Schedule & Results, 2019-20 Port Huron Finals, 2019-2020, Final (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 9, 2020
PAAA-A12:00 PMMM Toronto Marlboros4-3Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA-B22:00 PMGPC Toronto Red Wings2-1Buffalo Jr. Sabres
PAAA-A32:00 PMGPU St Louis Blues4-0Southern Tier Admirals
PAAA-A43:30 PMMM Central Ontario Wolves2-3Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
PAAA-B53:30 PMGPC Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs1-4Chicago Mission
PAAA-B63:30 PMGPU Mississauga Reps4-6Long Island Gulls
PAAA-C74:00 PMSIM2 Lambton Jr. Sting3-1Chicago Fury
PAAA-C84:00 PMMTC1 Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-0York Simcoe Express
PAAA-C94:00 PM SIM1 Valley Forge Minutemen4-0Detroit Victory Honda
BAAA-A (XOVER)105:00 PMMM Clarington Toros4-3Chicago Mission
BAAA-A (XOVER)115:00 PMGPC Niagara North Stars1-4Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA-B (XOVER)125:00 PMGPU Sun County Panthers4-6Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA-D (XOVER)135:30 PMSIM2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons6-1Pittsburgh Predators
BAAA-C (XOVER)145:30 PM SIM1 Waterloo Wolves4-2Syracuse Nationals
BAAA-B (XOVER)156:30 PMMM Elgin Middlesex Chiefs8-3Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
BAAA-E (XOVER)166:30 PMGPC Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs2-1Chicago Fury
BAAA-F (XOVER)176:30 PMGPU Toronto Marlboros4-1Philadelphia Jr. Flyers
BAAA-C (XOVER)187:00 PM SIM1 Thunder Bay Kings0-5Detroit Belle Tire
BAAA-D (XOVER)197:00 PMSIM2 Brantford 99ers1-5Detroit Compuware
BAAA-G (XOVER)208:00 PMMM Markham Majors2-3Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA-E (XOVER)218:00 PMGPC Team Illinois0-5Eastern Ontario Wild
BAAA-E (XOVER)228:00 PMGPU Kitchener Jr. Rangers4-6Wisconsin Jr Gamblers
BAAA-G (XOVER)239:30 PMMM Lambton Jr. Sting2-4Shattuck St. Mary's
BAAA-H (XOVER)249:30 PMGPC Ottawa Myers Automotive4-0Canton Victory Honda
BAAA-H (XOVER)259:30 PMGPU Barrie Colts5-2Tri-State Spartans
Friday, January 10, 2020
PAAA-B268:00 AMMM Buffalo Jr. Sabres2-2Mississauga Reps
PAAA-A278:00 AMGPC Southern Tier Admirals1-6Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
PAAA-A288:00 AMGPU Toronto Marlboros6-4St Louis Blues
PAAA-C298:00 AM SIM1 Lambton Jr. Sting6-1York Simcoe Express
PAAA-C308:00 AMSIM2 Chicago Fury4-1Valley Forge Minutemen
PAAA-B319:30 AMMM Chicago Mission8-1Toronto Red Wings
PAAA-B329:30 AMGPC Long Island Gulls5-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
PAAA-A339:30 AMGPU Detroit Little Caesars5-2Central Ontario Wolves
PAAA-C349:30 AMSIM2 Detroit Victory Honda3-0Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
BAAA-C359:30 AM SIM1 Detroit Belle Tire7-1Brantford 99ers
BAAA-C3610:30 AMMTC1 Syracuse Nationals1-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
BAAA-A3711:00 AMGPC Elgin Middlesex Chiefs2-7Chicago Mission
BAAA-A3811:00 AMGPU Sun County Panthers4-3Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA-D3911:00 AM SIM1 Detroit Compuware7-3Pittsburgh Predators
BAAA-D4011:00 AMSIM2 Waterloo Wolves1-3Thunder Bay Kings
BAAA-B4111:00 AMMM Clarington Toros2-6Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA-G4212:30 PM SIM1 Ottawa Myers Automotive2-5Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA-B4312:30 PMMM Niagara North Stars1-2Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
