Bantam AA, Divisions, 2018-19 Port Huron Finals, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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Bantam AA
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 24, 2019
BAA - A106:30 PMMM Howard Huskies4-1Port Huron Flags
BAA - A127:30 PMGPU San Diego Saints3-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
BAA - B138:00 PMMM New Canaan Winter Club3-0Redford Jimmy John's
BAA - C149:00 PMGPC North Jersey Avalanche3-1Plymouth Compuware
BAA - C159:00 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers3-1Sudbury Wolves
BAA - B169:30 PMMM Mississauga Terriers3-3Scarborough Young Bruins
Friday, January 25, 2019
BAA - D178:00 AMMM Montgomery Blue Devils0-2Chicago Bulldogs
BAA - E188:00 AMGPC Arapahoe Warriors1-14Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA - E198:00 AMGPU York Mills Rangers2-3Duffield Devils
BAA - D209:30 AMMM Texas Tigers2-9London Jr. Knights White
BAA - C292:00 PMMM Plymouth Compuware1-3Vaughan Rangers
BAA - A312:00 PMGPU Rideau St. Lawrence Kings5-2Howard Huskies
BAA - C323:30 PMMM Sudbury Wolves3-3North Jersey Avalanche
BAA - B333:30 PMGPC Redford Jimmy John's0-2Mississauga Terriers
BAA - B343:30 PMGPU Scarborough Young Bruins4-2New Canaan Winter Club
BAA - D365:00 PMGPC Chicago Bulldogs2-3Texas Tigers
BAA - D375:00 PMGPU London Jr. Knights White5-0Montgomery Blue Devils
BAA - A388:00 PMMM San Diego Saints2-0Port Huron Flags
BAA - E398:30 PMGPC Mt. Lebanon Hornets2-1York Mills Rangers
BAA - E408:30 PMGPU Duffield Devils10-2Arapahoe Warriors
Saturday, January 26, 2019
BAA - A5111:00 AMGPU Howard Huskies1-1San Diego Saints
BAA - A5212:30 PMMM Rideau St. Lawrence Kings6-0Port Huron Flags
BAA - B5312:30 PMGPC Scarborough Young Bruins4-3Redford Jimmy John's
BAA - B5412:30 PMGPU Mississauga Terriers3-1New Canaan Winter Club
BAA - E552:00 PMMM Duffield Devils1-11Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA - C562:00 PMGPC Sudbury Wolves3-3Plymouth Compuware
BAA - C572:00 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers2-3North Jersey Avalanche
BAA - E583:30 PMMM York Mills Rangers6-0Arapahoe Warriors
BAA - D593:30 PMGPC London Jr. Knights White3-2Chicago Bulldogs
BAA - D603:30 PMGPU Texas Tigers2-2Montgomery Blue Devils
BAA Champ658:00 PMMM Vaughan Rangers3-6Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA Champ668:00 PMGPC Scarborough Young Bruins3-2San Diego Saints
BAA Champ679:30 PMMM North Jersey Avalanche5-4Mississauga Terriers
BAA Champ689:30 PMGPC Rideau St. Lawrence Kings0-6London Jr. Knights White
Sunday, January 27, 2019
BAA Champ7111:00 AMMM North Jersey Avalanche2-5Mt. Lebanon Hornets
BAA Champ7211:00 AMGPC Scarborough Young Bruins2-4London Jr. Knights White
BAA Champ744:30 PMMM London Jr. Knights White8-3Mt. Lebanon Hornets
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • GPC - Glacier Pointe Canada, 4150 Dove Road, Port Huron, MI
  • GPU - Glacier Pointe USA, 4150 Dove Road, Port Huron, MI
  • MM - McMorran Main, 701 McMorran Blvd., Port Huron, Po. Phone: 8109856166

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