Schedule & Results, 2019-20 Saugeen Shores Girls Finals, 2019-2020 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 31, 2020
ATM19:00 AMSouth Kincardine Kinucks12-0Saugeen Shores Storm
PW29:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks5-6Saugeen Shores Storm
BTM-A310:00 AMSouth TCDMHA Rebels0-1Saugeen Shores Storm
PW410:00 AMPlex North Middlesex Jr. Stars4-1West Oxford Inferno
ATM511:00 AMSouth St. Mary's Rock0-1TCDMHA Rebels
PW611:00 AMPlex South Huron Sabres1-3TCDMHA Rebels
BTM-B712:00 PMSouth West Oxford Inferno2-5Kincardine Kinucks
BTM-A812:00 PMPlex Huron Heat2-3Tillsonburg Lightning
MID-A912:00 PMTiverton Lucan Irish3-0Kincardine Kinucks
ATM101:00 PMSouth West Oxford Inferno4-0Saugeen Shores Storm
PW111:00 PMPlex Kincardine Kinucks1-3Lambton Attack
MID-A121:00 PMTiverton BAD Blazers0-5Lambton Attack
BTM-B132:00 PMSouth Livonia Knights2-3Lambton Attack
PW142:00 PMPlex West Oxford Inferno0-3Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-B152:00 PMTiverton Sarnia Lady Sting1-1Mitchell Meteors
ATM163:00 PMSouth Kincardine Kinucks7-0TCDMHA Rebels
PW173:00 PMPlex South Huron Sabres4-2North Middlesex Jr. Stars
MID-B183:00 PMTiverton Almaquin Gazelles4-1Chatham-Kent Crush
BTM-A194:00 PMSouth TCDMHA Rebels1-4Huron Heat
BTM-A204:00 PMPlex Tillsonburg Lightning4-0Saugeen Shores Storm
ATM215:00 PMSouth West Oxford Inferno2-0St. Mary's Rock
BTM-B226:00 PMSouth Kincardine Kinucks6-0Lambton Attack
BTM-B237:00 PMSouth Livonia Knights0-3West Oxford Inferno
PW247:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels1-0Lambton Attack
MID-A258:00 PMSouth Lambton Attack4-1Kincardine Kinucks
MID-A268:00 PMPlex BAD Blazers2-7Lucan Irish
MID-B279:00 PMSouth Chatham-Kent Crush1-2Mitchell Meteors
MID-B289:00 PMPlex Almaquin Gazelles4-2Sarnia Lady Sting
Saturday, February 1, 2020
PW298:00 AMSouth Lambton Attack2-0South Huron Sabres
ATM308:00 AMPlex Saugeen Shores Storm0-3St. Mary's Rock
PW319:00 AMSouth Saugeen Shores Storm2-1North Middlesex Jr. Stars
ATM329:00 AMPlex TCDMHA Rebels2-1West Oxford Inferno
PW3310:00 AMSouth TCDMHA Rebels7-0West Oxford Inferno
BTM-A3410:00 AMPlex Saugeen Shores Storm0-3Huron Heat
BTM-A3511:00 AMSouth Tillsonburg Lightning4-1TCDMHA Rebels
BTM-B3611:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks6-0Livonia Knights
BTM-B3712:00 PMSouth Lambton Attack1-6West Oxford Inferno
ATM3812:00 PMPlex St. Mary's Rock0-6Kincardine Kinucks
PW391:00 PMSouth South Huron Sabres1-3Kincardine Kinucks
MID-B401:00 PMPlex Mitchell Meteors3-3Almaquin Gazelles
MID-A412:00 PMSouth Kincardine Kinucks3-3BAD Blazers
MID-B422:00 PMPlex Sarnia Lady Sting3-1Chatham-Kent Crush
PW433:00 PMSouth Lambton Attack7-0Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-A443:00 PMPlex Lambton Attack0-2Lucan Irish
PW454:00 PMSouth North Middlesex Jr. Stars1-4TCDMHA Rebels
ATM464:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels4-0Saugeen Shores Storm
PW475:00 PMSouth West Oxford Inferno0-8Kincardine Kinucks
ATM485:00 PMPlex West Oxford Inferno1-4Kincardine Kinucks
BTM-A (XOVER)496:00 PMSouth Livonia Knights0-5Tillsonburg Lightning
BTM-B (XOVER)506:00 PMPlex Saugeen Shores Storm0-1West Oxford Inferno
BTM-A (XOVER)517:00 PMSouth Lambton Attack0-3Huron Heat
BTM-B (XOVER)527:00 PMPlex TCDMHA Rebels1-3Kincardine Kinucks
MID-A (XOVER)538:00 PMSouth Chatham-Kent Crush0-1Lucan Irish
MID-B (XOVER)548:00 PMPlex Kincardine Kinucks0-2Mitchell Meteors
MID-A (XOVER)559:00 PMSouth Sarnia Lady Sting3-1Lambton Attack
MID-B (XOVER)569:00 PMPlex BAD Blazers2-3Almaquin Gazelles
Sunday, February 2, 2020
ATM-CHSEMI8:00 AMPlex St. Mary's Rock0-5Kincardine Kinucks
ATM-CHSEMI8:00 AMSouth West Oxford Inferno3-2TCDMHA Rebels
PW-CHSEMI9:00 AMPlex Kincardine Kinucks0-1TCDMHA Rebels
PW-CHSEMI9:00 AMSouth Saugeen Shores Storm0-4Lambton Attack
BTM - CHSEMI10:00 AMPlex Huron Heat0-2Kincardine Kinucks
BTM - CHSEMI10:00 AMSouth West Oxford Inferno0-3Tillsonburg Lightning
MID-CHSEMI11:00 AMPlex Sarnia Lady Sting1-2Almaquin Gazelles
MID-CHSEMI11:00 AMSouth Mitchell Meteors1-3Lucan Irish
ATM-CHFINAL12:00 PMPlex West Oxford Inferno0-5Kincardine Kinucks
PW-CHFINAL1:30 PMPlex Lambton Attack0-1TCDMHA Rebels
BTM - CHFINAL3:00 PMPlex Tillsonburg Lightning2-1Kincardine Kinucks
MID-CHFINAL4:30 PMPlex Almaquin Gazelles1-3Lucan Irish
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