Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Port Huron Finals, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 12, 2017
PAAA - A13:00 PMMM Oshawa Minor Generals3-2Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
PAAA - A23:00 PMGPC Grand Rapids Fox Motors1-8Chicago Mission
PAAA - A33:00 PMGPU Soo Jr. Greyhounds2-6Detroit Honeybaked
PAAA - B43:00 PMPPA Chicago Fury1-4Detroit Compuware
PAAA - B53:00 PMPPP Green Bay Jr. Gamblers2-5Ajax Pickering Raiders
BAAA - D (XOVER)064:30 PMMM Milwaukee Jr. Admirals3-5Mississauga Reps
BAAA - D (XOVER)074:30 PMGPC Shattuck St. Mary's5-0Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA - C (XOVER)084:30 PMGPU Detroit Honeybaked0-3Niagara North Stars
PAAA - B094:30 PMPPA Pittsburgh Pens Elite Black6-2Detroit Belle Tire
PAAA - C104:30 PMPPP Detroit Little Caesars4-0Tri-State Spartans
BAAA - C (XOVER)116:00 PMMM New Jersey Colonials4-1London Jr. Knights
BAAA - F (XOVER)126:00 PMGPC Shawnigan Lake School0-9Mississauga Rebels
BAAA - F (XOVER)136:00 PMGPU Detroit Little Caesars2-1Central Ontario Wolves
PAAA - C146:00 PMPPA Canton Victory Honda5-1Lambton Jr. Sting
PAAA - C156:00 PMPPP Waterloo Wolves2-2Madison Capitols
BAAA - H (XOVER)167:30 PMMM ISS Kings5-0Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA - E (XOVER)177:30 PMGPC St. Louis Blues2-1Brantford 99ers
BAAA - E (XOVER)187:30 PMGPU Team Meijer3-2Barrie Colts
BAAA - B (XOVER)197:30 PMPPA Thunder Bay Kings1-2Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
BAAA - B (XOVER)207:30 PMPPP York Simcoe Express11-1Pittsburgh Selects
BAAA - H (XOVER)219:00 PMMM Oakville Rangers5-4Canton Victory Honda
BAAA - G (XOVER)229:00 PMGPC Eastern Ontario Wild1-4Chicago Young Americans
BAAA - G (XOVER)239:00 PMGPU Chicago Mission9-1Waterloo Wolves
BAAA - A (XOVER)249:00 PMPPA Vaughan Kings3-3Detroit Belle Tire
BAAA - A (XOVER)259:00 PMPPP Peterborough Petes2-2Chicago Fury
Friday, January 13, 2017
PAAA - A268:00 AMMM Detroit Honeybaked7-1Grand Rapids Fox Motors
PAAA - A278:00 AMGPC Milwaukee Jr. Admirals3-1Soo Jr. Greyhounds
PAAA - A288:00 AMGPU Chicago Mission7-0Oshawa Minor Generals
PAAA - B298:00 AMPPA Detroit Compuware5-2Pittsburgh Pens Elite Black
PAAA - B308:00 AMPPP Ajax Pickering Raiders2-2Chicago Fury
BAAA - E319:30 AMMM Shawnigan Lake School2-8Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA - F329:30 AMGPC St. Louis Blues5-2Team Meijer
BAAA - F339:30 AMGPU Mississauga Rebels1-2Central Ontario Wolves
PAAA - B349:30 AMPPA Detroit Belle Tire9-3Green Bay Jr. Gamblers
PAAA - C359:30 AMPPP Tri-State Spartans0-4Waterloo Wolves
BAAA - E3611:00 AMMM Brantford 99ers1-4Barrie Colts
BAAA - C3711:00 AMGPC Milwaukee Jr. Admirals3-6Shattuck St. Mary's
BAAA - C3811:00 AMGPU Niagara North Stars1-2London Jr. Knights
