Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Northumberland Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 2, 2016
MiPWPool A112:00 PMBaltimor Northumberland Nighthawks1-4Oshawa Minor Generals
MinAPool B212:30 PMJackBurg Port Perry Predators3-5Uxbridge Stars
MaAtmPoolB31:00 PMBewdley Kingston Canadians2-1Northumberland Nighthawks
NovBPool A41:30 PMBaltimor Northumberland Nighthawks0-5Richmond West Crusaders
NovBPool B51:30 PMCCC-Bowl Highland Storm4-1Newcastle Stars
MinBPool A61:45 PMJackBurg Oshawa Minor Generals6-2Clarington Toros
NovBPool A72:00 PMCCC-Pond Ayr Flames6-1Gananoque Islanders
NovBPool B82:10 PMBewdley Renfrew Timberwolves4-1Petawawa Patriots
MinAPool A92:30 PMCCC-Bowl Peterborough Petes3-2Quinte West Hawks
MaAtmPoolA102:35 PMBaltimor Belleville Jr Bulls5-1Humberview Huskies
MinBPool A113:00 PMJackBurg Stouffville Clippers2-4Casselman-Embrun Ice Dogs
MinAPool B123:10 PMBewdley Mississippi Thunder Kings3-4Kingston Canadians
NovAPool A133:15 PMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians1-1Napanee Stars
MaAtmPoolA143:30 PMMemorial West Hill Golden Hawks2-3Vaughan Panthers
NovAPool A153:45 PMBaltimor Stittsville Rams7-2Cumberland Jr Grads
MinAPool A163:50 PMCCC-Bowl Kanata Blazers6-2Metcalfe Jets
MiPWPool B174:15 PMCCC-Pond Quinte West Hawks5-1Whitby Wildcats (White)
MinBPool B184:15 PMJackBurg Kingston Canadians3-2Uxbridge Stars
MaAtmPoolB194:20 PMBewdley Ottawa Valley Silver Seven1-1Nepean Raiders
MiPWPool B204:50 PMMemorial Sarnia Jr Sting2-7Caselman-Embrun Ice Dogs
MMAAPool C215:00 PMCCC-Bowl Oshawa Minor Generals1-6Pickering Panthers
NovBPool A225:30 PMBewdley Gananoque Islanders7-2Northumberland Nighthawks
MMAAPool A235:30 PMCCC-Pond Ajax Knights4-2Belleville Jr Bulls
MinBPool B245:30 PMJackBurg Metcalfe Jets3-5Nepean Raiders Black
NovBPool B256:00 PMMemorial Petawawa Patriots4-1Highland Storm
NovBPool A266:30 PMBewdley Richmond West Crusaders0-5Ayr Flames
MMAAPool C276:30 PMCCC-Bowl Vaughan Panthers3-0Streetsville Tigers
MMAAPool A286:45 PMCCC-Pond North York Knights4-3Barrie Colts
MinBPool A296:45 PMJackBurg Clarington Toros6-2Stouffville Clippers
NovBPool B307:00 PMMemorial Newcastle Stars0-5Renfrew Timberwolves
MiPWPool A317:30 PMBewdley Ottawa West Golden Knights5-2Ottawa Sting
MiMAPool B327:45 PMCCC-Bowl Clarington Toros0-4Whitby Wildcats
MiMAPool A338:00 PMCCC-Pond Ajax Knights3-1Quinte West Hawks
MinBPool A348:00 PMMemorial Casselman-Embrun Ice Dogs5-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MMAAPool B358:00 PMJackBurg North Toronto Hockey2-0Caledon Hawks
MiMAPool A369:00 PMCCC-Bowl Orillia Terriers0-1Ottawa Sting
MiMAPool B379:15 PMCCC-Pond Nepean Raiders5-0Richmond Hill Stars
MMAAPool B389:15 PMJackBurg Northumberland Nighthawks1-4Whitby Wildcats
Saturday, December 3, 2016
MinAPool A398:00 AMCCC-Bowl Metcalfe Jets0-3Peterborough Petes
