Frequently Asked Questions, Forest Finals, 2022-2023, Finals (International Silver Stick)

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What is the Opening Ceremonies?
The Opening Ceremonies is held on Friday night at The Shores Recreation Centre in Forest.  The ceremony consists of all teams being introduced as they parade onto the ice surface wearing their team sweaters.  Teams should arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony time and assemble in the gymnasium for further instructions.  A Royal Canadian Legion piper and color party will march the local dignitaries onto the ice followed by the national anthems and introductions.  The Opening Ceremonies will conclude with the official puck dropping.
U15/U18: Friday Jan 6 at 7:00 pm
U11/U13: Friday Jan 20 at 5:45 pm

What is a travel permit?
A travel permit is required to play in the tournament.  It can be obtained from your hockey association and must reference the permit number listed on our website.  You should submit the permit to us as soon as possible.

Does the arena have skate sharpening?
Yes, please check with the food booth at the arena. However, please be patient as the arena staff is busy doing other jobs. Skate sharpening is also available at Canadian Tire (Forest) and Play It Again Sports (Sarnia).

Is there a hockey shop (pro shop) in town?
There is no specific hockey shop in the towns however other stores carry some hockey related items such as laces, tape, pads, gloves, etc. Some stores to consider - Canadian Tire (Forest), Play It Again Sports (Sarnia). Please check with a Silver Stick Committee or arena staff for more details & directions.

Where do I get the dressing room key?
After you enter the arena, the members of the Silver Stick Committee will have a table set up for sign in and the dressing room key. You will be required to leave something such as car keys in exchange.

What dressing room is the team in?
This information can be obtained when the coaches sign in and get the room key. Depending on the arena, rooms are listed on a board or monitor.

Where can I find the Silver Stick rules?
Rules are posted on our website

Where are the washrooms?
Washrooms are clearly marked. If you are having troubles locating the washroom, please check with the food booth.

Where is the lost and found?
If you have misplaced an item, please check with the food booth first and then with the Silver Stick registration staff.

Where can I purchase Silver Stick merchandise?
Check the various vendors throughout the lobby who are selling authorized Silver Stick logoed items.

Why doesn’t my cell phone work inside the arena?
The arenas are built with steel beams which causes interference. It also depends on the carrier you are connected to. It is recommended standing closer to an entrance or outside the entrance to the facility.

Is there an ATM in the arena?
No. ATM’s are located at any of the local banks.  Please check with a Silver Stick Committee members or areana staff for the closest location.