Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Port Huron Finals, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 3, 2019
PAAA-A12:00 PMMM Thunder Bay Kings0-4Syracuse Nationals
PAAA-A23:00 PMGPC Ottawa Jr. 67s5-1Philadelphia Jr. Flyers
PAAA-A33:00 PMGPU Detroit Little Caesars1-2Toronto Titans
PAAA-C43:00 PMPPA Thunder AAA Hockey2-6Detroit Honeybaked
PAAA-B53:30 PMMM Detroit Belle Tire0-6Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
PAAA-B64:30 PMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite4-5Chicago Fury
PAAA-B74:30 PMGPU Chicago Mission1-2Huron Perth Lakers
PAAA-C84:30 PMPPA Florida Alliance4-7Brantford 99ers
PAAA-C94:30 PMPPP Lambton Jr. Sting2-4Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
BAAA-C (XOVER)105:00 PMMM Detroit Little Caesars8-2Huron Perth Lakers
BAAA-C (XOVER)116:00 PMGPC Grand Rapids Fox Motors0-4Toronto Jr. Canadiens
BAAA-B (XOVER)126:00 PMGPU Cleveland Barons Elite2-6Ottawa Jr. 67s
BAAA-F (XOVER)136:00 PMPPA Buffalo Jr. Sabres7-0Thunder Bay Kings
BAAA-F (XOVER)146:00 PMPPP Victory Honda1-9Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA-B (XOVER)156:30 PMMM Indianapolis Jr. Fuel1-5Mississauga Senators
BAAA-A (XOVER)167:30 PMGPC Detroit Compuware5-2Waterloo Wolves
BAAA-A (XOVER)177:30 PMGPU Chicago Mission3-1Don Mills Flyers
BAAA-G (XOVER)187:30 PMPPA Ohio Blue Jackets2-4Toronto Titans
BAAA-G (XOVER)197:30 PMPPP Toronto Nationals2-2Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
BAAA-D (XOVER)208:00 PMMM Southern Tier Admirals7-1Madison Capitols
BAAA-D (XOVER)219:00 PMGPC Sun County Panthers0-6Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA-E (XOVER)229:00 PMGPU Lambton Jr. Sting3-3Chicago Fury
BAAA-E (XOVER)239:30 PMMM Toronto Marlboros4-0North Jersey Avalanche
Friday, January 4, 2019
PAAA-B248:00 AMMM Elgin Middlesex Chiefs3-1Chicago Mission
PAAA-B258:00 AMGPC Chicago Fury8-0Detroit Belle Tire
PAAA-B268:00 AMGPU Huron Perth Lakers1-4Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
PAAA-C278:00 AMPPA Detroit Honeybaked5-2Lambton Jr. Sting
PAAA-C288:00 AMPPP Brantford 99ers4-2Thunder AAA Hockey
PAAA-A299:30 AMMM Syracuse Nationals4-3Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA-A309:30 AMGPC Philadelphia Jr. Flyers2-4Thunder Bay Kings
PAAA-A319:30 AMGPU Toronto Titans3-2Ottawa Jr. 67s
PAAA-C329:30 AMPPA Oakland Jr. Grizzlies1-3Florida Alliance
BAAA-F339:30 AMPPP Thunder Bay Kings0-8Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA-D3411:00 AMMM Madison Capitols2-6Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA-E3511:00 AMGPC Southern Tier Admirals5-2Sun County Panthers
BAAA-E3611:00 AMGPU Chicago Fury0-3North Jersey Avalanche
BAAA-F3711:00 AMPPA Ohio Blue Jackets5-2Toronto Nationals
BAAA-G3811:00 AMPPP Buffalo Jr. Sabres3-0Victory Honda
BAAA-D3912:30 PMMM Lambton Jr. Sting2-3Toronto Marlboros
BAAA-A4012:30 PMGPC Detroit Little Caesars3-1Indianapolis Jr. Fuel
BAAA-A4112:30 PMGPU Waterloo Wolves3-5Don Mills Flyers
BAAA-G4212:30 PMPPA Toronto Titans4-6Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
BAAA-B4312:30 PMPPP Detroit Compuware3-1Grand Rapids Fox Motors
PAAA-B442:00 PMMM Chicago Mission1-5Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA-C452:00 PMGPC Cleveland Barons Elite1-3Chicago Mission
