Brampton Regional, Central Region, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

Brampton Regional
Tournament Overview

Welcome to the official tournament website for the Brampton Regional, hosted by International Silver Stick - Canadian Regionals.

Our event runs Dec 27-30, 2024, with the following divisions: U11 AA, U11 A, U12 AA, U13 AA, U13 A, U14 AA, U15 AA, U15 A, U18 AA, U18 A, U10 BB, U11 BB, U12 BB, U13 BB, U14 BB, U15 BB, U16 BB, U18 BB

Registration is $1,800 and is currently open for all divisions. Click here to get started.

The tournament organizers may add more information about the tournament in the future, so stay tuned for that and thanks for your visit!

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