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            In 2017, the Pembroke Regional Silver Stick Committee decided to increase their scholarships to two $1000.00 scholarships. These scholarships will be awarded to players that are continuing on to College or University. To be eligible you must have played in the Pembroke Regional Silver Stick Hockey Tournament and you must provide proof of enrollment to a center for higher learning. These scholarships are being offered in conjunction to the two $1000.00 Larry McGrath scholarships available through The International Silver Stick.

       Applications for both scholarships are available by contacting the Chairman of the Pembroke Regional Silver Stick by either:

a)  Email link on our website

b) Mail to:  P.O Box 845,  Pembroke, ON.   K8A 7M5

c)  Print this form


Applications must be received no later than March. 31st of the year you intend to attend College or University. The selection committee will keep all applications in the strictest confidence.


Your Pembroke Regional Silver Stick Committee

Print the Scholarship Application :