MinAPool B408:10 AMCCC-Pond Uxbridge Stars7-3Mississippi Thunder Kings
NovAPool A418:20 AMJackBurg Cumberland Jr Grads3-1Kingston Canadians
NovAPool A428:30 AMMemorial Napanee Stars3-3Stittsville Rams
MinAPool A439:10 AMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks6-4Kanata Blazers
MinAPool B449:20 AMCCC-Pond Kingston Canadians2-4Port Perry Predators
MiPWPool B459:20 AMJackBurg Caselman-Embrun Ice Dogs2-5Quinte West Hawks
MaAtmPoolB469:30 AMMemorial Northumberland Nighthawks1-6Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MaAtmPoolA479:35 AMBewdley Humberview Huskies2-7West Hill Golden Hawks
MaAtmPoolA4810:20 AMCCC-Bowl Vaughan Panthers6-1Belleville Jr Bulls
MaAtmPoolB4910:30 AMCCC-Pond Nepean Raiders4-4Kingston Canadians
MiPWPool B5010:30 AMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats (White)1-4Sarnia Jr Sting
MinBPool B5110:40 AMMemorial Nepean Raiders Black5-1Kingston Canadians
MiPWPool A5210:45 AMBewdley Ottawa Sting7-5Northumberland Nighthawks
MiMAPool A5311:30 AMCCC-Bowl Quinte West Hawks1-4Orillia Terriers
MiMAPool A5411:40 AMCCC-Pond Ottawa Sting0-0Ajax Knights
MiMAPool B5511:40 AMJackBurg Whitby Wildcats2-2Nepean Raiders
MiPWPool A5611:55 AMBewdley Oshawa Minor Generals2-3Ottawa West Golden Knights
MinBPool B5711:55 AMMemorial Uxbridge Stars2-2Metcalfe Jets
MMAAPool B5812:45 PMCCC-Bowl Caledon Hawks2-3Northumberland Nighthawks
MMAAPool C5912:55 PMCCC-Pond Streetsville Tigers1-0Oshawa Minor Generals
MMAAPool A6012:55 PMJackBurg Barrie Colts2-0Ajax Knights
NovAPool A611:05 PMBewdley Kingston Canadians1-6Stittsville Rams
MiMAPool B621:10 PMMemorial Richmond Hill Stars4-4Clarington Toros
MMAAPool B632:00 PMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats1-1North Toronto Hockey
MinAPool B642:05 PMBewdley Kingston Canadians0-4Uxbridge Stars
MMAAPool C652:10 PMCCC-Pond Pickering Panthers0-3Vaughan Panthers
MMAAPool A662:10 PMJackBurg Belleville Jr Bulls2-4North York Knights
NovAPool A672:25 PMMemorial Cumberland Jr Grads2-7Napanee Stars
MinAPool B683:15 PMBewdley Port Perry Predators2-2Mississippi Thunder Kings
NovBPool A693:15 PMCCC-Bowl Ayr Flames6-1Northumberland Nighthawks
NovBPool A703:25 PMCCC-Pond Richmond West Crusaders2-1Gananoque Islanders
NovBPool B713:25 PMMemorial Highland Storm1-6Renfrew Timberwolves
NovBPool B723:25 PMJackBurg Petawawa Patriots5-0Newcastle Stars
MiPWPool A734:15 PMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Sting0-1Oshawa Minor Generals
MaAtmPoolB744:25 PMBewdley Nepean Raiders1-2Northumberland Nighthawks
MiPWPool B754:25 PMCCC-Pond Caselman-Embrun Ice Dogs4-2Whitby Wildcats (White)
MinAPool A764:25 PMMemorial Metcalfe Jets0-5Quinte West Hawks
MaAtmPoolA774:25 PMJackBurg Vaughan Panthers4-3Humberview Huskies
MiPWPool A785:25 PMCCC-Bowl Northumberland Nighthawks1-4Ottawa West Golden Knights
