Schedule & Results, 2017-18 Newmarket Finals, 2017-2018 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 11, 2018
MA A Div21235:45 PMCplex2 Welland Tigers6-1Bradford Bulldogs
MA A Div1455:45 PMMC-Pfaff Erie North Shore Storm13-2Newmarket Redmen
MA A Div2705:45 PMMC-Honda Grosse Point Bulldogs 0-5Innisfil Winterhawks
M Pw A16:00 PMHollin Cambridge Hawks4-0Newmarket Redmen
M Pw A246:00 PMMC-Forha Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-0Kanata Blazers
MB A Div 1966:00 PMMC-Hyund London Jr. Mustangs6-1Newmarket Redmen
MP A Div21246:55 PMCplex2 Don Mills Mustangs2-1Woolwich Wildcats
MA A Div1466:55 PMMC-Pfaff Kanata Blazers3-5Whitby Wildcats
MB A Div 1716:55 PMMC-Honda Midland North Stars5-0Clarington Toros
MP A Div227:15 PMHollin Barrie Colts4-1Tornados NT
M Paa257:15 PMMC-Forha Cumberland Jr. Grads 1-5Newmarket Redmen
M At AA977:15 PMMC-Hyund North Toronto6-4Newmarket Redmen
M Paa478:05 PMMC-Pfaff Traverse City North Stars 3-2Toronto Royals
M At AA1258:10 PMCplex2 Gloucester Rangers6-1St. Clair Shores Saints
MA AA Div2728:10 PMMC-Honda Halton Hills3-3Tornados NT
MP AA Div 988:25 PMMC-Hyund Whitby Wildcats 3-2Birmingham Rangers
MP AA Div 268:30 PMMC-Forha Vaughan Rangers 2-2Caledon Hawks
MA AA Div238:30 PMHollin Sudbury Nickel City Sons 3-1Mississauga Jets
MB A Div 21269:20 PMCplex2 Jimmy Johns Redford3-6Orillia Terriers
MB A Div 2489:20 PMMC-Pfaff Hespeler Shamrocks 2-3Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MB AA Div 739:20 PMMC-Honda Rideau St. Lawrence Kings2-1Newmarket Redmen
MB AA Div 49:40 PMHollin Orchard Lake United2-6Mississauga Jets
MB AA Div 999:40 PMMC-Hyund Kitchener Rangers2-5Ottawa Sting
MB AA Div 279:45 PMMC-Forha Vaughan Rangers3-0USA Eagles
Friday, January 12, 2018
MA A Div11008:00 AMMC-Hyund Erie North Shore Storm4-1Kanata Blazers
MA A Div21488:00 AMCplex1 Innisfil Winterhawks5-2Bradford Bulldogs
M Pw A288:00 AMMC-Forha Kanata Blazers1-1Newmarket Redmen
MA A Div158:00 AMHollin Whitby Wildcats5-7Newmarket Redmen
MA A Div21278:15 AMCplex2 Welland Tigers11-0Grosse Point Bulldogs
M At AA498:15 AMMC-Pfaff North Toronto1-1Gloucester Rangers
M At AA748:15 AMMC-Honda St. Clair Shores Saints 0-0Newmarket Redmen
M Pw A1019:10 AMMC-Hyund Cambridge Hawks5-4Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MA AA Div21499:10 AMCplex1 Sudbury Nickel City Sons 2-2Halton Hills
MA AA Div269:10 AMHollin Tornados NT5-2Mississauga Jets
MB A Div 1299:15 AMMC-Forha London Jr. Mustangs2-2Midland North Stars
M Paa1289:25 AMCplex2 Toronto Royals 1-4Newmarket Redmen
MP A Div2509:25 AMMC-Pfaff Barrie Colts3-4Don Mills Mustangs
MP AA Div 759:25 AMMC-Honda Caledon Hawks 4-1Birmingham Rangers
M Paa15010:20 AMCplex1 Cumberland Jr. Grads 2-1Traverse City North Stars
