Rules, Forest Finals, 2022-2023, Finals (International Silver Stick)



(Canadian Hockey Association) Rules: Face-offs, when the Referee finishes the line change procedure the Referee/ Linesman conducting the face-off will blow his whistle to signal that the players have 5 seconds to be ready for the face-off. Face-off encroachment; for all face-offs No Sticks or Skates are allowed in the grey area through from the side boards all the way through to the other side boards. All players’ skates except the centers must be outside the large circle area, sticks are allowed inside the circle but not in the grey area shown on the diagram above. Face-off encroachment violations or teams/centers not being ready to face-off after the 5 seconds will result in the offending team’s center being ejected from the face-off. The player(s) committing the encroachment/ violation will not be allowed to take the face-off. Multiple encroachment violations during one stoppage off play could result in the team receiving a delay of game penalty at the discretion of the Referee.



Forest International Silver Stick Finals Official Rules
Revised January 2019

  1. To be eligible to participate in this tournament approved OMHA rosters or Canadian or American equivalent must be presented to the registration office prior to the team's first game.  Affiliated players must also provide approved documentation.
  2. This tournament is fully sanctioned by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, and all OMHA rules apply.
  3. Each team roster may contain a maximum of 20 players and 6 team officials. The tournament roster sheet must include all eligible players and officials prior to the start of each team’s first game. There will be no additions permitted thereafter.
  4. Selections of teams, game times and necessary byes will be the product of the draw.  Schedule is subject to change.
  5. Any team failing to appear for a game as outlined on the official schedule shall be considered losers by a 1 to 0 score (Winning team receives 5 points.  Two byes in the same division may be ruled as cause for a change in schedule.) The Tournament Executive has the right to reschedule.
  6. See posted schedule for tournament format. Length of game shall be as follows:

    U11 10U and U13 12U: Two ten minute stop time periods and a final fifteen minute stop time period.

    U15 14U and U18 16U: One ten minute stop time period and two fifteen minute stop time periods

    Preliminary Games: Ice shall be cleaned every 2 periods of play.

    Semi-finals and Finals: All games shall start with clean ice and will be cleaned between 2nd and 3rd periods.
  7. Overtime: All overtime is played 5 skaters vs 5 skaters.

    a) In preliminary games:
    - One 10 minute stop time sudden victory overtime period.
    - If no goal is scored in the overtime period, then the game will be decided by a penalty shot format which will consist of three players chosen by each team’s coach to shoot on the other team’s goaltender.
    -Home team shoots first.
    -Each of the three players from each team will shoot in turn alternating between home and visiting teams. 
    -If still tied after the first three players from each team have shot then a different three players will be chosen to shoot. No player shall shoot again until all skaters on their team have taken a turn. Game score will be recorded as one goal victory regardless of shootout results. (3-3 tie at end of overtime will be recorded as 4-3 win for shootout winner.)

    b) In championship games: (includes semi-finals and finals)
    - Sudden victory 10 minute stop time overtime periods until one team scores. The first overtime goal determines the winner (the changing of ends by the goaltenders is at the referee’s discretion). Ice will be cleaned if time played exceeds 30 minutes of play or less at referee’s discretion. 
  8. Preliminary Round Tie Breaker - The tournament director(s) will have the final say on the tie breaker based on the following rules.

    a) Best win/loss record in division.
    b) If two teams tied use head to head result if applicable.
    c) If three or more teams tied then use a point system consisting of:
              ½ pt. for tying a regulation period
              1 pt. for winning a regulation period (no points earned in overtime period)
              2 pts. for winning the game
              - maximum of 5 points per game

              - the two teams with the most points move on
    d) If two teams still tied with points, use head to head if applicable.
    e) If still tied, use total goals for divided by total goals (for + against). The highest value wins. (Example: 12 goals for and 8 goals against. Calculation: 12/(12+8) = 0.600)

    f) If still tied, use the time of the earliest scored goal by the tied teams in the tournament.

    g) If still tied, use the time of the 2nd goal scored goal by the tied teams in the tournament and so on.
  9. All protests or disputes must be submitted in writing to the director(s) as soon as possible. The director’s disposition of such disputes will be final.
  10. Any suspension during tournament under the OHF or OMHA rules will also be a tournament suspension.
  11. Any team official or player receiving a major penalty for fighting or a match penalty of any kind will be immediately suspended from the tournament.
  12. Any coach, manager, trainer or player found to be making a travesty of the game shall be removed from further participation at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
  13. Under OHF and CHA rules this tournament will NOT have body checking in the U11 10U and the U13 12U divisions.
  14. There shall be no time-outs in any games (preliminary, semi-finals or finals).