Tournament Rules, 2019-20 Petrolia Regional (International Silver Stick)

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(subject to changes)


1.                  All tournament games shall be played following the rules and regulations of the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association).  The Hockey Canada Rule Book and the OMHA Manual of Operations will be the governing authority for all tournament games.  No registration refunds after November 16th.


2.                  The Earle Trevail Memorial Silver Stick Tournament promotes fairness, integrity and mutual respect.  All teams shall shake hands prior to their game.  Any player or team official receiving a Fighting Penalty, Gross Misconduct or Match Penalty shall be suspended from the tournament.  The Tournament Officials reserve the right to suspend any player or team official resulting in a Travesty of the Game.

3.                  Player Eligibility: All players, proof of eligibility, must be verified prior to their first game.


4.                  Tournament Format: Each team is guaranteed three (3) games.


4.1       All Divisions


1. Each team will play two games (2) in the preliminary round. Seeding of teams after the preliminary round will be determined by team with most points (teams receive 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for a shootout win and 1 point for a shootout loss).                                                                                                            

2. If the teams tied in points the following tie break formula will apply:  

           a) Head to Head results among tied teams

b) The team which has to highest goal percentage GF% = total goals for divided by the total goals for and against (GF ÷ GF+GA)

c) The team with the least goals against

d) The team with the least amount of penalty minutes accumulated

e) Time of the first goal scored in the tournament

f) Flip of a coin


4.2       Duration of Games: All games shall consist of three stop time periods as indicated in the following table.  Time showing on the clock will be used to record game event times.  Teams should be ready to start their game 15 minutes prior to game time.



* * One (1) 30 Second Time-Out Per Team in Elimination Games Only * *





















5.                  Mercy Rule: With a five (5) goal differential in the third period, the clock shall go to straight time.  Minor penalties will be 3 minutes and Major penalties 7 minutes. If the lead is then reduced to a 4-goal differential the time shall revert back to stop time and “existing penalties” shall be served for the time that was issued.

6.                  Overtime: If any game is tied at the end of regulation time the game shall be decided using the “Overtime Formats”.

7.                  Jerseys: The Home team shall wear light/white jerseys and the Visitors shall wear dark jerseys.  If necessary, the Home team will change.

8.                  Signing of the team entry form shall:

Ø    Release the Petrolia Minor Hockey Association, Silver Stick Tournament Officials and Greenwood Recreation Centre Management from any liability for any injury or accident going to or from and during the tournament.

Ø    Acknowledge that you have read and understand the Tournament Rules.


The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding interpretations of Tournament Rules, their decisions shall be final.




Preliminary Games


If a Preliminary game is tied at the end of regulation time the winner shall be determined by a 3 Man Shootout.



Elimination, Quarter-Final & Semi-Final Games


If an elimination game is tied at the end of regulation time the winner shall be determined as follows:


First:   One “Four on Four plus a goalie” 10 Minute Sudden Victory overtime period. 

Second:  A 3 Man Shootout will be used.




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