MM A Div 2 (XOVER)710:20 AMHollin Woolwich 1-4London Jr. Mustangs White
MB A Div 210210:25 AMMC-Hyund Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets2-0Orillia Terriers
MB A Div 23010:30 AMMC-Forha Jimmy Johns Redford0-3Hespeler Shamrocks
MP A Div212910:40 AMCplex2 Woolwich Wildcats3-1Tornados NT
MB AA Div 5110:40 AMMC-Pfaff Rideau St. Lawrence Kings5-1Orchard Lake United
MB A Div 17610:40 AMMC-Honda Clarington Toros6-4Newmarket Redmen
MB AA Div 15111:35 AMCplex1 Ottawa Sting1-3USA Eagles
MM a (XOVER)10311:40 AMMC-Hyund Orillia Terriers1-3Stratford Warriors
MM A Div 43111:45 AMMC-Forha Texas Jr. Stars0-2Barrie Colts
MP AA Div 811:50 AMHollin Whitby Wildcats 3-5Vaughan Rangers
MB AA Div 13011:55 AMCplex2 Vaughan Rangers4-1Kitchener Rangers
MM A Div 25211:55 AMMC-Pfaff Owen Sound Jr. Attack2-0Warwick Wildcats
MM a7711:55 AMMC-Honda Edmonton SSAC2-2Newmarket Redmen
MM A Div 315212:50 PMCplex1 Glenwood Springs6-0Lehigh Valley
M Pw A91:05 PMHollin Newmarket Redmen 3-3Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MM AA Div (XOVER)1041:10 PMMC-Hyund Boulder Bisson2-1Tornados NT
MM AA Div 1311:10 PMCplex2 Delaware Ducks3-5Hillcrest Canadians
MM aa321:15 PMMC-Forha North York Knights1-1Newmarket Redmen
MM AA Div 531:25 PMMC-Pfaff OakLand Jr. Grizzlies4-1Markham Waxers
MM AA Div 781:25 PMMC-Honda Tampa Scorpions3-3Vaughan Panthers
MB AA Div 102:20 PMHollin Mississauga Jets4-2Newmarket Redmen
MM AA Div (XOVER)1532:20 PMCplex1 Hershey Bears2-0London Jr. Knights
MA A Div11052:40 PMMC-Hyund Newmarket Redmen1-4Kanata Blazers
M Pw A1322:40 PMCplex2 Kanata Blazers0-5Cambridge Hawks
MP A Div2332:45 PMMC-Forha Woolwich Wildcats2-4Barrie Colts
MA A Div2542:55 PMMC-Pfaff Innisfil Winterhawks1-7Welland Tigers
MA A Div1792:55 PMMC-Honda Whitby Wildcats3-5Erie North Shore Storm
MA A Div2113:35 PMHollin Bradford Bulldogs10-2Grosse Point Bulldogs
MP A Div21063:50 PMMC-Hyund Tornados NT 0-2Don Mills Mustangs
M At AA1543:50 PMCplex1 Newmarket Redmen0-11Gloucester Rangers
M At AA1333:55 PMCplex2 St. Clair Shores Saints 4-2North Toronto
MB A Div 1344:00 PMMC-Forha Clarington Toros1-7London Jr. Mustangs
MA AA Div2554:05 PMMC-Pfaff Mississauga Jets3-6Halton Hills
MA AA Div2804:05 PMMC-Honda Tornados NT3-3Sudbury Nickel City Sons
MM AA Div 124:45 PMHollin Hillcrest Canadians5-3Tornados NT
M Paa1555:00 PMCplex1 Toronto Royals 2-3Cumberland Jr. Grads
M Paa1075:05 PMMC-Hyund Newmarket Redmen 0-2Traverse City North Stars
MB AA Div 1345:05 PMCplex2 Ottawa Sting4-2Vaughan Rangers
MM a (XOVER)355:15 PMMC-Forha Glenwood Springs1-3Edmonton SSAC
MP AA Div 565:15 PMMC-Pfaff Birmingham Rangers 3-4Vaughan Rangers
MP AA Div 815:15 PMMC-Honda Caledon Hawks 4-1Whitby Wildcats
MB A Div 2136:15 PMHollin Orillia Terriers1-1Hespeler Shamrocks
