Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Ayr Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, December 6, 2018
Atom AA14:00 PMACC Caledonia Thunder2-0Ayr Flames
Atom AA25:00 PMACC Ingersoll Express3-3Dorchester Dragons
Atom BA36:00 PMACC Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-2Tavistock Titans
Peewee AP16:00 PMNDCC Caledonia Thunder6-2Ayr Flames
Peewee BP27:00 PMNDCC Ilderton Jets3-2Cayuga Stars
Peewee AP37:00 PMACC Ingersoll Express0-13Dorchester Dragons
Midget AM18:05 PMNDCC Dorchester Dragons3-4Ayr Flames
Peewee BP48:05 PMACC Tillsonburg Tornadoes0-5Stratford Warriors Minor Peewee MD
Midget BM29:15 PMACC Mariposa Lightning1-4Ennismore Eagles
Midget AM39:15 PMNDCC Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-0Tavsitock Titans
Friday, December 7, 2018
Atom CA46:55 AMACC Lindsay Muskies4-3Napanee Stars
Atom AA56:55 AMNDCC Dorchester Dragons4-1Ayr Flames
Atom BA68:00 AMACC Tavistock Titans2-2Lincoln Blades
Atom AA78:00 AMNDCC Ingersoll Express2-4Caledonia Thunder
Atom CA88:00 AMPlatts. Lambeth Lancers0-3Fort Erie Jr. Meteors
Atom BA99:15 AMPlatts. Twin Centre Stars3-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Peewee CP59:15 AMACC Richmond Hill Stars Minor Peewee AE 3-4Lincoln Blades
Peewee BP69:15 AMNDCC Stratford Warriors Minor Peewee MD6-4Cayuga Stars
Peewee AP710:20 AMPlatts. Ingersoll Express2-6Caledonia Thunder
Peewee AP810:20 AMACC Dorchester Dragons7-0Ayr Flames
Peewee BP910:20 AMNDCC Tillsonburg Tornadoes0-1Ilderton Jets
Bantam BB111:30 AMBSC2 Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-3Fort Erie Jr. Meteors
Bantam BB211:35 AMACC Ingersoll Express1-1Caledonia Thunder
Bantam AB311:35 AMNDCC Woolwich Minor Bantam AE Wildcats0-9Ayr Flames
Peewee CP1011:35 AMPlatts. Ennismore Eagles1-6Durham Crusaders
Midget BM412:45 PMBSC2 South Muskoka Greavette Bears3-0Penetanguishene Flames
Bantam AB412:50 PMNDCC Thorold Black Hawks0-8Delhi Rockets
Midget AM512:50 PMACC Tillsonburg Tornadoes4-1Ayr Flames
Peewee BP111:30 PMPlatts. Tillsonburg Tornadoes5-5Cayuga Stars
Atom BA102:05 PMBSC2 Tavistock Titans2-2Twin Centre Stars
Atom CA112:10 PMNDCC Lindsay Muskies0-1Fort Erie Jr. Meteors
Midget AM62:10 PMACC Tavsitock Titans2-4Dorchester Dragons
Peewee BP122:45 PMPlatts. Ilderton Jets2-3Stratford Warriors Minor Peewee MD
Atom CA123:20 PMNDCC Napanee Stars3-4Lambeth Lancers
Atom BA133:30 PMACC Lincoln Blades4-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Peewee CP134:25 PMNDCC Lincoln Blades3-5Durham Crusaders
Peewee CP144:30 PMACC Richmond Hill Stars Minor Peewee AE 4-4Ennismore Eagles
Peewee AP155:40 PMACC Dorchester Dragons5-4Caledonia Thunder
Peewee AP165:40 PMNDCC Ingersoll Express0-1Ayr Flames
Bantam AB56:55 PMACC Thorold Black Hawks5-2Woolwich Minor Bantam AE Wildcats
Bantam BB66:55 PMNDCC Tillsonburg Tornadoes0-2Ingersoll Express
Bantam AB78:15 PMACC Delhi Rockets0-3Ayr Flames
Bantam BB88:15 PMNDCC Fort Erie Jr. Meteors2-2Caledonia Thunder
Midget BM79:30 PMACC Penetanguishene Flames2-1Ennismore Eagles
Midget BM89:30 PMNDCC South Muskoka Greavette Bears0-1Mariposa Lightning
Saturday, December 8, 2018
Atom CA148:00 AMNDCC Napanee Stars3-1Fort Erie Jr. Meteors
Atom CA159:00 AMACC Lindsay Muskies1-7Lambeth Lancers
Atom AA169:15 AMNDCC Ingersoll Express3-2Ayr Flames
Atom AA1710:20 AMACC Dorchester Dragons4-1Caledonia Thunder
Peewee CP1710:20 AMNDCC Richmond Hill Stars Minor Peewee AE 1-1Durham Crusaders
Atom BA1811:30 AMACC Lincoln Blades4-0Twin Centre Stars
Bantam AB911:30 AMNDCC Thorold Black Hawks1-1Ayr Flames
Peewee CP1812:45 PMACC Lincoln Blades11-3Ennismore Eagles
Bantam AB1012:50 PMNDCC Delhi Rockets5-0Woolwich Minor Bantam AE Wildcats
Bantam BB112:00 PMACC Fort Erie Jr. Meteors2-4Ingersoll Express
Midget BM92:00 PMNDCC Penetanguishene Flames5-5Mariposa Lightning
Bantam BB123:15 PMACC Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-4Caledonia Thunder
Midget AM103:15 PMNDCC Tavsitock Titans2-3Ayr Flames
Midget AM114:30 PMACC Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-1Dorchester Dragons
Midget BM124:35 PMNDCC Ennismore Eagles3-2South Muskoka Greavette Bears
Semi-FinalA195:55 PMACC Fort Erie Jr. Meteors1-5Dorchester Dragons
Semi-FinalA205:55 PMNDCC Lambeth Lancers4-1Lincoln Blades
Semi-FinalP197:05 PMACC Durham Crusaders1-2Stratford Warriors Minor Peewee MD
Semi-FinalP207:05 PMNDCC Caledonia Thunder0-7Dorchester Dragons
Semi-FinalB138:15 PMACC Delhi Rockets5-3Ingersoll Express
Semi-FinalB148:15 PMNDCC Caledonia Thunder1-2Ayr Flames
Semi-FinalM139:30 PMACC Ayr Flames3-1Ennismore Eagles
Semi-FinalM149:30 PMNDCC Penetanguishene Flames1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Sunday, December 9, 2018
FinalA2110:30 AMNDCC Lambeth Lancers2-4Dorchester Dragons
FinalP2112:00 PMNDCC Dorchester Dragons2-1Stratford Warriors Minor Peewee MD
FinalB151:30 PMNDCC Delhi Rockets1-2Ayr Flames
FinalM153:10 PMNDCC Ayr Flames1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
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