Rules, 2019-20 Wasaga Beach Regional (International Silver Stick)

                                                            Wasaga Beach Minor Hockey Association

                                                                                  2019 Silver Stick


 Sanctioned by the OMHA and OMHA rules apply.  Specific and additional rules that apply to this tournament only are below.

1. Upon completion of Tournament Schedule no alterations will be made. 
2. Any team unable to attend, without giving sufficient notice, will forfeit their registration fee. 
3. Any team unable to play, for any reason, will forfeit that game. 
4. Team officials are required to check in 45 minutes prior to their first scheduled game at the registration desk, upstairs in the arena, with the convener, director or assistant present. 
5. Present all APPROVED ROSTERS showing APPROVED “AP” players at the registration desk. 
6. All teams must be dressed and ready to play 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time. 
7. Any player or team official incurring a match penalty, a gross misconduct penalty, or a game misconduct for fighting will automatically be suspended from further tournament play. 

8.Everyone will play 2 games. Then each group will be placed 1st -3rd place. 
 1st in each group will play second in each group. Winner in each game will play for championship. 3rd vs 3rd. 
        9. Points – 2 for a win, 1 for a tie.  In the case of a point tie in the pool, the tie will be settled as follows: 
1. Winner of head-to-head game 
2. Least goals against (total both games) 
3. Most goals for (total both games) 
4. Least penalty minutes (total both games) 
                5. First goal scored in head to head games

10. The tournament director or his/her delegate will make the final decisions in any tournament matters requiring such action (ie.  scheduling errors).
11. The referee’s decision on the ice is final. 
12. Participant Pins, Championship and Finalist Trophies are limited to 18 per team including team officials. 
13. No timeouts in round robin play.  One 30-second timeout is allowed in Championship games. 
14. In the event of a tied semi final or championship game, a 10 minute stop time sudden victory overtime period will be played.  If still tied after 10 minutes, a shoot out will decide the winner – 5 shooters and 1 goalie per team.  Shooting will take place simultaneously by each team, one at a time. Shooters maybe any 5 players .
15. If at anytime in the THIRD PERIOD the goal differential reaches 5 goals, the clock will begin run time. If the goal differential becomes less than 5 the clock will revert to stop time.
16.At any time the Silver Stick Director/ convenor/delegate can and will remove any player, parent, spectator from the arena building for misbehaviour, verbal abuse, fighting and  disrupting the tournament. 

GAME Length

Round Robin and              Atom        10 – 10 – 10

Semi Final Games            Peewee and above     10 – 10 – 15

 Championship Games:    Atom        10 – 10 – 15

                                     Peewee and above     10- 15 – 15



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