FAQ'S, Pembroke Regional, Eastern Region, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)



Here, we try to answer some of our more common questions.

Q:  Does my submission of the Registration Form guarantee us acceptance ?
      Teams will be accepted by our Tournament Director under our limitations of 8 AA teams, 16 (B Tier 1) teams, and 12 (B Tier 2)  teams.
      Teams registering after the limit has been reached may be accepted, but waitlisted.
      However, teams will only be confirmed upon receipt of tournament fees.
      The earlier you apply and submit tournament fees, the better chance you have in being confirmed.
Q: How do I get a Hotel booking number ?
     Teams will receive an email upon acceptance which will have your hotel booking number.
Q:  Do you ever not accept teams ?
      We have had to refuse entry to some teams, but this does not happen often.
Q:  Why would a team not be accepted ?
      We are limited to approximately 32 - 36 teams a week-end, due to accommodation space and scheduling 
      times. Here are some examples that have happened in the past :
            1) A team has registered too late. Our tournament usually fills up well before our deadline date.
            2) We usually run divisions with an even number of teams. If there is odd number of teams, we will make every effort to
                secure an additional team. Otherwise we will have to drop the last team registered.
Q:  Do I need to pay the Entry Fees when we submit our registration form ?
      Teams are asked to submit their entry fees ASAP. We receive your application
 soon as  you submit it. It is dated and timed as to when you sent it. However we will wait until we
      receive your fees  to process the application.

Q: How can we pay our entry fees ?
     Instructions for payment of tournament fees will be sent out via email to all accepted teams.

Q:  Can we send a post dated cheque ?
      Unfortunately, we cannot accept post dated cheques.  
Q:  If we drop out, can we get our fees returned ?
      We normally refund fees to teams that cancel, but may retain a $50.00 administration fee. 
      Teams cancelling
 after the schedule is made, may not receive any refund.
Hotels /Motels
Q:  Do we need a registration number to book Hotel / Motel accommodation ?
      Yes. We work very closely with our Hotels and Motels to ensure that we can accommodate as many
      teams as possible. This helps to prevent teams from double and triple booking. This number will be provided on acceptance.
Q:  Does the Silver Stick book our rooms ?
      No. You are responsible to book your accommodation, but you will need the registration number to do
Q:  How soon should we book rooms ?
      You should book as early as possible as the tournament fills quickly and accommodation is limited. 
      Some teams book as early as May.
Q:  Where can we find a list of possible accommodations ?
      We have a Hotel link on this web site which lists our Hotels / Motels.
Q:  If we can't find space, can Silver Stick help ?
      Yes. Contact your convener for assistance.


Q:  Who should register the team ?
      Usually the manager or a contact person will handle the online registration. This will be the person we contact for 
      tournament information, scheduling, results, and all team related business.
Q:  Where do we register at the tournament ?
      All teams are asked to register at the rink of their first game at least one hour before their
      first game. See City Map for directions.
Q:  Do the players need to register at the tournament ?
      No. Only the manager or Coach is needed at registration..
Q:  What do we need to bring to registration ?
      a) We need to verify your team list, so please bring your official  team list showing the names of all your players and coaching
  staff. If you plan to use any affiliate players, we also need 
to see their documentation.
      b) A travel permit for teams outside the HEO.
      c) Permission from your Regional Silver Stick if traveling from outside the Pembroke Regional.
Q:  How long does this registration take ?
      If all your paper work is in order, then maybe 10 - 15 minutes. 
      If not, count on at least 30 minutes. 
Q:  Do the players have to sign-in ?
Q:  Do we need stickers for the game sheets ?
      No. All, our games are done electronically with Gamesheet 
Q:  Can we make changes to our team list at registration ?
      Yes, as long as player additions are on your official team list.
Q:  When will the schedule be ready ?
      Schedules will be drawn up as soon as we have a full complement of teams for that particular week-end.
      We usually have the schedules ready by the first week in November. 
Q:  When will we get a copy of the schedule ?
      Once the schedule is made, the convener will call you to inform you  of your game times. The schedule
      will then be posted to this website and a copy will be e-mailed to the contact person named on your
      registration form.
Q:  Who makes up the schedule ?
      It is the convener's responsibility to draw up the schedule.
Q:  Can we request changes to the schedule ?
      Once the schedule is made ( not an easy task ), there will be no changes. 
Q:  Can we request scheduling times ?
      If you have any scheduling concerns, please contact your convener ASAP. It is much easier to schedule
      around a particular problem, than try to rearrange a completed schedule.
Q:  How is the schedule made up ?
      a) Once the teams are determined, each convener will divide the  teams into their groups ( usually of 4 ).
          Every effort here will be made to keep teams that play each other during the regular
          separated. This is sometimes unavoidable.
      b) Teams are not seeded in any way.
      c) We like to get every team to play at least one game on the  Friday.
      d) To accommodate 32 - 36 teams, we may have to start early Friday afternoon, and 7:00am on 
          Sat. & Sun.
      e) Each team will be given at least one home game, and  try to arrange at least one game at each rink.
      f) Championship games are scheduled around 2:00 - 5:00 pm on Sunday. The conveners are asked to 
         perform a very difficult balancing act in drawing up these schedules, so keep in mind that 
 there may 
         be four 7:00 am games and an odd 10:00pm game.
Team Lists
Q:  Do I need to send in my team list when we register ?
      No.Teams will be asked to create a Gamesheet account if you don't already have one. Your team list can then be uploaded to
      Gamesheet as soon we send the invitation codes to each team. More info for this will be forthcoming.
Q:  Why do you need our team list ?
      We use this team list to produce our electronic game sheets, and for our program.
Q:  When do you need our team lists ?
      We are asking teams to have their rosters on Gamesheet by ASAP, and program printing has a deadline of Oct. 22

Q:  Can we make changes to the list after we submit it ?
      Yes. We do have several player and number changes. Changes made  by deadline date will be 
      reflected in the program.