PAAA - C3911:00 AMPPA Lambton Jr. Sting3-2Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA - C4011:00 AMPPP Madison Capitols2-2Canton Victory Honda
BAAA - G4112:30 PMMM ISS Kings2-8Oakville Rangers
BAAA - D4212:30 PMGPC Detroit Honeybaked1-6New Jersey Colonials
BAAA - D4312:30 PMGPU Mississauga Reps4-1Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA - A4412:30 PMPPA Thunder Bay Kings3-3York Simcoe Express
BAAA - A4512:30 PMPPP Detroit Belle Tire4-1Chicago Fury
BAAA - G462:00 PMMM Chicago Young Americans2-1Waterloo Wolves
BAAA - H472:00 PMGPC Eastern Ontario Wild2-6Chicago Mission
BAAA - H482:00 PMGPU Southern Tier Admirals2-1Canton Victory Honda
BAAA - B492:00 PMPPA Vaughan Kings3-8Peterborough Petes
BAAA - B502:00 PMPPP Oakland Jr. Grizzlies11-0Pittsburgh Selects
PAAA - A513:30 PMMM Soo Jr. Greyhounds1-1Chicago Mission
PAAA - A523:30 PMGPC Oshawa Minor Generals3-8Grand Rapids Fox Motors
PAAA - A533:30 PMGPU Milwaukee Jr. Admirals0-5Detroit Honeybaked
PAAA - B543:30 PMPPA Chicago Fury7-1Detroit Belle Tire
PAAA - B553:30 PMPPP Green Bay Jr. Gamblers4-6Pittsburgh Pens Elite Black
BAAA - F565:00 PMMM Team Meijer2-1Mississauga Rebels
BAAA - E575:00 PMGPC Detroit Little Caesars5-1Brantford 99ers
BAAA - E585:00 PMGPU Barrie Colts5-2Shawnigan Lake School
PAAA - B595:00 PMPPA Ajax Pickering Raiders2-4Detroit Compuware
PAAA - C605:00 PMPPP Detroit Little Caesars6-2Madison Capitols
BAAA - F616:30 PMMM Central Ontario Wolves0-1St. Louis Blues
BAAA - C626:30 PMGPC Shattuck St. Mary's6-1Niagara North Stars
BAAA - C636:30 PMGPU London Jr. Knights4-4Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
PAAA - C646:30 PMPPA Canton Victory Honda2-4Waterloo Wolves
PAAA - C656:30 PMPPP Lambton Jr. Sting6-1Tri-State Spartans
BAAA - H668:00 PMMM Chicago Mission6-1Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA - D678:00 PMGPC New Jersey Colonials4-1Mississauga Reps
BAAA - D688:00 PMGPU Lambton Jr. Sting3-4Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA - A698:00 PMPPA York Simcoe Express2-2Detroit Belle Tire
BAAA - A708:00 PMPPP Chicago Fury9-2Thunder Bay Kings
BAAA - H719:30 PMMM Canton Victory Honda5-3Eastern Ontario Wild
BAAA - G729:30 PMGPC Oakville Rangers3-1Chicago Young Americans
BAAA - G739:30 PMGPU Waterloo Wolves2-4ISS Kings
BAAA - B749:30 PMPPA Peterborough Petes0-3Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
BAAA - B759:30 PMPPP Pittsburgh Selects3-7Vaughan Kings
Saturday, January 14, 2017
PAAA - A768:00 AMMM Detroit Honeybaked6-2Oshawa Minor Generals
PAAA - A778:00 AMGPC Chicago Mission3-4Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
PAAA - A788:00 AMGPU Grand Rapids Fox Motors6-5Soo Jr. Greyhounds
PAAA - C798:00 AMPPA Tri-State Spartans2-1Canton Victory Honda