BAAA-C462:00 PMGPU Huron Perth Lakers1-8Toronto Jr. Canadiens
PAAA-C472:00 PMPPA Detroit Honeybaked3-5Brantford 99ers
BAAA-B482:00 PMPPP Ottawa Jr. 67s3-3Mississauga Senators
PAAA-A493:30 PMMM Detroit Little Caesars1-8Ottawa Jr. 67s
PAAA-B503:30 PMGPC Elgin Middlesex Chiefs5-1Chicago Fury
PAAA-B513:30 PMGPU Huron Perth Lakers7-0Detroit Belle Tire
PAAA-C523:30 PMPPA Lambton Jr. Sting4-9Florida Alliance
PAAA-C533:30 PMPPP Oakland Jr. Grizzlies1-3Thunder AAA Hockey
BAAA-E545:00 PMMM Sun County Panthers4-6Chicago Fury
PAAA-A555:00 PMGPC Syracuse Nationals4-0Philadelphia Jr. Flyers
PAAA-A565:00 PMGPU Toronto Titans1-1Thunder Bay Kings
BAAA-F575:00 PMPPA Toronto Nationals3-1Thunder Bay Kings
BAAA-F585:00 PMPPP Detroit Honeybaked5-2Ohio Blue Jackets
BAAA-E596:30 PMMM North Jersey Avalanche2-3Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA-D606:30 PMGPC Toronto Marlboros7-0Madison Capitols
BAAA-D616:30 PMGPU Pittsburgh Penguins Elite4-1Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA-G626:30 PMPPA Victory Honda3-5Toronto Titans
BAAA-G636:30 PMPPP Oakland Jr. Grizzlies0-5Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA-C648:00 PMMM Chicago Mission2-2Huron Perth Lakers
BAAA-A658:00 PMGPC Indianapolis Jr. Fuel0-2Waterloo Wolves
BAAA-A668:00 PMGPU Don Mills Flyers0-5Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA-C679:30 PMMM Toronto Jr. Canadiens11-0Cleveland Barons Elite
BAAA-B689:30 PMGPC Grand Rapids Fox Motors4-0Ottawa Jr. 67s
BAAA-B699:30 PMGPU Mississauga Senators2-0Detroit Compuware
Saturday, January 5, 2019
PAAA-A707:30 AMMM Philadelphia Jr. Flyers0-7Toronto Titans
PAAA-C718:00 AMPPA Florida Alliance3-6Detroit Honeybaked
PAAA-B729:00 AMMM Chicago Fury6-1Huron Perth Lakers
PAAA-A739:00 AMGPC Ottawa Jr. 67s6-3Syracuse Nationals
PAAA-A749:00 AMGPU Thunder Bay Kings4-1Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA-C759:30 AMPPA Brantford 99ers4-0Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
PAAA-C769:30 AMPPP Thunder AAA Hockey9-4Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA-A7710:30 AMMM Don Mills Flyers0-1Indianapolis Jr. Fuel
PAAA-B7810:30 AMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite1-4Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
PAAA-B7910:30 AMGPU Detroit Belle Tire2-4Chicago Mission
BAAA-G8011:00 AMPPA Oakland Jr. Grizzlies1-1Victory Honda
BAAA-G8111:00 AMPPP Toronto Titans2-6Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA-A8212:00 PMMM Waterloo Wolves0-6Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA-D8312:00 PMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite1-3Toronto Marlboros
BAAA-D8412:00 PMGPU Madison Capitols5-5Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA-F8512:30 PMPPA Detroit Honeybaked5-1Toronto Nationals
BAAA-F8612:30 PMPPP Thunder Bay Kings0-4Ohio Blue Jackets
BAAA-B871:30 PMMM Mississauga Senators3-3Grand Rapids Fox Motors
BAAA-E881:30 PMGPC North Jersey Avalanche1-1Sun County Panthers
BAAA-E891:30 PMGPU Chicago Fury3-4Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA-B903:00 PMMM Ottawa Jr. 67s1-7Detroit Compuware
BAAA-C913:00 PMGPC Toronto Jr. Canadiens7-3Chicago Mission
BAAA-C923:00 PMGPU Huron Perth Lakers2-3Cleveland Barons Elite
PAAA Champ935:00 PMMM Thunder Bay Kings1-4Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