BAAA-E4412:30 PMGPC Eastern Ontario Wild3-8Chicago Fury
BAAA-G4512:30 PMSIM2 Shattuck St. Mary's3-1Barrie Colts
BAAA-E4612:30 PMGPU Wisconsin Jr Gamblers2-4Toronto Marlboros
PAAA-A472:00 PMMM Southern Tier Admirals1-5Toronto Marlboros
BAAA-H482:00 PMSIM2 Tri-State Spartans0-8Markham Majors
BAAA-F492:00 PMGPC Kitchener Jr. Rangers0-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BAAA-H502:00 PM SIM1 Lambton Jr. Sting0-1Canton Victory Honda
BAAA-F512:00 PMGPU Team Illinois7-1Philadelphia Jr. Flyers
PAAA-A523:30 PMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite1-2Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA-C533:30 PM SIM1 Valley Forge Minutemen5-3Lambton Jr. Sting
PAAA-C543:30 PMSIM2 Chicago Fury6-2Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
PAAA-A553:30 PMGPU Central Ontario Wolves3-4St Louis Blues
PAAA-B563:30 PMMM Buffalo Jr. Sabres4-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
PAAA-C574:30 PMMTC1 Detroit Victory Honda0-0York Simcoe Express
BAAA-C585:00 PMSIM2 Syracuse Nationals2-3Detroit Belle Tire
BAAA-C595:00 PM SIM1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons4-1Brantford 99ers
BAAA-A605:00 PMMM Pittsburgh Penguins Elite5-3Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
PAAA-B615:00 PMGPC Chicago Mission1-1Long Island Gulls
PAAA-B625:00 PMGPU Mississauga Reps0-5Toronto Red Wings
BAAA-E636:30 PMGPC Eastern Ontario Wild6-4Wisconsin Jr Gamblers
BAAA-D646:30 PM SIM1 Waterloo Wolves3-6Detroit Compuware
BAAA-D656:30 PMSIM2 Pittsburgh Predators2-2Thunder Bay Kings
BAAA-E666:30 PMGPU Chicago Fury1-3Toronto Marlboros
BAAA-A676:30 PMMM Chicago Mission9-1Sun County Panthers
BAAA-B688:00 PMGPU Buffalo Jr. Sabres7-2Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
BAAA-G698:00 PMMM Barrie Colts3-2Ottawa Myers Automotive
BAAA-B708:00 PMGPC Niagara North Stars1-3Clarington Toros
BAAA-H718:00 PMSIM2 Tri-State Spartans1-2Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA-G729:30 PMMM Shattuck St. Mary's6-3Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA-F739:30 PMGPU Philadelphia Jr. Flyers0-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BAAA-H749:30 PMSIM2 Canton Victory Honda2-2Markham Majors
BAAA-F759:30 PMGPC Team Illinois1-0Kitchener Jr. Rangers
Saturday, January 11, 2020
BAAA-C768:00 AMSIM2 Brantford 99ers2-3Syracuse Nationals
BAAA-C778:00 AM SIM1 Detroit Belle Tire2-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
PAAA-A788:00 AMMM St Louis Blues1-4Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
PAAA-B798:00 AMGPU Toronto Red Wings4-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
PAAA-A808:00 AMGPC Central Ontario Wolves2-8Toronto Marlboros
PAAA-B819:30 AMGPU Mississauga Reps0-8Chicago Mission
PAAA-B829:30 AMGPC Long Island Gulls3-3Buffalo Jr. Sabres
PAAA-A839:30 AMMM Detroit Little Caesars6-3Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA-D859:30 AMSIM2 Thunder Bay Kings3-3Detroit Compuware
BAAA-D86b9:30 AM SIM1 Pittsburgh Predators4-3Waterloo Wolves
PAAA-C849:45 AMMTC2 Lambton Jr. Sting5-1Detroit Victory Honda
PAAA-C86P11:00 AMGPC York Simcoe Express1-6Chicago Fury
PAAA-C8711:00 AMGPU Elgin Middlesex Chiefs5-2Valley Forge Minutemen
