Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Northumberland Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 23, 2018
Novice B13:00 PMCCC-Pond Ennismore Eagles1-3Ayr Flames
Novice B23:30 PMMemorial South Dundas Lions5-7Campbellford Colts
AtomA (A) (XOVER)34:00 PMCCC-Bowl Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-3Napanee Stars
AtomA (A) (XOVER)44:00 PMCCC-Pond Cumberland Jr Grads2-1North Durham Warriors
AtomA (A) (XOVER)54:30 PMMemorial Newmarket Redman0-2Northumberland Nighthawks
Novice B66:15 PMCCC-Pond Ennismore Eagles1-4South Dundas Lions
Novice B76:30 PMCCC-Bowl Ayr Flames6-1South Stormont Selects
mBantA (B)87:15 PMCCC-Pond North Durham Warriors1-1Kingston Canadians
mBantA (A)97:15 PMMemorial Clarington Toros1-1Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidA (A)107:30 PMCCC-Bowl Mississippi Thunder Kings1-3Ajax Knights
mMidA (B)117:30 PMJackBurg Kanata Blazers1-4Guelph Gryphons
mBantA (A)128:30 PMMemorial Burlington Jr Cougars1-2Metcalfe Jets
mBantA (B)138:35 PMCCC-Pond Richmond Hill Stars5-6Whitby Wildcats
mMidA (A)149:00 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats2-3Oshawa Generals
mMidA (B)159:00 PMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks0-3Orillia Terriers
Saturday, November 24, 2018
Novice B168:30 AMJackBurg South Stormont Selects6-1Ennismore Eagles
AtomA (A) (XOVER)179:00 AMCCC-Pond Newmarket Redman6-1North Durham Warriors
AtomA (A) (XOVER)189:15 AMCCC-Bowl Cumberland Jr Grads1-3Napanee Stars
Novice B199:45 AMJackBurg Campbellford Colts4-2Ayr Flames
mBantA (B)2010:15 AMCCC-Pond Richmond Hill Stars1-3Kingston Canadians
mBantA (B)2110:30 AMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats4-0North Durham Warriors
AtomA (A) (XOVER)2210:50 AMJackBurg Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-1Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidA (B)2311:30 AMCCC-Pond Orillia Terriers2-3Kanata Blazers
mBantA (A)2411:45 AMCCC-Bowl Metcalfe Jets2-3Clarington Toros
mBantA (A)2512:00 PMJackBurg Burlington Jr Cougars3-1Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidA (A)261:00 PMCCC-Bowl Oshawa Generals1-3Mississippi Thunder Kings
mMidA (A)271:00 PMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats0-6Ajax Knights
mMidA (B)281:15 PMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks1-4Guelph Gryphons
AtomA (B) (XOVER)292:45 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks1-1Cumberland Jr Grads
Novice B303:15 PMCCC-Bowl Ayr Flames0-4South Dundas Lions
Novice B313:30 PMCCC-Pond South Stormont Selects7-4Campbellford Colts
mBantA (A)324:00 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks1-4Metcalfe Jets
AtomA (B) (XOVER)334:15 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars5-2Newmarket Redman
AtomA (B) (XOVER)344:30 PMCCC-Pond North Durham Warriors3-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes
mBantA (A)355:15 PMJackBurg Clarington Toros1-6Burlington Jr Cougars
mBantA (B)365:30 PMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians3-1Whitby Wildcats
mBantA (B)375:45 PMCCC-Pond North Durham Warriors0-3Richmond Hill Stars
mMidA (A)386:45 PMCCC-Bowl Mississippi Thunder Kings4-2Whitby Wildcats
mMidA (B)397:00 PMCCC-Pond Kanata Blazers4-3Quinte West Hawks
mMidA (A)408:15 PMCCC-Bowl Ajax Knights1-1Oshawa Generals
mMidA (B)418:30 PMCCC-Pond Guelph Gryphons0-4Orillia Terriers
Sunday, November 25, 2018
AtomA Semi428:00 AMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks2-4Napanee Stars
NovB Semi438:00 AMMemorial South Stormont Selects6-4South Dundas Lions
AtomA Semi448:15 AMCCC-Pond Cumberland Jr Grads1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
