BC167:10 PMPACC Norwood Hornets2-1Mariposa Lightning
BB!177:20 PMPMC Highland Storm3-4Kemptville Panthers
BAA188:20 PMPACC UOV Aces5-2Cumberland Grads
BAA198:30 PMPMC Mississauga Terriers2-1Rideau St. - Lawrence Kings
BAA209:30 PMPACC Northumberland Nighthawks0-5Gloucester Rangers
BB2219:40 PMPMC Petawawa Patriots3-4Osgoode Richmond Romans
Saturday, November 24, 2018
BB!228:00 AMPACC Pembroke Kings2-4Ennismore Eagles
BB3238:00 AMPMC Mississippi Thunder Kings2-3Clarence-Rockland Crush
BC249:10 AMPACC Douro Dukes0-10Tweed Hawks
BB3259:10 AMPMC Brockville Jr. Braves6-1Bancroft Jets
BB!2610:20 AMPACC Kemptville Panthers3-2South Dundas Lions
BB32710:20 AMPMC NGS Braves4-0Renfrew Timberwolves
BB!2811:30 AMPACC Gananoque Islanders0-2Highland Storm
BAA2911:30 AMPMC Rideau St. - Lawrence Kings3-4Gloucester Rangers
BC3012:40 PMPACC Mariposa Lightning3-3Valley Storm
BAA3112:40 PMPMC UOV Aces3-0Mississauga Terriers
BB2321:50 PMPACC Newcastle Stars1-3Smiths Falls Bears
BAA331:50 PMPMC Northumberland Nighthawks1-2Cumberland Grads
BB2343:00 PMPACC Osgoode Richmond Romans8-2South Grenville Rangers
BC353:00 PMPMC Muskrat Voyageurs2-6Norwood Hornets
BB2364:10 PMPACC Arnprior Packers2-1Petawawa Patriots
BB!374:10 PMPMC Highland Storm2-2Pembroke Kings
BB3385:20 PMPACC Renfrew Timberwolves1-5Mississippi Thunder Kings
BB3395:20 PMPMC Brockville Jr. Braves2-3Clarence-Rockland Crush
BC406:30 PMPACC Valley Storm2-3Douro Dukes
BB3416:30 PMPMC NGS Braves6-1Bancroft Jets
BC427:40 PMPACC Muskrat Voyageurs0-13Tweed Hawks
BB!437:40 PMPMC Kemptville Panthers4-0Ennismore Eagles
BB!448:50 PMPACC South Dundas Lions6-2Gananoque Islanders
BB2458:50 PMPMC Arnprior Packers0-2Smiths Falls Bears
Sunday, November 25, 2018
BBQF4610:00 AMPACC Mississippi Thunder Kings1-0Kemptville Panthers
BBQF4710:00 AMPMC NGS Braves2-0Smiths Falls Bears
BBQF4811:10 AMPACC Arnprior Packers2-1Brockville Jr. Braves
BBQF4911:10 AMPMC South Dundas Lions1-4Clarence-Rockland Crush
BAASF5012:20 PMPACC Mississauga Terriers4-2Gloucester Rangers
BAASF5112:20 PMPMC Rideau St. - Lawrence Kings2-1UOV Aces
BCSF521:30 PMPACC Douro Dukes4-5Norwood Hornets
BCSF531:30 PMPMC Muskrat Voyageurs0-9Tweed Hawks
BBSF542:40 PMPACC Mississippi Thunder Kings2-5Arnprior Packers
BBSF552:40 PMPMC NGS Braves3-1Clarence-Rockland Crush
BAAF563:50 PMPACC Rideau St. - Lawrence Kings2-1Mississauga Terriers
BCF575:00 PMPACC Norwood Hornets2-7Tweed Hawks
BBF586:10 PMPACC NGS Braves2-1Arnprior Packers
Friday, November 30, 2018
MB110:00 AMPMC Mississippi Thunder Kings3-3Petawawa Patriots
MB210:00 AMPACC Renfrew Timberwolves1-4West Carleton Crusaders
MB311:10 AMPMC Perth Wings0-3Osgoode Richmond Romans
MB411:10 AMPACC Arnprior Packers6-1South Grenville Rangers
MAA2102:20 PMPACC Kanata Blazers0-3Hull Olympiques
MAA192:20 PMPMC Ottawa Valley Silver Seven2-3Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MAA1113:30 PMPMC Cumberland Grads0-5Loups Des Collines
