Team Managers, 2016-17 Northumberland Regional, Eastern Region, 2016-2017, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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Team Managers: As our tournament does have teams from the GTHL, ODMHA and Alliance, please see below for some of the OMHA rules that are likely different from these other governing bodies.

Game Sheets   diagram at bottom of page
1.  OMHA game sheets must be signed by all team staff who will be on the bench , prior to the start of each game.  Failure to sign the game sheet could result in a suspension.  This would be an OMHA decision, not a tournament decision.

Coaches/Trainers must sign in the correct location on the game sheet for the position they have been approved on your electronic roster.

√  The Head Coach position must ALWAYS be filled and completed by the Head Coach or Assistant Coach (if the head coach is away).  
√  A rostered trainer or manager cannot sign to be the head coach for the game even if they have the proper certification
√  Your rostered trainer must sign the trainer box.  Even if your rostered manager or assistant coach has their trainers certification, they cannot act as the trainer for the game if your rostered trainer is away.

2.  You must have a trainer present.  If your trainer cannot be at the game, you are allowed to share your opponents trainer with their permission.  
√  Make sure you have the referee make a note on the game sheet that you are using the other team's trainer.
√  Your opponents trainer does NOT sign the trainer box on your side of the game sheet.  Your side is left blank. 
√  In the case of an on-ice injury, a staff member from your bench is to accompany the other team's trainer to the injured player.
√  If your team has a rostered assistant trainer, that person may act as your trainer for the game.  They would sign in the Assistant Trainer space, not the Trainer space.

Roster Stickers:  Every OMHA game sheet has 4 copies.  If you are using labels/stickers for team roster, bring 4 labels for each game you will play.  You are not allowed to cover the suspension area (which is located directly under the player roster section)
IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION about completing the OMHA game sheet or suspensions, please email us or come see us in the tournament office at the CCC rink.

Player/Coach Suspensions
Coming into the tournament:

If your player or coach is currently serving a suspension (except for a match penalty) from your governing body, the player or coach is allowed to participate in our tournament games.  Serving their suspension in our tournament games would not count toward your league's suspension.

During our tournament:

If your player or coach is receives a suspension during our tournament, the player or coach may not participate in our tournament games until the specified number of suspension games are served.  Any coach or player who receives a fighting or match penalty is out of the tournament. 

When a player or coach is sitting out, a.k.a. "serving" a suspension game, do not list the player on game sheet with the other players or coaches.  You must list the player/coach in the suspension section;   John Doe 2 of 3   (this indicates John Doe is serving game 2 of a 3 game suspension)  If you are using stickers, cross the player off each of the 4 stickers. ****If you fail to list the suspended player or coach in the suspension box, the game served will not be recognized even though the coach or player did not participate.****

After our tournament:

Unserved suspension games from the tournament carry over to your league play for players and coaches


Game Sheet Legend

  1. Game Number: tournament game number

  2. Date of Game: i.e.  Dec 4, 2016

  3. Location of Game: i.e.  CCC Bowl

  4. Division: i.e. Peewee

  5. Category: i.e.  AE, A, B, AA

  6. League: Lakeshore Hockey League

  7. Playoff Game: Not required

  8. Type of Game: Tournament

  9. Length of Game:  Completed by tournament committee 

  10. Curfew Time/Flood: initialed by both coaches/managers

  11. Home Team: i.e. NORTHUMBERLAND

  12. Player List: Names and Numbers, include “C”, “A”, “AP” designations. DO NOT list absent or suspended players, remove/scratch from ALL copies.

  13. Suspended Player/Officials List: Player Name and ‘Game x of y’ (Do not list infraction) Do not cover with sticker.

  14. Team Official List: (as per Official Roster) 14(b) Signature AREA.

  15. League Convener Box:

  16. Referee Information: Completed by Refs at end of the game, they will also check the game sheet for completeness at the start and end of the game. Refs add any penalty or injury details to the back of the white sheet.

  17. Scorekeeper details: Scorekeeper to complete with name and phone number.  Pink=Visitors Yellow=AWAY  DO NOT TAKE GREEN OR WHITE COPY

  18. Game start and end time.

  19. Game's final score.