PAAA - C808:00 AMPPP Madison Capitols1-3Lambton Jr. Sting
BAAA - C819:30 AMMM London Jr. Knights2-3Shattuck St. Mary's
BAAA - E829:30 AMGPC Barrie Colts1-3Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA - E839:30 AMGPU Brantford 99ers1-5Shawnigan Lake School
PAAA - C849:30 AMPPA Waterloo Wolves0-2Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA - B859:30 AMPPP Detroit Compuware2-1Green Bay Jr. Gamblers
BAAA - C8611:00 AMMM Niagara North Stars2-1Milwaukee Jr. Admirals
BAAA - F8711:00 AMGPC Central Ontario Wolves3-7Team Meijer
BAAA - F8811:00 AMGPU Mississauga Rebels1-0St. Louis Blues
PAAA - B8911:00 AMPPA Detroit Belle Tire1-4Ajax Pickering Raiders
PAAA - B9011:00 AMPPP Pittsburgh Pens Elite Black1-3Chicago Fury
BAAA - D9112:30 PMMM Lambton Jr. Sting3-2New Jersey Colonials
BAAA - H9212:30 PMGPC Canton Victory Honda0-10Chicago Mission
BAAA - H9312:30 PMGPU Southern Tier Admirals0-1Eastern Ontario Wild
BAAA - B9412:30 PMPPA Pittsburgh Selects0-2Peterborough Petes
BAAA - B9512:30 PMPPP Oakland Jr. Grizzlies4-0Vaughan Kings
BAAA - D0962:00 PMMM Mississauga Reps3-6Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA - G0972:00 PMGPC Waterloo Wolves1-3Oakville Rangers
BAAA - G0982:00 PMGPU Chicago Young Americans2-7ISS Kings
BAAA - A0992:00 PMPPA Chicago Fury1-6York Simcoe Express
BAAA - A1002:00 PMPPP Detroit Belle Tire4-1Thunder Bay Kings
PAAA Champ1013:30 PMMM Waterloo Wolves0-10Detroit Compuware
PAAA Champ1023:30 PMGPC Chicago Mission4-2Lambton Jr. Sting
PAAA Champ1035:15 PMMM Chicago Fury3-2Detroit Little Caesars
PAAA Champ1045:15 PMGPC Ajax Pickering Raiders1-8Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA Champ1057:00 PMMM New Jersey Colonials2-1Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA Champ1067:00 PMGPC St. Louis Blues1-4Chicago Mission
BAAA Champ1079:00 PMMM Oakville Rangers0-5Shattuck St. Mary's
BAAA Champ1089:00 PMGPC Detroit Belle Tire1-2Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
Sunday, January 15, 2017
PAAA Champ1098:30 AMMM Chicago Mission1-6Detroit Honeybaked
PAAA Champ1108:30 AMGPC Chicago Fury1-5Detroit Compuware
BAAA Champ11110:30 AMMM Shattuck St. Mary's4-2Oakland Jr. Grizzlies
BAAA Champ11210:30 AMGPC New Jersey Colonials0-3Chicago Mission
PAAA Champ1132:00 PMMM Detroit Compuware0-8Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA Champ1144:00 PMMM Shattuck St. Mary's0-3Chicago Mission
Thursday, January 19, 2017
PWA-Pool B16:00 PMGPC Barrie Colts3-0Midland North Stars
PWA-Pool B26:00 PMGPU Welland Tigers3-3Steel City Ice Renegades
PWA-Pool A37:00 PMMM Hespeler Shamrocks9-1Port Huron Flyers
PWA-Pool A47:30 PMGPC Essex Ravens3-0Capitals Academy
BMA-Pool A57:30 PMGPU London Jr. Mustangs White7-2Montgomery Blue Devils
BMA-Pool A68:30 PMMM Aurora Tigers6-0Port Huron Flags