NovB Semi459:15 AMCCC-Bowl Campbellford Colts4-1Ayr Flames
mBantA Sem469:30 AMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats0-1Metcalfe Jets
mBantA Sem4710:20 AMCCC-Bowl Burlington Jr Cougars4-2Kingston Canadians
mMidA Semi4811:00 AMCCC-Pond Guelph Gryphons2-3Ajax Knights
mMidA Semi4911:40 AMCCC-Bowl Mississippi Thunder Kings1-3Orillia Terriers
NoviceB FL501:15 PMCCC-Bowl Campbellford Colts6-1South Stormont Selects
AtomA FL512:30 PMCCC-Bowl Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-1Napanee Stars
mbantA FL524:00 PMCCC-Bowl Burlington Jr Cougars2-4Metcalfe Jets
mMidA FL535:40 PMCCC-Bowl Orillia Terriers3-2Ajax Knights
Friday, November 30, 2018
MinorAtomA5410:00 AMCCC-Bowl Ajax Knights0-5Quinte West Hawks
MinorAtomA5510:30 AMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats White3-3Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
NoviceA5611:00 AMJackBurg Stirling Blues4-1Napanee Stars
mMidAA (C) (XOVER)5711:15 AMCCC-Bowl West Hill Goldenhawks3-5Markham Waxers
mMidAA (B)5811:45 AMCCC-Pond Whitby Wildcats2-1Toronto Aeros
NoviceA5912:00 PMJackBurg Sittsville Rams1-5New Hamburg Huskies
mMidAA (A)6012:45 PMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks3-0Greater Toronto Capitals
mMidAA (C) (XOVER)611:00 PMJackBurg York Mills Toros1-0Barrie Colts
mMidAA (B)621:15 PMCCC-Pond Humber Valley Sharks2-1Gloucester Rangers
mMidAA (A)632:15 PMCCC-Bowl Mississauga North Stars1-0Eastern Ontario Cobras
mMidAA (C) (XOVER)642:30 PMJackBurg Vaughan Panthers4-1Kanata Blazers
Atom AA652:45 PMCCC-Pond Nepean Raiders0-1Kingston Canadians
Atom AA663:45 PMCCC-Bowl Gloucester Rangers2-1Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MinorAtomA674:00 PMCCC-Pond Lorne Park Clarkson Wild4-2Ajax Knights
Peewee A684:00 PMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks5-1Pickering Panthers
NoviceA694:30 PMMemorial New Hamburg Huskies6-2Kanata Blazers
mBanAA (B)705:00 PMCCC-Bowl Leaside Flames3-2Clarington Toros
MinorAtomA715:15 PMCCC-Pond Innisfil Winterhawks1-2Whitby Wildcats White
Peewee A725:15 PMJackBurg Napanee Stars1-6Barrie Colts (White)
NoviceA735:45 PMMemorial Sittsville Rams4-5Stirling Blues
mBanAA (B)746:15 PMCCC-Bowl Rideau St Lawerence Kings2-4Ottawa Sting
mMidAA (C) (XOVER)756:30 PMCCC-Pond West Hill Goldenhawks3-3Barrie Colts
mMidAA (C) (XOVER)766:30 PMJackBurg York Mills Toros1-3Kanata Blazers
mBanAA (A)777:00 PMMemorial Goulding Park Rangers6-2Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidAA (A)787:30 PMCCC-Bowl Greater Toronto Capitals0-5Mississauga North Stars
mMidAA (B)798:00 PMCCC-Pond Toronto Aeros2-4Humber Valley Sharks
mMidAA (C) (XOVER)808:00 PMJackBurg Vaughan Panthers0-1Markham Waxers
mBanAA (A)818:15 PMMemorial Barrie Colts3-6Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
mMidAA (A)829:30 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks4-0Eastern Ontario Cobras
mMidAA (B)839:30 PMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats1-1Gloucester Rangers
Saturday, December 1, 2018
NoviceA848:00 AMCCC-Bowl Kanata Blazers2-6Sittsville Rams
NoviceA858:30 AMCCC-Pond New Hamburg Huskies1-2Napanee Stars
MinorAtomA869:15 AMCCC-Bowl Innisfil Winterhawks5-2Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
MinorAtomA879:45 AMCCC-Pond Quinte West Hawks5-1Whitby Wildcats White
Atom AA8810:30 AMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians1-2Gloucester Rangers
Atom AA8911:00 AMCCC-Pond Nepean Raiders0-3Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Peewee A9011:00 AMMemorial Pickering Panthers1-4Napanee Stars
Peewee A9111:00 AMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks4-0Barrie Colts (White)