MaAtmPoolB795:35 PMBewdley Kingston Canadians3-2Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
MiPWPool B805:35 PMCCC-Pond Quinte West Hawks5-1Sarnia Jr Sting
MinAPool A815:35 PMMemorial Peterborough Petes3-0Kanata Blazers
MaAtmPoolA825:35 PMJackBurg Belleville Jr Bulls1-2West Hill Golden Hawks
MiMAPool B836:35 PMCCC-Bowl Clarington Toros1-6Nepean Raiders
MinBPool A846:45 PMBewdley Casselman-Embrun Ice Dogs5-0Clarington Toros
MiMAPool B856:45 PMCCC-Pond Richmond Hill Stars0-5Whitby Wildcats
MinBPool B866:45 PMMemorial Kingston Canadians2-3Metcalfe Jets
MinBPool B876:45 PMJackBurg Nepean Raiders Black5-0Uxbridge Stars
MMAAPool A887:50 PMCCC-Bowl Barrie Colts1-1Belleville Jr Bulls
MinBPool A898:00 PMBewdley Oshawa Minor Generals2-0Stouffville Clippers
MMAAPool B908:00 PMCCC-Pond Caledon Hawks1-1Whitby Wildcats
MiMAPool A918:00 PMMemorial Ottawa Sting3-0Quinte West Hawks
MMAAPool C928:00 PMJackBurg Streetsville Tigers0-3Pickering Panthers
MMAAPool A939:05 PMCCC-Bowl Ajax Knights1-3North York Knights
MMAAPool B949:15 PMCCC-Pond Northumberland Nighthawks2-1North Toronto Hockey
MiMAPool A959:15 PMMemorial Ajax Knights1-5Orillia Terriers
MMAAPool C969:15 PMJackBurg Oshawa Minor Generals1-4Vaughan Panthers
Sunday, December 4, 2016
NovBSemi1008:00 AMMemorial Petawawa Patriots0-5Ayr Flames
MinAtSemi978:00 AMCCC-Bowl Port Perry Predators0-5Peterborough Petes
MinAtSemi988:00 AMJackBurg Quinte West Hawks4-5Uxbridge Stars
NovBSemi998:00 AMCCC-Pond Richmond West Crusaders4-5Renfrew Timberwolves
NovASemi1019:10 AMCCC-Pond Cumberland Jr Grads0-2Napanee Stars
MiPWSemi1029:15 AMMemorial Caselman-Embrun Ice Dogs4-0Ottawa West Golden Knights
MiPWSemi1039:15 AMJackBurg Oshawa Minor Generals1-3Quinte West Hawks
MaAtmSemi1049:20 AMCCC-Bowl Ottawa Valley Silver Seven1-2Vaughan Panthers
MinBSemi10510:20 AMCCC-Pond Metcalfe Jets1-6Casselman-Embrun Ice Dogs
MaAtmSemi10610:35 AMMemorial West Hill Golden Hawks0-1Kingston Canadians
MinBSemi10710:35 AMCCC-Bowl Oshawa Minor Generals4-3Nepean Raiders Black
MiMASemi10810:35 AMJackBurg Nepean Raiders0-3Ottawa Sting
MMAASemi10911:40 AMCCC-Pond Pickering Panthers2-1Vaughan Panthers
MMAASemi11011:55 AMCCC-Bowl Whitby Wildcats0-5North York Knights
MiMASemi11112:00 PMJackBurg Orillia Terriers4-3Whitby Wildcats
NovBFinal1121:00 PMCCC-Pond Renfrew Timberwolves0-3Ayr Flames
NovAFinal1131:15 PMCCC-Bowl Napanee Stars4-1Stittsville Rams
MinAtFinal1142:15 PMCCC-Pond Uxbridge Stars2-1Peterborough Petes
MaAtmFinal1152:30 PMCCC-Bowl Kingston Canadians1-2Vaughan Panthers
MiPWFinal1163:35 PMCCC-Pond Caselman-Embrun Ice Dogs1-6Quinte West Hawks
MinBaFinal1174:00 PMCCC-Bowl Oshawa Minor Generals1-3Casselman-Embrun Ice Dogs
MiMAFinal1185:05 PMCCC-Pond Orillia Terriers1-3Ottawa Sting
MMAAFinal1195:30 PMCCC-Bowl Pickering Panthers0-2North York Knights
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