BMA-Pool B79:00 PMGPC Brantford 99ers5-0Ann Arbor Wolverines
BMA-Pool B89:00 PMGPU St. Marys Rock5-2Old Bridge Jr. Knights
Friday, January 20, 2017
PWA-Pool C098:00 AMMM Huntsville Otters0-5Traverse City North Stars
PWA-Pool D108:00 AMGPC Oakville Rangers3-2West Dundee Leafs
PWA-Pool D118:00 AMGPU Tahoe Grizzlies3-3Tampa Scorpions
PWA-Pool C129:30 AMMM Littleton Hawks5-1Wonderland Wizards
BMA-Pool D139:30 AMGPC Halton Hills Thunder4-2Bowling Green Ice Cats
BMA-Pool D149:30 AMGPU Tri-City Jr. Icehawks3-0Gulf Coast Flames
BMA-Pool C1511:00 AMMM Centre Wellington Fusion3-2Mount Clemens Wolves
PWA-Pool A1611:00 AMGPC Capitals Academy0-1Hespeler Shamrocks
BMA-Pool A1711:00 AMGPU Montgomery Blue Devils1-5Aurora Tigers
BMA-Pool C1812:30 PMMM Glenwood Grizzlies2-2Long Island Gulls
PWA-Pool B1912:30 PMGPC Midland North Stars2-6Welland Tigers
PWA-Pool B2012:30 PMGPU Steel City Ice Renegades2-5Barrie Colts
PWA-Pool D212:00 PMMM West Dundee Leafs5-1Tahoe Grizzlies
PWA-Pool C222:00 PMGPC Traverse City North Stars8-1Littleton Hawks
PWA-Pool C232:00 PMGPU Wonderland Wizards2-5Huntsville Otters
PWA-Pool D243:30 PMMM Tampa Scorpions0-10Oakville Rangers
BMA-Pool B253:30 PMGPC Ann Arbor Wolverines1-2St. Marys Rock
BMA-Pool B263:30 PMGPU Old Bridge Jr. Knights0-7Brantford 99ers
PWA-Pool A275:00 PMMM Essex Ravens8-0Port Huron Flyers
BMA-Pool D285:00 PMGPC Bowling Green Ice Cats1-0Tri-City Jr. Icehawks
BMA-Pool D295:00 PMGPU Gulf Coast Flames0-10Halton Hills Thunder
BMA-Pool A308:00 PMMM London Jr. Mustangs White12-0Port Huron Flags
BMA-Pool C318:30 PMGPC Mount Clemens Wolves5-0Glenwood Grizzlies
BMA-Pool C328:30 PMGPU Long Island Gulls2-8Centre Wellington Fusion
Saturday, January 21, 2017
PWA-Pool B338:00 AMMM Steel City Ice Renegades3-2Midland North Stars
PWA-Pool C349:00 AMGPC Wonderland Wizards1-6Traverse City North Stars
PWA-Pool C359:00 AMGPU Littleton Hawks3-3Huntsville Otters
PWA-Pool B369:30 AMMM Welland Tigers1-3Barrie Colts
PWA-Pool D3710:30 AMGPC Tampa Scorpions0-4West Dundee Leafs
PWA-Pool D3810:30 AMGPU Tahoe Grizzlies2-11Oakville Rangers
PWA-Pool A3911:00 AMMM Capitals Academy10-4Port Huron Flyers
PWA-Pool A4012:00 PMGPC Hespeler Shamrocks3-2Essex Ravens
BMA-Pool A4112:00 PMGPU Aurora Tigers0-4London Jr. Mustangs White
BMA-Pool A4212:30 PMMM Montgomery Blue Devils7-0Port Huron Flags
BMA-Pool B431:30 PMGPC Old Bridge Jr. Knights3-1Ann Arbor Wolverines
BMA-Pool B441:30 PMGPU St. Marys Rock1-1Brantford 99ers
BMA-Pool D452:00 PMMM Gulf Coast Flames2-3Bowling Green Ice Cats
BMA-Pool C463:00 PMGPC Long Island Gulls1-4Mount Clemens Wolves
BMA-Pool C473:00 PMGPU Glenwood Grizzlies1-7Centre Wellington Fusion
BMA-Pool D483:30 PMMM Tri-City Jr. Icehawks5-6Halton Hills Thunder
PWA Champ495:00 PMGPC West Dundee Leafs1-5Traverse City North Stars