PAAA Champ945:00 PMGPC Chicago Fury5-3Ottawa Jr. 67s
PAAA Champ956:30 PMMM Syracuse Nationals1-4Brantford 99ers
PAAA Champ966:30 PMGPC Detroit Honeybaked4-6Toronto Titans
BAAA Champ978:00 PMMM Mississauga Senators1-6Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA Champ988:00 PMGPC Southern Tier Admirals3-4Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA Champ1009:30 PMGPC Toronto Marlboros2-3Toronto Jr. Canadiens
BAAA Champ999:30 PMMM Pittsburgh Penguins Elite2-4Buffalo Jr. Sabres
Sunday, January 6, 2019
PAAA Champ1019:00 AMMM Chicago Fury5-4Elgin Middlesex Chiefs
PAAA Champ1029:00 AMGPC Toronto Titans3-2Brantford 99ers
BAAA Champ10311:00 AMMM Toronto Jr. Canadiens1-4Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA Champ10411:00 AMGPC Detroit Honeybaked4-3Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA Champ1052:30 PMMM Chicago Fury4-5Toronto Titans
BAAA Champ1064:30 PMMM Detroit Honeybaked8-2Buffalo Jr. Sabres
Thursday, January 10, 2019
PWA - B14:00 PMMM St. Thomas Stars4-2Fort Wayne Force
PWA - C25:00 PMGPC Centre Wellington Fusion4-3Wissahickon Skating Club - National
PWA - C35:00 PMGPU Welland Tigers5-4Springfield Rifles
PWA - B45:30 PMMM Quinte West Hawks10-1Ann Arbor Wolverines
PWA - D56:30 PMGPC Caledon Hawks0-5Soo Lakers
PWA - D66:30 PMGPU California Wave3-5Vaughan Rangers
PWA - A77:00 PMMM Owen Sound Jr. Attack15-0Port Huron Flags
BMA-A88:00 PMGPC Hespeler Shamrocks2-2Midland North Stars
BMA-A98:00 PMGPU Colorado Springs Tigers0-4Howard Huskies
PWA - A108:30 PMMM Arvada Hockey Club Gold4-2Richmond Generals
Friday, January 11, 2019
BMA-B118:00 AMMM Sarnia Jr. Sting4-2Vipers Hockey Club
BMA-C128:00 AMGPC Nickel City Sharks2-2Lancaster Firebirds
BMA-C138:00 AMGPU Cambridge Hawks1-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
BMA-B149:30 AMMM Cleveland Sharks3-5Muskegon Jr. Jacks
BMA-D159:30 AMGPC Oakville Rangers Red3-1USA Patriots
BMA-D169:30 AMGPU Burlington Eagles Gold7-2Long Island Arrows
PWA - D1711:00 AMMM Soo Lakers3-1California Wave
PWA - B1811:00 AMGPC Fort Wayne Force1-10Quinte West Hawks
PWA - B1911:00 AMGPU Ann Arbor Wolverines1-5St. Thomas Stars
PWA - D2012:30 PMMM Vaughan Rangers2-5Caledon Hawks
PWA - C2112:30 PMGPC Wissahickon Skating Club - National3-5Welland Tigers
PWA - C2212:30 PMGPU Springfield Rifles7-1Centre Wellington Fusion
BMA-C232:00 PMMM Lancaster Firebirds1-4Cambridge Hawks
BMA-A242:00 PMGPC Midland North Stars8-2Colorado Springs Tigers
BMA-A252:00 PMGPU Howard Huskies1-6Hespeler Shamrocks
BMA-C263:30 PMMM Owen Sound Jr. Attack5-2Nickel City Sharks
BMA-B273:30 PMGPC Vipers Hockey Club1-6Cleveland Sharks
BMA-B283:30 PMGPU Muskegon Jr. Jacks1-7Sarnia Jr. Sting
PWA - A295:00 PMMM Richmond Generals1-11Owen Sound Jr. Attack
BMA-D305:00 PMGPC USA Patriots1-7Burlington Eagles Gold
BMA-D315:00 PMGPU Long Island Arrows0-5Oakville Rangers Red
PWA - A328:00 PMMM Arvada Hockey Club Gold11-0Port Huron Flags
Saturday, January 12, 2019
PWA - C338:00 AMMM Springfield Rifles1-4Wissahickon Skating Club - National
PWA - B349:00 AMGPC Ann Arbor Wolverines0-2Fort Wayne Force
PWA - B359:00 AMGPU Quinte West Hawks1-1St. Thomas Stars
PWA - C369:30 AMMM Welland Tigers4-0Centre Wellington Fusion
PWA - D3710:30 AMGPC Vaughan Rangers5-4Soo Lakers