MAA2123:30 PMPACC Gloucester Rangers3-2Northumberland Nighthawks
MB134:40 PMPMC Newcastle Stars4-0Arnprior Packers
MB144:40 PMPACC Metcalfe Jets2-0Campbellford Colts
MB155:50 PMPMC South Grenville Rangers1-4West Carleton Crusaders
MB165:50 PMPACC Perth Wings2-4Mississippi Thunder Kings
MB177:00 PMPMC Bancroft Jets0-5Pembroke Kings
MB187:00 PMPACC Osgoode Richmond Romans4-2Petawawa Patriots
MB198:10 PMPMC Kemptville Panthers4-3Renfrew Timberwolves
MC2208:10 PMPACC Norwood Hornets1-2Deep River Knights
MC1219:20 PMPMC Muskrat Voyageurs1-4Valley Storm
MC2229:20 PMPACC Douro Dukes4-1Sturgeon Lake Thunder
MC12310:30 PMPMC Mariposa Lightning4-1Porcupine Gold Kings
Saturday, December 1, 2018
MB289:10 AMPACC Kemptville Panthers0-1Campbellford Colts
MB299:10 AMPMC Metcalfe Jets1-1Newcastle Stars
MAA13010:10 AMPACC Upper Ottawa Valley Aces2-1Cumberland Grads
MAA23110:10 AMPMC Northumberland Nighthawks1-2Kanata Blazers
MAA13211:20 AMPACC Loups Des Collines2-0Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MAA23311:20 AMPMC Hull Olympiques3-4Gloucester Rangers
MC13412:30 PMPACC Porcupine Gold Kings1-0Muskrat Voyageurs
MC23512:30 PMPMC Deep River Knights0-2Douro Dukes
MC1361:40 PMPACC Valley Storm1-4Mariposa Lightning
MC2371:40 PMPMC Sturgeon Lake Thunder6-0Norwood Hornets
MB382:50 PMPACC Pembroke Kings2-1Mississippi Thunder Kings
MB392:50 PMPMC West Carleton Crusaders3-1Bancroft Jets
MB404:00 PMPACC Osgoode Richmond Romans6-0South Grenville Rangers
MB414:00 PMPMC Campbellford Colts4-4Arnprior Packers
MAA1467:10 PMPACC Loups Des Collines4-1Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
MAA1477:10 PMPMC Ottawa Valley Silver Seven1-2Cumberland Grads
MB488:20 PMPACC Petawawa Patriots1-4Newcastle Stars
MB498:20 PMPMC Renfrew Timberwolves2-3Metcalfe Jets
MAA2509:30 PMPACC Kanata Blazers0-3Gloucester Rangers
MAA2519:30 PMPMC Hull Olympiques1-1Northumberland Nighthawks
MB5210:40 PMPACC Bancroft Jets2-5Perth Wings
MB5310:40 PMPMC Pembroke Kings3-1Kemptville Panthers
Sunday, December 2, 2018
MC2548:00 AMPACC Douro Dukes9-1Norwood Hornets
MC1558:00 AMPMC Mariposa Lightning9-2Muskrat Voyageurs
MC1569:10 AMPACC Porcupine Gold Kings2-4Valley Storm
MC2579:10 AMPMC Sturgeon Lake Thunder2-1Deep River Knights
MAASF6011:20 AMPACC Upper Ottawa Valley Aces3-1Gloucester Rangers
MAASF6111:20 AMPMC Hull Olympiques1-3Loups Des Collines
MBSF6212:30 PMPACC West Carleton Crusaders4-0Pembroke Kings
MBSF6312:30 PMPMC Newcastle Stars2-1Osgoode Richmond Romans
MCSF641:40 PMPACC Valley Storm3-6Douro Dukes
MCSF651:40 PMPMC Sturgeon Lake Thunder0-3Mariposa Lightning
MAAF673:50 PMPACC Upper Ottawa Valley Aces2-0Loups Des Collines
MBF685:00 PMPACC Newcastle Stars0-2West Carleton Crusaders
MCF696:10 PMPACC Douro Dukes1-3Mariposa Lightning
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