PWA Champ505:00 PMGPU Huntsville Otters1-2Oakville Rangers
PWA Champ516:30 PMGPC Welland Tigers1-4Hespeler Shamrocks
PWA Champ526:30 PMGPU Essex Ravens3-0Barrie Colts
BMA Champ538:00 PMGPC St. Marys Rock0-3London Jr. Mustangs White
BMA Champ548:00 PMGPU Aurora Tigers1-5Brantford 99ers
BMA Champ559:30 PMGPC Bowling Green Ice Cats1-7Centre Wellington Fusion
BMA Champ569:30 PMGPU Mount Clemens Wolves3-2Halton Hills Thunder
Sunday, January 22, 2017
PWA Champ579:00 AMMM Hespeler Shamrocks3-1Traverse City North Stars
PWA Champ589:00 AMGPC Essex Ravens4-2Oakville Rangers
BMA Champ5911:00 AMMM Centre Wellington Fusion5-2London Jr. Mustangs White
BMA Champ6011:00 AMGPC Mount Clemens Wolves1-4Brantford 99ers
PWA Champ612:30 PMMM Essex Ravens6-0Hespeler Shamrocks
BMA Champ624:30 PMMM Brantford 99ers4-2Centre Wellington Fusion
Thursday, January 26, 2017
PAA-Pool C013:00 PMGPC Markham Waxers3-0Pittsburgh Arctic Foxes
PAA-Pool C023:00 PMGPU Vaughan Rangers2-2Long Island Edge
PAA-Pool E034:00 PMMM Mississauga Braves3-3Chicago Bulldogs
PAA-Pool D044:30 PMGPC Northumberland Nighthawks1-0USA Eagles
PAA-Pool D054:30 PMGPU Yale Jr. Bulldogs1-6Howard Huskies
PAA-Pool E065:30 PMMM Orchard Lake United Red2-1Foothills Flyers
PAA-Pool B076:00 PMGPC Orangeville Flyers2-1Macomb Mavericks
PAA-Pool B086:00 PMGPU Sarnia Jr. Sting1-1Skylands Kings
PAA-Pool A097:00 PMMM Hamilton Huskies6-3Port Huron Flags
PAA-Pool A107:30 PMGPC San Diego Saints3-5Westchester Vipers
BAA-Pool A118:30 PMMM Humberview Huskies4-0Port Huron Flags
BAA-Pool B129:00 PMGPC Oakville Rangers AA13-3Allen Park Huskies
BAA-Pool B139:00 PMGPU Sarnia Jr. Sting3-6Ridgefield Lions
Friday, January 27, 2017
BAA-Pool E148:00 AMMM Humber Valley Sharks4-2Glenview Stars
BAA-Pool C158:00 AMGPC Kanata Blazers1-5Toledo Cherokee
BAA-Pool C168:00 AMGPU Georgina Blaze6-1Philadelphia Blazers
BAA-Pool E179:30 AMMM St. Clair Shores Saints Red2-4Boulder Bison
BAA-Pool D189:30 AMGPC Oakville Rangers AA24-2Saginaw Jr. Spirit
BAA-Pool D199:30 AMGPU Littleton Hawks3-0Howard Huskies
PAA-Pool C2011:00 AMMM Pittsburgh Arctic Foxes1-11Vaughan Rangers
PAA-Pool E2111:00 AMGPC Chicago Bulldogs4-4Orchard Lake United Red
PAA-Pool E2211:00 AMGPU Foothills Flyers1-5Mississauga Braves
PAA-Pool C2312:30 PMMM Long Island Edge5-3Markham Waxers
PAA-Pool D2412:30 PMGPC USA Eagles12-1Yale Jr. Bulldogs
PAA-Pool D2512:30 PMGPU Howard Huskies3-9Northumberland Nighthawks
PAA-Pool B262:00 PMMM Macomb Mavericks5-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
PAA-Pool A272:00 PMGPC Westchester Vipers0-8Hamilton Huskies
BAA-Pool A282:00 PMGPU Anaheim Jr. Ducks2-3Novi Ice Cats
PAA-Pool B293:30 PMMM Skylands Kings0-3Orangeville Flyers
BAA-Pool C303:30 PMGPC Toledo Cherokee8-3Georgina Blaze