PWA - D3810:30 AMGPU California Wave5-4Caledon Hawks
PWA - A3911:00 AMMM Richmond Generals5-1Port Huron Flags
PWA - A4012:00 PMGPC Owen Sound Jr. Attack7-1Arvada Hockey Club Gold
BMA-A4112:00 PMGPU Howard Huskies1-8Midland North Stars
BMA-A4212:30 PMMM Hespeler Shamrocks7-1Colorado Springs Tigers
BMA-B431:30 PMGPC Muskegon Jr. Jacks8-2Vipers Hockey Club
BMA-B441:30 PMGPU Cleveland Sharks1-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
BMA-D452:00 PMMM Long Island Arrows1-4USA Patriots
BMA-C463:00 PMGPC Owen Sound Jr. Attack5-2Lancaster Firebirds
BMA-C473:00 PMGPU Cambridge Hawks10-0Nickel City Sharks
BMA-D483:30 PMMM Burlington Eagles Gold1-2Oakville Rangers Red
PWA-Champ495:00 PMGPC Soo Lakers7-4Welland Tigers
PWA-Champ505:00 PMGPU Springfield Rifles1-4Vaughan Rangers
PWA-Champ516:30 PMGPC St. Thomas Stars1-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
PWA-Champ526:30 PMGPU Arvada Hockey Club Gold2-9Quinte West Hawks
BMA Champ538:00 PMGPC Muskegon Jr. Jacks1-6Midland North Stars
BMA Champ548:00 PMGPU Hespeler Shamrocks3-0Sarnia Jr. Sting
BMA Champ559:30 PMGPC Burlington Eagles Gold1-2Owen Sound Jr. Attack
BMA Champ569:30 PMGPU Cambridge Hawks6-1Oakville Rangers Red
Sunday, January 13, 2019
PWA-Champ579:00 AMMM Quinte West Hawks7-4Vaughan Rangers
PWA-Champ589:00 AMGPC Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-0Soo Lakers
BMA Champ5911:00 AMMM Cambridge Hawks2-1Hespeler Shamrocks
BMA Champ6011:00 AMGPC Owen Sound Jr. Attack9-3Midland North Stars
PWA-Champ612:30 PMMM Owen Sound Jr. Attack5-1Quinte West Hawks
BMA Champ624:30 PMMM Cambridge Hawks5-2Owen Sound Jr. Attack
Thursday, January 24, 2019
PAA - B012:00 PMMM Pelham Penguins5-1Saginaw Jr. Spirit
PAA - C023:00 PMGPC Steel City Ice Renegades3-1Detroit Belle Tire
PAA - C033:00 PMGPU Toronto Royals3-3Markham Islanders
PAA - B043:30 PMMM Sarnia Jr. Sting5-3Aurora Tigers
PAA - D054:30 PMGPC Protec Ducks2-4Chicago Bulldogs
PAA - D064:30 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers1-6Streetsville Tigers
PAA - A075:00 PMMM Tampa Scorpions5-1Port Huron Flags
PAA - E086:00 PMGPC DU Jr. Pioneers5-3Pittsburgh Predators
PAA - E096:00 PMGPU Northwest Chargers3-5Toronto Shamrocks
BAA - A106:30 PMMM Howard Huskies4-1Port Huron Flags
PAA - A117:30 PMGPC Vegas Jr. Golden Knights2-3Vaughan Panthers
BAA - A127:30 PMGPU San Diego Saints3-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
BAA - B138:00 PMMM New Canaan Winter Club3-0Redford Jimmy John's
BAA - C149:00 PMGPC North Jersey Avalanche3-1Plymouth Compuware
BAA - C159:00 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers3-1Sudbury Wolves
BAA - B169:30 PMMM Mississauga Terriers3-3Scarborough Young Bruins
Friday, January 25, 2019
BAA - D178:00 AMMM Montgomery Blue Devils0-2Chicago Bulldogs
BAA - E188:00 AMGPC Arapahoe Warriors1-14Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA - E198:00 AMGPU York Mills Rangers2-3Duffield Devils
BAA - D209:30 AMMM Texas Tigers2-9London Jr. Knights White
PAA - B219:30 AMGPC Saginaw Jr. Spirit6-4Sarnia Jr. Sting
PAA - B229:30 AMGPU Aurora Tigers8-2Pelham Penguins
PAA - C2311:00 AMMM Detroit Belle Tire0-5Toronto Royals
PAA - D2411:00 AMGPC Chicago Bulldogs0-8Vaughan Rangers
PAA - D2511:00 AMGPU Streetsville Tigers10-3Protec Ducks
