Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Saugeen Shores Girls Finals, 2018-2019, Girls (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 1, 2019
PW-A1212:00 PMSouth St. Mary's Rock2-2Lambton Attack
NOV1312:00 PMPlex North Middlesex Jr. Stars5-0Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-A1412:00 PMTiverton South Bruce Blades2-1Sarnia Lady Sting
PW-B151:00 PMSouth West Oxford Inferno4-2Saugeen Shores Storm
NOV161:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels0-7St. Mary's Rock
BTM171:00 PMTiverton St. Mary's Rock0-2Kincardine Kinucks
PW-B182:00 PMSouth TCDMHA Rebels10-0Lucan Irish
NOV192:00 PMPlex Owen Sound Ice Hawks5-0Kincardine Kinucks
MID-B202:00 PMTiverton West Oxford Inferno0-1Kent County Fillies
ATM-B213:00 PMSouth TCDMHA Rebels3-0Walkerton Capitals
ATM-B223:00 PMPlex West Grey Warriors0-2Saugeen Shores Storm
BTM233:00 PMTiverton Huron Heat4-0Lucan Irish
ATM-A244:00 PMSouth Owen Sound Ice Hawks6-1West Oxford Inferno
ATM-A254:00 PMPlex Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers0-4Kincardine Kinucks
MID-A264:00 PMTiverton Sarnia Lady Sting0-0TCDMHA Rebels
PW-B275:00 PMSouth Lucan Irish0-2West Oxford Inferno
MID-B285:00 PMTiverton Kincardine Kinucks1-1West Oxford Inferno
PW-A296:00 PMSouth St. Mary's Rock0-10Tillsonburg Lightning
MID-A306:00 PMTiverton South Bruce Blades2-0Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers
NOV26:30 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels11-0Saugeen Shores Storm
PW-A327:00 PMSouth Lambton Attack1-1Kincardine Kinucks
BTM357:00 PMTiverton Lucan Irish0-1Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers
BTM337:30 PMPlex Kincardine Kinucks3-1Huron Heat
PW-B348:00 PMSouth TCDMHA Rebels2-1Saugeen Shores Storm
BTM318:30 PMPlex St. Mary's Rock0-3Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-B369:00 PMSouth Kent County Fillies0-1Mount Forest Rams
Saturday, February 2, 2019
ATM-A378:00 AMSouth Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers0-11Owen Sound Ice Hawks
ATM-B388:00 AMPlex Saugeen Shores Storm3-3Walkerton Capitals
ATM-A399:00 AMSouth Kincardine Kinucks1-0West Oxford Inferno
ATM-B409:00 AMPlex West Grey Warriors1-2TCDMHA Rebels
NOV4110:00 AMSouth Owen Sound Ice Hawks8-0TCDMHA Rebels
PW-B4210:00 AMPlex West Oxford Inferno1-2TCDMHA Rebels
NOV4311:00 AMSouth Saugeen Shores Storm0-10Kincardine Kinucks
PW-A4411:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks4-0St. Mary's Rock
NOV4512:00 PMSouth St. Mary's Rock4-0North Middlesex Jr. Stars
PW-A4612:00 PMPlex Lambton Attack0-3Tillsonburg Lightning
BTM471:00 PMSouth Lucan Irish0-0St. Mary's Rock
PW-B481:00 PMPlex Saugeen Shores Storm4-0Lucan Irish
BTM492:00 PMSouth Kincardine Kinucks6-0Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers
MID-A502:00 PMPlex Sarnia Lady Sting1-1Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers
BTM513:00 PMSouth Saugeen Shores Storm1-0Huron Heat
MID-A523:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels0-5South Bruce Blades
MID-B534:00 PMSouth Kent County Fillies2-0Kincardine Kinucks
MID-B544:00 PMPlex West Oxford Inferno3-1Mount Forest Rams
NOV45:00 PMSouth North Middlesex Jr. Stars0-3Owen Sound Ice Hawks
NOV75:00 PMPlex Kincardine Kinucks4-1St. Mary's Rock
ATM-A16:00 PMSouth Owen Sound Ice Hawks2-1Kincardine Kinucks
ATM-B36:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels0-2Saugeen Shores Storm
ATM-A107:00 PMPlex West Oxford Inferno8-0Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers
ATM-B67:00 PMSouth Walkerton Capitals0-2West Grey Warriors
BTM118:00 PMSouth Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers0-4Saugeen Shores Storm
PW-A98:00 PMPlex Tillsonburg Lightning0-0Kincardine Kinucks
MID-A59:00 PMSouth Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers6-2TCDMHA Rebels
MID-B89:00 PMPlex Mount Forest Rams0-1Kincardine Kinucks
Sunday, February 3, 2019
NOV-CH658:00 AMSouth North Middlesex Jr. Stars0-7Owen Sound Ice Hawks
NOV-CH668:00 AMPlex St. Mary's Rock0-1Kincardine Kinucks
ATM-CH679:00 AMSouth TCDMHA Rebels1-3Owen Sound Ice Hawks
ATM-CH689:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks3-1Saugeen Shores Storm
PW-CH6910:00 AMSouth West Oxford Inferno1-3Tillsonburg Lightning
PW-CH7010:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks0-5TCDMHA Rebels
BTM - CH7111:00 AMSouth Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers0-2Kincardine Kinucks
NOV-CH7211:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks2-1Owen Sound Ice Hawks
BTM - CH7312:00 PMSouth Huron Heat1-0Saugeen Shores Storm
ATM-CH7412:30 PMPlex Kincardine Kinucks1-0Owen Sound Ice Hawks
MID-CH751:00 PMSouth West Oxford Inferno0-5South Bruce Blades
MID-CH762:00 PMSouth Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers4-1Kent County Fillies
PW-CH772:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels1-2Tillsonburg Lightning
BTM - CH783:30 PMPlex Huron Heat1-4Kincardine Kinucks
MID-CH795:00 PMPlex Wingham/Lucknow 86'ers4-6South Bruce Blades
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