mBanAA (A)9211:45 AMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Valley Silver Seven2-4Goulding Park Rangers
mBanAA (B)9312:10 PMMemorial Clarington Toros0-2Rideau St Lawerence Kings
mBanAA (B)9412:10 PMJackBurg Leaside Flames5-2Ottawa Sting
mBanAA (A)9512:15 PMCCC-Pond Barrie Colts4-2Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidAA (A)961:00 PMCCC-Bowl Mississauga North Stars0-4Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidAA (D) (XOVER)971:25 PMJackBurg Barrie Colts1-3Vaughan Panthers
mMidAA (B)981:30 PMCCC-Pond Humber Valley Sharks5-5Whitby Wildcats
mMidAA (A)992:30 PMCCC-Bowl Eastern Ontario Cobras3-0Greater Toronto Capitals
mMidAA (D) (XOVER)1002:55 PMJackBurg Markham Waxers2-4York Mills Toros
mMidAA (B)1013:00 PMCCC-Pond Gloucester Rangers1-0Toronto Aeros
mMidAA (D) (XOVER)1024:00 PMCCC-Bowl Kanata Blazers1-2West Hill Goldenhawks
MinorAtomA1034:25 PMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks1-2Innisfil Winterhawks
NoviceA1044:30 PMCCC-Pond Stirling Blues3-5New Hamburg Huskies
NoviceA1055:30 PMCCC-Pond Kanata Blazers3-1Napanee Stars
Atom AA1065:30 PMMemorial Ottawa Valley Silver Seven7-3Kingston Canadians
MinorAtomA1075:35 PMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats White3-3Ajax Knights
Peewee A1085:55 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars5-3Quinte West Hawks
Peewee A1096:30 PMCCC-Pond Barrie Colts (White)2-0Pickering Panthers
Atom AA1106:45 PMMemorial Gloucester Rangers2-0Nepean Raiders
mBanAA (B)1116:45 PMJackBurg Rideau St Lawerence Kings2-2Leaside Flames
mMidAA 1/41127:10 PMCCC-Bowl York Mills Toros1-4Mississauga North Stars
mBanAA (A)1137:45 PMCCC-Pond Goulding Park Rangers3-3Barrie Colts
mBanAA (A)1148:00 PMMemorial Northumberland Nighthawks0-5Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
mBanAA (B)1158:00 PMJackBurg Ottawa Sting4-1Clarington Toros
mMidAA 1/41168:45 PMCCC-Bowl Gloucester Rangers2-3Northumberland Nighthawks
mMidAA 1/41179:00 PMCCC-Pond Markham Waxers6-2Humber Valley Sharks
mMidAA 1/41189:15 PMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats3-2Vaughan Panthers
Sunday, December 2, 2018
mAtomA-Sem1198:00 AMCCC-Pond Lorne Park Clarkson Wild1-3Quinte West Hawks
NovA-Semi1208:00 AMJackBurg Kanata Blazers1-5New Hamburg Huskies
mAtomA-Sem1218:15 AMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats White2-7Innisfil Winterhawks
NovA-Semi1229:00 AMMemorial Sittsville Rams2-3Stirling Blues
PeweeA Sem1239:10 AMJackBurg Napanee Stars0-5Barrie Colts (White)
PeweeA Sem1249:15 AMCCC-Pond Pickering Panthers0-4Quinte West Hawks
AtomAASemi1259:30 AMCCC-Bowl Nepean Raiders2-5Gloucester Rangers
AtomAASemi12610:15 AMMemorial Kingston Canadians4-3Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
mBanAA Sem12710:40 AMCCC-Pond Ottawa Valley Silver Seven3-4Leaside Flames
mMidAA Sem12810:40 AMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats1-5Mississauga North Stars
mBanAA Sem12910:45 AMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Sting1-6Goulding Park Rangers
mMidAA Sem13012:00 PMCCC-Pond Markham Waxers2-3Northumberland Nighthawks
mAtomA FL13112:15 PMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks3-0Innisfil Winterhawks
NovA FL1321:30 PMCCC-Pond Stirling Blues3-5New Hamburg Huskies
PeweeA FL1331:40 PMCCC-Bowl Barrie Colts (White)2-3Quinte West Hawks
AtomAA FL1342:45 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians2-0Gloucester Rangers
mBantAA FL1353:05 PMCCC-Bowl Leaside Flames3-4Goulding Park Rangers
mMidAA FL1364:35 PMCCC-Bowl Mississauga North Stars1-0Northumberland Nighthawks
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