BAAA-E8811:00 AMMM Chicago Fury2-5Wisconsin Jr Gamblers
BAAA-H8911:00 AMSIM2 Markham Majors3-1Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA-H9011:00 AM SIM1 Canton Victory Honda4-0Tri-State Spartans
BAAA-A9112:30 PMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite0-3Chicago Mission
BAAA-E9212:30 PMMM Eastern Ontario Wild4-5Toronto Marlboros
BAAA-A9312:30 PMGPU Sun County Panthers2-5Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
BAAA-F942:00 PMMM Philadelphia Jr. Flyers1-7Kitchener Jr. Rangers
BAAA-B952:00 PMGPC Buffalo Jr. Sabres5-0Niagara North Stars
BAAA-B962:00 PMGPU Milwaukee Jr. Admirals3-2Clarington Toros
BAAA-F973:30 PMMM Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs3-3Team Illinois
BAAA-G983:30 PMGPU Ottawa Myers Automotive1-2Shattuck St. Mary's
BAAA-G993:30 PMGPC Detroit Little Caesars1-0Barrie Colts
PAAA Champ1005:00 PMGPC Long Island Gulls1-5Chicago Mission
PAAA Champ1015:00 PMMM Toronto Red Wings2-4Toronto Marlboros
PAAA Champ1026:30 PMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite4-1Chicago Fury
PAAA Champ1036:30 PMMM Detroit Little Caesars3-1Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA Champ1048:00 PMGPC Markham Majors0-3Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA Champ1058:00 PMMM Chicago Mission3-1Toronto Marlboros
BAAA Champ1069:30 PMGPC Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs2-3Detroit Compuware
BAAA Champ1079:30 PMMM Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-5Shattuck St. Mary's
Sunday, January 12, 2020
PAAA Champ1088:30 AMGPU Pittsburgh Penguins Elite1-3Chicago Mission
PAAA Champ1098:30 AMMM Detroit Little Caesars1-4Toronto Marlboros
BAAA Champ11011:45 AMGPU Detroit Compuware1-7Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA Champ11111:45 AMMM Chicago Mission3-1Shattuck St. Mary's
PAAA Champ1122:00 PMMM Chicago Mission4-1Toronto Marlboros
BAAA Champ1135:00 PMMM Chicago Mission3-0Buffalo Jr. Sabres
Thursday, January 16, 2020
PWA - B14:00 PMMM Orillia Terriers5-1West Kent Hawks
PWA - B25:30 PMMM Hearst Lumber Kings6-1Caps Academy Red
PWA - C36:00 PMGPC Big Boy Hockey Club1-3Burlington Eagles
PWA - C46:00 PMGPU North Jersey Avalanche0-4Quinte West Hawks
PWA - A57:00 PMMM Barrie Colts White8-1Port Huron Flags
PWA - A67:30 PMGPC California Wave3-3Brantford 99ers
BMA - A77:30 PMGPU St. Marys Rock1-3Centre Wellington Fusion
BMA - A88:30 PMMM Wawa Travellers4-6Port Huron Flags
BMA - B109:00 PMGPU Nickel City Sharks2-7Metro Maple Leafs
BMA - B99:00 PMGPC Barrie Colts2-1St. Clair Shores Saints White
Friday, January 17, 2020
PWA - D128:00 AMGPC St. Mary's Rock4-1Bowling Green Ice Cats
PWA - D138:00 AMGPU Omaha Jr Mavericks2-5Toronto Eagles
BMA - C119:00 AMMM Stratford Warriors5-3Birmingham Rangers
BMA - D159:30 AMGPC Essex Ravens9-1Orillia Terriers
BMA - D169:30 AMGPU Wyoming Cutthroats2-1Cleveland Sharks
BMA - C1410:30 AMMM Halton Hills Thunder6-0Long Island Gulls
PWA - A1811:00 AMGPC Barrie Colts White4-0California Wave
BMA - A1911:00 AMGPU Centre Wellington Fusion5-2Wawa Travellers
PWA - B1712:00 PMMM Orillia Terriers2-1Hearst Lumber Kings
BMA - B2112:30 PMGPC St. Clair Shores Saints White2-3Nickel City Sharks
BMA - B2212:30 PMGPU Metro Maple Leafs2-4Barrie Colts
PWA - B201:30 PMMM Caps Academy Red3-7West Kent Hawks
PWA - D242:00 PMGPC Toronto Eagles2-2St. Mary's Rock
