Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Kincardine Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, December 27, 2018
Bantam BB19:00 AMDAV Saugeen Shores Storm1-1Hanover
Novice BN110:00 AMRIP Saugeen Shores Storm0-4Kincardine
PeeWee CP110:00 AMTIV Wingham 3-7South Bruce
Bantam BB210:10 AMDAV Kincardine 4-1Twin Center
Novice CN211:00 AMRIP TCDMHA 6-2Huron Bruce
PeeWee CP211:10 AMTIV West Grey 3-8Minto
Bantam BB311:20 AMDAV BCH 2-6South Huron
Novice CN312:00 PMRIP Dundalk 2-6Blyth/Brussels
PeeWee BP312:20 PMTIV Mitchell 4-1Listowel
Bantam BB412:30 PMDAV Hanover 1-2Shelburne
Novice CN41:15 PMRIP AEMHA 0-4Flesherton
PeeWee CP41:35 PMTIV Blyth/Brussels 5-4TCDMHA
Bantam BB51:45 PMDAV Twin Center 3-5Tavistock
Novice BN52:15 PMRIP Hanover 1-4Walkerton
PeeWee CP52:45 PMTIV Minto 7-0Wingham
Bantam BB62:55 PMDAV South Huron 7-1Listowel
Novice CN63:15 PMRIP TCDMHA 3-8South Bruce
PeeWee CP64:00 PMTIV West Grey 1-4South Bruce
Bantam CB74:05 PMDAV Drayton 0-6Shallow Lake
Novice CN74:15 PMRIP Flesherton 5-6Blyth/Brussels
PeeWee BP75:10 PMTIV Mitchell 5-2Kincardine
Bantam BB85:15 PMDAV Shelburne 3-1Saugeen Shores Storm
Novice CN85:30 PMRIP AEMHA 2-6Dundalk
Bantam CB106:30 PMRIP Huron Bruce 2-3Wingham
Bantam BB96:30 PMDAV Tavistock 2-4Kincardine
Bantam BB117:40 PMDAV Listowel 0-4BCH
Friday, December 28, 2018
Bantam CB129:00 AMDAV South Bruce 7-1Huron Bruce
Novice CN99:00 AMRIP Huron Bruce 2-7South Bruce
Novice CN1010:00 AMRIP Blyth/Brussels 7-4AEMHA
PeeWee BP810:00 AMTIV Kincardine 2-5Listowel
Bantam CB1310:10 AMDAV Blyth/Brussels 0-8West Grey
Novice BN1111:00 AMRIP Listowel 8-1Tavistock
PeeWee BP1011:10 AMTIV Tavistock 0-4Saugeen Shores
Bantam CB1411:20 AMDAV Wingham 2-3Delhi
Novice CN1212:00 PMRIP Dundalk 4-3Flesherton
PeeWee CP1112:20 PMTIV Delhi 1-1Blyth/Brussels
Bantam CB1512:30 PMDAV Shallow Lake 5-3Hagersville
Novice CN131:15 PMRIP South Bruce 2-5Hagersville
PeeWee CP121:35 PMTIV TCDMHA 1-7Huron Bruce
Bantam CB161:45 PMDAV Drayton 2-2TCDMHA
Novice BN142:15 PMRIP Shelburne 2-4Saugeen Shores Storm
PeeWee BP132:45 PMTIV Saugeen Shores 4-1Listowel
Bantam CB172:55 PMDAV Huron Bruce 3-3West Grey
Novice BN153:15 PMRIP Tavistock 1-2Hanover
PeeWee BP144:00 PMTIV Kincardine 7-3Tavistock
Bantam CB184:05 PMDAV Delhi 2-2South Bruce
Novice BN164:15 PMRIP Walkerton 4-6Listowel
PeeWee CP155:10 PMTIV Huron Bruce 3-0Blyth/Brussels
Bantam CB195:15 PMDAV Blyth/Brussels 2-3Wingham
Novice CN175:30 PMRIP Hagersville 11-1TCDMHA
PeeWee CP166:20 PMTIV TCDMHA 1-3Delhi
Bantam CB206:30 PMDAV TCDMHA 1-3Shallow Lake
Novice BN186:30 PMRIP Kincardine 6-0Shelburne
PeeWee CP177:30 PMTIV West Grey 2-0Wingham
Bantam CB217:40 PMDAV Hagersville 7-1Drayton
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Bantam CB229:00 AMDAV TCDMHA 2-6Hagersville
Novice CN199:00 AMRIP Hagersville 6-2Huron Bruce
PeeWee CP189:00 AMTIV Delhi 0-3Huron Bruce
Novice BN2010:00 AMRIP Hanover 3-1Saugeen Shores Storm
Bantam BB2310:10 AMDAV Listowel 4-0Twin Center
PeeWee CP1910:10 AMTIV South Bruce 0-2Minto
Novice BN2111:00 AMRIP Tavistock 4-2Walkerton
Bantam CB2411:20 AMDAV Delhi 1-2West Grey
PeeWee BP2011:20 AMTIV Listowel 8-1Tavistock
Novice BN2212:15 PMRIP Shelburne 0-8Listowel
Bantam CB2512:30 PMDAV South Bruce 2-1Blyth/Brussels
PeeWee BP2112:30 PMTIV Saugeen Shores 1-2Mitchell
Bantam BB261:15 PMRIP Saugeen Shores Storm0-2Kincardine
Bantam BB271:45 PMDAV Listowel 1-7South Huron
Bantam BB281:45 PMTIV Hanover 4-0Shelburne
Novice CN232:30 PMRIP Dundalk 3-7Hagersville
PeeWee CP222:55 PMTIV Delhi 3-8Minto
Bantam BB293:00 PMDAV BCH 2-5Tavistock
Novice CN243:30 PMRIP South Bruce 2-5Blyth/Brussels
PeeWee CP234:05 PMTIV South Bruce 3-0Huron Bruce
Bantam CB304:15 PMDAV South Bruce 0-5West Grey
Novice BN254:45 PMRIP Hanover 3-6Kincardine
PeeWee BP245:15 PMTIV Mitchell 8-0Tavistock
Bantam CB315:30 PMDAV Hagersville 2-4Shallow Lake
Novice BN256:00 PMRIP Listowel 2-4Tavistock
PeeWee BP256:30 PMTIV Saugeen Shores 5-0Kincardine
Bantam BB326:45 PMDAV Hanover 0-4Kincardine
Bantam BB338:00 PMDAV Tavistock 7-4South Huron
Sunday, December 30, 2018
Novice CN279:00 AMDAV Blyth/Brussels 8-4Hagersville
Novice BN2810:30 AMDAV Tavistock 5-4Kincardine
PeeWee CP2612:00 PMDAV South Bruce 1-4Minto
PeeWee BP271:30 PMDAV Saugeen Shores 3-8Mitchell
Bantam CB343:00 PMDAV Shallow Lake 1-3West Grey
Bantam BB354:45 PMDAV Tavistock 0-1Kincardine
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