Whitby Finals, Finals (International Silver Stick)

International Silver Stick® Finals Gloria Rints Memorial
Tournament Overview

The International Silver Stick® Gloria Rints Memorial is a AAA Interational Silver Stick Finals Tournament, held annually in Whitby, Ontario, starting on the fourth Thursday of November which is the US Thanksgiving Day. 

The Tournament is Invitational, and the top teams from the various leagues and regions throughout North America are invited, which guarantees the highest level of competition. The Finals Champions will receive the cherished traditional sterling International Silver Stick® Championship pin.  The tournament provides a platform for players from 120 teams at the U10/9U, U12/11U, U14/13U and U16/15U levels to showcase their skills. 

Many players who have participated in the International Silver Stick® Whitby AAA Tournament have gone on to successful hockey careers, attributing their development to the tournament's emphasis on skill and character. The event fosters camaraderie among players, coaches, and fans, creating lasting memories and inspiring future generations of hockey enthusiasts. As a symbol of excellence in amateur hockey, the International Silver Stick® Whitby AAA Tournament continues to uphold its tradition of promoting integrity and passion for the game.

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