BAA-Pool C313:30 PMGPU Philadelphia Blazers1-7Kanata Blazers
PAA-Pool A325:00 PMMM San Diego Saints4-2Port Huron Flags
BAA-Pool E335:00 PMGPC Glenview Stars3-9St. Clair Shores Saints Red
BAA-Pool E345:00 PMGPU Boulder Bison0-6Humber Valley Sharks
BAA-Pool D356:30 PMGPC Saginaw Jr. Spirit6-4Littleton Hawks
BAA-Pool D366:30 PMGPU Howard Huskies1-6Oakville Rangers AA2
BAA-Pool A378:00 PMMM Anaheim Jr. Ducks9-2Port Huron Flags
BAA-Pool B388:00 PMGPC Allen Park Huskies5-0Sarnia Jr. Sting
BAA-Pool B398:00 PMGPU Ridgefield Lions2-8Oakville Rangers AA1
BAA-Pool A409:30 PMMM Novi Ice Cats3-6Humberview Huskies
Saturday, January 28, 2017
PAA-Pool B417:00 AMGPC Skylands Kings3-8Macomb Mavericks
PAA-Pool B427:00 AMGPU Sarnia Jr. Sting0-3Orangeville Flyers
PAA-Pool D438:00 AMMM Howard Huskies0-6USA Eagles
PAA-Pool C448:20 AMGPC Long Island Edge8-1Pittsburgh Arctic Foxes
PAA-Pool C458:20 AMGPU Vaughan Rangers1-0Markham Waxers
PAA-Pool D469:30 AMMM Yale Jr. Bulldogs1-6Northumberland Nighthawks
PAA-Pool E479:40 AMGPC Foothills Flyers0-7Chicago Bulldogs
PAA-Pool E489:40 AMGPU Orchard Lake United Red2-4Mississauga Braves
PAA-Pool A4911:00 AMMM Westchester Vipers8-0Port Huron Flags
PAA-Pool A5011:00 AMGPC Hamilton Huskies6-1San Diego Saints
BAA-Pool A5111:00 AMGPU Humberview Huskies5-2Anaheim Jr. Ducks
BAA-Pool A5212:30 PMMM Novi Ice Cats7-3Port Huron Flags
BAA-Pool B5312:30 PMGPC Ridgefield Lions1-6Allen Park Huskies
BAA-Pool B5412:30 PMGPU Sarnia Jr. Sting2-3Oakville Rangers AA1
BAA-Pool C552:00 PMMM Philadelphia Blazers2-4Toledo Cherokee
BAA-Pool D562:00 PMGPC Howard Huskies0-3Saginaw Jr. Spirit
BAA-Pool D572:00 PMGPU Littleton Hawks3-3Oakville Rangers AA2
BAA-Pool C583:30 PMMM Georgina Blaze4-1Kanata Blazers
BAA-Pool E593:30 PMGPC Boulder Bison2-2Glenview Stars
BAA-Pool E603:30 PMGPU St. Clair Shores Saints Red1-6Humber Valley Sharks
PAA Champ615:00 PMMM Macomb Mavericks3-0Orangeville Flyers
PAA Champ625:00 PMGPC USA Eagles3-7Hamilton Huskies
PAA Champ636:30 PMMM Mississauga Braves1-5Vaughan Rangers
PAA Champ646:30 PMGPC Long Island Edge3-5Northumberland Nighthawks
BAA Champ658:00 PMMM Oakville Rangers AA11-3Toledo Cherokee
BAA Champ668:00 PMGPC Saginaw Jr. Spirit6-3Humberview Huskies
BAA Champ679:30 PMMM Georgina Blaze2-4Humber Valley Sharks
BAA Champ689:30 PMGPC Oakville Rangers AA22-3Allen Park Huskies
Sunday, January 29, 2017
PAA Champ699:00 AMMM Macomb Mavericks1-5Vaughan Rangers
PAA Champ709:00 AMGPC Northumberland Nighthawks3-1Hamilton Huskies
BAA Champ7111:00 AMMM Saginaw Jr. Spirit1-2Toledo Cherokee
BAA Champ7211:00 AMGPC Allen Park Huskies5-3Humber Valley Sharks
PAA Champ732:30 PMMM Vaughan Rangers5-3Northumberland Nighthawks
BAA Champ744:30 PMMM Allen Park Huskies2-1Toledo Cherokee
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