PAA - C2612:30 PMMM Markham Islanders4-4Steel City Ice Renegades
PAA - E2712:30 PMGPC Pittsburgh Predators1-3Northwest Chargers
PAA - E2812:30 PMGPU Toronto Shamrocks2-2DU Jr. Pioneers
BAA - C292:00 PMMM Plymouth Compuware1-3Vaughan Rangers
PAA - A302:00 PMGPC Vaughan Panthers3-1Tampa Scorpions
BAA - A312:00 PMGPU Rideau St. Lawrence Kings5-2Howard Huskies
BAA - C323:30 PMMM Sudbury Wolves3-3North Jersey Avalanche
BAA - B333:30 PMGPC Redford Jimmy John's0-2Mississauga Terriers
BAA - B343:30 PMGPU Scarborough Young Bruins4-2New Canaan Winter Club
PAA - A355:00 PMMM Vegas Jr. Golden Knights7-1Port Huron Flags
BAA - D365:00 PMGPC Chicago Bulldogs2-3Texas Tigers
BAA - D375:00 PMGPU London Jr. Knights White5-0Montgomery Blue Devils
BAA - A388:00 PMMM San Diego Saints2-0Port Huron Flags
BAA - E398:30 PMGPC Mt. Lebanon Hornets2-1York Mills Rangers
BAA - E408:30 PMGPU Duffield Devils10-2Arapahoe Warriors
Saturday, January 26, 2019
PAA - E417:00 AMGPC Toronto Shamrocks1-1Pittsburgh Predators
PAA - E427:00 AMGPU Northwest Chargers3-2DU Jr. Pioneers
PAA - D438:00 AMMM Streetsville Tigers6-2Chicago Bulldogs
PAA - B448:20 AMGPC Aurora Tigers1-3Saginaw Jr. Spirit
PAA - B458:20 AMGPU Sarnia Jr. Sting5-2Pelham Penguins
PAA - D469:30 AMMM Vaughan Rangers8-2Protec Ducks
PAA - C479:40 AMGPC Markham Islanders6-5Detroit Belle Tire
PAA - C489:40 AMGPU Toronto Royals1-0Steel City Ice Renegades
PAA - A4911:00 AMMM Vaughan Panthers10-0Port Huron Flags
PAA - A5011:00 AMGPC Tampa Scorpions2-1Vegas Jr. Golden Knights
BAA - A5111:00 AMGPU Howard Huskies1-1San Diego Saints
BAA - A5212:30 PMMM Rideau St. Lawrence Kings6-0Port Huron Flags
BAA - B5312:30 PMGPC Scarborough Young Bruins4-3Redford Jimmy John's
BAA - B5412:30 PMGPU Mississauga Terriers3-1New Canaan Winter Club
BAA - E552:00 PMMM Duffield Devils1-11Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA - C562:00 PMGPC Sudbury Wolves3-3Plymouth Compuware
BAA - C572:00 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers2-3North Jersey Avalanche
BAA - E583:30 PMMM York Mills Rangers6-0Arapahoe Warriors
BAA - D593:30 PMGPC London Jr. Knights White3-2Chicago Bulldogs
BAA - D603:30 PMGPU Texas Tigers2-2Montgomery Blue Devils
PAA Champ615:00 PMMM Sarnia Jr. Sting1-5Vaughan Panthers
PAA Champ625:00 PMGPC Saginaw Jr. Spirit0-8Toronto Shamrocks
PAA Champ636:30 PMMM Tampa Scorpions1-6Streetsville Tigers
PAA Champ647:00 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers1-2Toronto Royals
BAA Champ658:00 PMMM Vaughan Rangers3-6Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA Champ668:00 PMGPC Scarborough Young Bruins3-2San Diego Saints
BAA Champ679:30 PMMM North Jersey Avalanche5-4Mississauga Terriers
BAA Champ689:30 PMGPC Rideau St. Lawrence Kings0-6London Jr. Knights White
Sunday, January 27, 2019
PAA Champ699:00 AMMM Toronto Shamrocks1-6Vaughan Panthers
PAA Champ709:00 AMGPC Toronto Royals0-7Streetsville Tigers
BAA Champ7111:00 AMMM North Jersey Avalanche2-5Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA Champ7211:00 AMGPC Scarborough Young Bruins2-4London Jr. Knights White
PAA Champ732:30 PMMM Streetsville Tigers7-5Vaughan Panthers
BAA Champ744:30 PMMM London Jr. Knights White8-3Mt. Lebanon Hornets
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