PWA - D252:00 PMGPU Bowling Green Ice Cats2-6Omaha Jr Mavericks
PWA - C233:00 PMMM North Jersey Avalanche4-4Big Boy Hockey Club
BMA - D273:30 PMGPC Cleveland Sharks2-2Essex Ravens
BMA - D283:30 PMGPU Orillia Terriers3-3Wyoming Cutthroats
PWA - C264:30 PMMM Quinte West Hawks7-3Burlington Eagles
BMA - C305:00 PMGPC Long Island Gulls4-1Stratford Warriors
BMA - C315:00 PMGPU Birmingham Rangers0-4Halton Hills Thunder
PWA - A296:00 PMMM Brantford 99ers8-0Port Huron Flags
BMA - A328:00 PMMM St. Marys Rock5-1Port Huron Flags
Saturday, January 18, 2020
PWA - D338:00 AMMM Bowling Green Ice Cats0-8Toronto Eagles
PWA - C348:30 AMGPC Quinte West Hawks10-3Big Boy Hockey Club
PWA - C358:30 AMGPU Burlington Eagles3-4North Jersey Avalanche
PWA - D369:30 AMMM Omaha Jr Mavericks1-2St. Mary's Rock
PWA - B3710:00 AMGPC Caps Academy Red1-8Orillia Terriers
PWA - B3810:00 AMGPU West Kent Hawks2-7Hearst Lumber Kings
PWA - A3911:00 AMMM California Wave8-0Port Huron Flags
PWA - A4011:30 AMGPC Brantford 99ers1-3Barrie Colts White
BMA - A4111:30 AMGPU Wawa Travellers2-4St. Marys Rock
BMA - A4212:30 PMMM Centre Wellington Fusion8-0Port Huron Flags
BMA - B431:00 PMGPC St. Clair Shores Saints White1-3Metro Maple Leafs
BMA - B441:00 PMGPU Nickel City Sharks4-6Barrie Colts
BMA - D452:00 PMMM Orillia Terriers5-0Cleveland Sharks
BMA - C462:30 PMGPC Birmingham Rangers1-5Long Island Gulls
BMA - C472:30 PMGPU Stratford Warriors2-2Halton Hills Thunder
BMA - D483:30 PMMM Wyoming Cutthroats1-9Essex Ravens
PWA Champ495:00 PMGPC St. Mary's Rock2-3Quinte West Hawks
PWA Champ505:00 PMGPU North Jersey Avalanche2-4Toronto Eagles
PWA Champ516:30 PMGPU Hearst Lumber Kings4-2Barrie Colts White
PWA Champ526:30 PMGPC Brantford 99ers5-2Orillia Terriers
BMA Champ538:00 PMGPC Metro Maple Leafs0-7Centre Wellington Fusion
BMA Champ548:00 PMGPU St. Marys Rock2-4Barrie Colts
BMA Champ559:30 PMGPU Orillia Terriers2-4Halton Hills Thunder
BMA Champ569:30 PMGPC Long Island Gulls1-5Essex Ravens
Sunday, January 19, 2020
PWA Champ579:00 AMMM Hearst Lumber Kings2-3Quinte West Hawks
PWA Champ589:00 AMGPU Brantford 99ers2-3Toronto Eagles
BMA Champ5911:00 AMMM Halton Hills Thunder2-1Centre Wellington Fusion
BMA Champ6011:00 AMGPU Essex Ravens1-2Barrie Colts
PWA Champ613:15 PMMM Toronto Eagles4-2Quinte West Hawks
BMA Champ625:00 PMMM Halton Hills Thunder1-2Barrie Colts
Thursday, January 23, 2020
PAA - B14:00 PMMM Rockford RoadRunners4-1Protec Ducks
PAA - B25:30 PMMM Orangeville Flyers4-3Trenton Jr Trojans
PAA - C36:00 PMGPC South Hills Panthers5-2Niagara Falls Flyers
PAA - C46:00 PMGPU Omaha Jr Mavericks4-1Mississauga Terriers
PAA - A57:00 PMMM Upper Ottawa Valley Aces8-0Port Huron Flags
PAA - A67:30 PMGPC Stratford Warriors1-6Valencia Flyers
BAA - A77:30 PMGPU Upper Ottawa Valley Aces2-2Mississauga Terriers
BAA - A88:30 PMMM Anaheim Ice Dogs1-0Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA - B109:00 PMGPU Detroit Compuware1-4Protec Ducks
BAA - B99:00 PMGPC Rochester Rattlers0-5London Jr Knights White
Friday, January 24, 2020
PAA - D128:00 AMGPC Sarnia Sting3-6Northern Allied Timmins North Stars
PAA - D138:00 AMGPU Wintersport Royals2-3Houston Wild
BAA - C119:00 AMMM Barrie Colts7-1Farmington Hills Little Caesars
BAA - D159:30 AMGPC Calgary Edge Varsity2-5West Dundee Leafs
BAA - D169:30 AMGPU Aviator Hockey Club0-5St. Clair Shores Saints Red
