International Silver Stick

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International Silver Stick consists of numerous AA and Below "regional" tournaments in Canada and the US whereby the various champions advance to represent their region at the International Finals.  Our Finals Tournaments are held in both the US and Canada.

For AAA teams, we do not host regional tournaments.  AAA teams participate at either Port Huron, Sarnia or Whitby and are by invite only.
Please be advised:

1. Teams may enter ONE regional tournament only.  A team can only represent one region at the Finals. In addition, a team from one country cannot represent a region from another.

2. A team wishing to participate in an out of region tournament must obtain a release from its designated Regional Tournament prior to entering the out of region tournament. Such a release does not guarantee the team a spot in the out of region tournament.

3. IF your "region" does not have a tournament for your age and category, you may enter a tournament in another region.

4. Before you can select a tournament, you first need to know your "Silver Stick Region".  We have 7 different regions in Ontario and 8 American regions.  Quite often, we have multiple tournaments in each region.

For Ontario based teams, we have a Region Lookup Tool. Enter your home association and the site will display your Region.
Before you can enter a tournament, you will need to know your;

1. Home Silver Stick region for your association. See our Ontario region tool
2. Team's age grouping:  ie U12 or 11U
3. Team's classification: ie AA, A, B, etc

We have two ways for you to find our tournaments.

1. Filter by age and category.

Click the Filter Box, a window will open.  Click the ALL Classifications Box.  The site will display ALL of our classifications starting with Canadian, then American, followed by the Girls classifications.  Click on the black box for you age/classification to display the tournaments.  Select your regional tournament for your home region.

2. Search the site.

Click the Find Box, then enter your search criteria such as U11 A or 14U AA.  The site will display ALL tournaments featuring that age/category.  Select your regional tournament for your home region.
Visit the regional Tournament website.  Please be advised that we are in the pre-season time and not all tournaments will have their registration pages and forms posted.

If you do not see a registration form posted, please email the Tournament Director listed on their contact page.
Silver Stick® Tournaments operate under the auspices of Hockey Canada or Hockey USA and therefore follow their rules of play

Each Silver Stick tournament operates 
independently of the others and will have different rules setup by their Tournament Committees and Minor Hockey Associations.  Please see the tournament's website for more information.

Fighting is not allowed in any Silver Stick Tournament. Participates penalized for fighting are suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
Our International Directors are here to help. Do you have a question regarding the tournament you should enter? Please use the following options

1. Canadian Teams participating in Canadian Tournaments

2. American Teams participating in American Tournaments

3. Girls Teams participating in Girls Tournaments

4. All other questions, please email our Executive Director