BAA - C1410:30 AMMM Hyland Hills Jaguars1-7Halton Hills Thunder
PAA - A1811:00 AMGPC Valencia Flyers0-5Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
BAA - A1911:00 AMGPU Anaheim Ice Dogs6-3Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
PAA - B1712:00 PMMM Trenton Jr Trojans1-3Rockford RoadRunners
BAA - B2112:30 PMGPC Protec Ducks3-1Rochester Rattlers
BAA - B2212:30 PMGPU London Jr Knights White3-1Detroit Compuware
PAA - B201:30 PMMM Protec Ducks3-7Orangeville Flyers
PAA - D242:00 PMGPC Sarnia Sting3-3Houston Wild
PAA - D252:00 PMGPU Northern Allied Timmins North Stars6-4Wintersport Royals
PAA - C233:00 PMMM Mississauga Terriers2-1South Hills Panthers
BAA - D273:30 PMGPC St. Clair Shores Saints Red1-1Calgary Edge Varsity
BAA - D283:30 PMGPU West Dundee Leafs5-5Aviator Hockey Club
PAA - C264:30 PMMM Niagara Falls Flyers3-10Omaha Jr Mavericks
BAA - C305:00 PMGPC Farmington Hills Little Caesars11-4Hyland Hills Jaguars
BAA - C315:00 PMGPU Halton Hills Thunder2-5Barrie Colts
PAA - A296:00 PMMM Stratford Warriors8-0Port Huron Flags
BAA - A328:00 PMMM Mississauga Terriers1-1Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Saturday, January 25, 2020
PAA - D338:00 AMMM Wintersport Royals3-5Sarnia Sting
PAA - C348:30 AMGPC Omaha Jr Mavericks3-1South Hills Panthers
PAA - C358:30 AMGPU Mississauga Terriers1-2Niagara Falls Flyers
PAA - D369:30 AMMM Houston Wild3-3Northern Allied Timmins North Stars
PAA - B3710:00 AMGPC Rockford RoadRunners1-2Orangeville Flyers
PAA - B3810:00 AMGPU Trenton Jr Trojans3-5Protec Ducks
PAA - A3911:00 AMMM Valencia Flyers8-0Port Huron Flags
PAA - A4011:30 AMGPC Stratford Warriors3-6Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
BAA - A4111:30 AMGPU Mississauga Terriers2-6Anaheim Ice Dogs
BAA - A4212:30 PMMM Upper Ottawa Valley Aces5-2Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA - B431:00 PMGPC Protec Ducks1-2London Jr Knights White
BAA - B441:00 PMGPU Rochester Rattlers0-2Detroit Compuware
BAA - D452:00 PMMM St. Clair Shores Saints Red3-2West Dundee Leafs
BAA - C462:30 PMGPC Halton Hills Thunder3-1Farmington Hills Little Caesars
BAA - C472:30 PMGPU Hyland Hills Jaguars1-1Barrie Colts
BAA - D483:30 PMMM Aviator Hockey Club2-4Calgary Edge Varsity
PAA Champ495:00 PMMM Rockford RoadRunners1-6Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
PAA Champ505:00 PMGPU Houston Wild1-7Omaha Jr Mavericks
PAA Champ516:30 PMMM Valencia Flyers5-4Orangeville Flyers
PAA Champ526:30 PMGPU South Hills Panthers1-9Northern Allied Timmins North Stars
BAA Champ538:00 PMMM Protec Ducks4-5Anaheim Ice Dogs
BAA Champ548:00 PMGPU West Dundee Leafs1-3Barrie Colts
BAA Champ559:30 PMMM Upper Ottawa Valley Aces2-4London Jr Knights White
BAA Champ569:30 PMGPU Halton Hills Thunder2-1St. Clair Shores Saints Red
Sunday, January 26, 2020
PAA Champ579:00 AMMM Omaha Jr Mavericks6-2Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
PAA Champ589:00 AMGPU Valencia Flyers0-6Northern Allied Timmins North Stars
BAA Champ5912:00 PMMM Barrie Colts1-6Anaheim Ice Dogs
BAA Champ6012:00 PMGPU Halton Hills Thunder2-3London Jr Knights White
PAA Champ612:30 PMMM Northern Allied Timmins North Stars2-7Omaha Jr Mavericks
BAA Champ625:15 PMMM Anaheim Ice Dogs2-1London Jr Knights White
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