MB A Div 11566:15 PMCplex1 Newmarket Redmen3-4Midland North Stars
MB A Div 21086:20 PMMC-Hyund Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets8-1Jimmy Johns Redford
MM A Div 31356:20 PMCplex2 Lehigh Valley 0-3Orillia Terriers
MB AA Div 576:30 PMMC-Pfaff USA Eagles5-0Kitchener Rangers
MB AA Div 826:30 PMMC-Honda Orchard Lake United4-6Newmarket Redmen
MM a147:30 PMHollin Newmarket Redmen4-5Stratford Warriors
MB AA Div 1577:30 PMCplex1 Mississauga Jets0-2Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
MM aa377:30 PMMC-Forha Newmarket Redmen 1-2Boulder Bisson
MM A Div 4 (XOVER)1097:35 PMMC-Hyund Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-0Woolwich
MM A Div 2 (XOVER)587:45 PMMC-Pfaff Barrie Colts4-1London Jr. Mustangs White
MM A Div 4 (XOVER)837:45 PMMC-Honda Warwick Wildcats0-0Texas Jr. Stars
MM AA Div (XOVER)1367:50 PMCplex2 Tampa Scorpions1-1Hershey Bears
MM aa (XOVER)1588:45 PMCplex1 Delaware Ducks5-3North York Knights
MM AA Div (XOVER)389:00 PMMC-Forha Vaughan Panthers4-1Markham Waxers
MM AA Div (XOVER)599:15 PMMC-Pfaff OakLand Jr. Grizzlies5-0London Jr. Knights
Saturday, January 13, 2018
MA A Div1 (XOVER)1108:00 AMMC-Hyund Grosse Point Bulldogs 0-14Erie North Shore Storm
MA A Div2 (XOVER)158:00 AMHollin Newmarket Redmen3-5Innisfil Winterhawks
MA A Div1 (XOVER)1598:00 AMCplex1 Bradford Bulldogs0-4Whitby Wildcats
M At AA (XOVER)1378:15 AMCplex2 Halton Hills0-1North Toronto
MA AA Div2 (XOVER)608:15 AMMC-Pfaff Newmarket Redmen5-1Tornados NT
MA A Div2 (XOVER)848:15 AMMC-Honda Kanata Blazers6-3Welland Tigers
MM a1119:10 AMMC-Hyund Stratford Warriors 5-0Edmonton SSAC
M At AA (XOVER)169:10 AMHollin Mississauga Jets2-1St. Clair Shores Saints
MA AA Div2 (XOVER)1609:10 AMCplex1 Gloucester Rangers4-1Sudbury Nickel City Sons
MM A Div 41389:25 AMCplex2 Barrie Colts5-1Woolwich
MM AA Div 619:25 AMMC-Pfaff London Jr. Knights0-2Vaughan Panthers
MM a (XOVER)859:25 AMMC-Honda Lehigh Valley 1-1Newmarket Redmen
MM A Div 216110:20 AMCplex1 London Jr. Mustangs White5-1Warwick Wildcats
MM A Div 31710:20 AMHollin Orillia Terriers3-1Glenwood Springs
MM A Div 2 (XOVER)11210:30 AMMC-Hyund Texas Jr. Stars2-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MM aa13910:45 AMCplex2 Boulder Bisson0-3North York Knights
MM AA Div (XOVER)6210:45 AMMC-Pfaff Markham Waxers0-1Tampa Scorpions
MM aa (XOVER)8610:45 AMMC-Honda Hillcrest Canadians4-0Newmarket Redmen
MM AA Div 16211:40 AMCplex1 Tornados NT1-4Delaware Ducks
MM AA Div 1811:40 AMHollin Hershey Bears1-3OakLand Jr. Grizzlies
M Pw A (XOVER)11311:50 AMMC-Hyund Tornados NT 2-1Kanata Blazers
MP A Div2 (XOVER)14012:05 PMCplex2 Owen Sound Jr. Attack3-2Barrie Colts
M Pw A (XOVER)6312:05 PMMC-Pfaff Don Mills Mustangs2-0Cambridge Hawks
MP A Div2 (XOVER)8712:05 PMMC-Honda Newmarket Redmen 2-3Woolwich Wildcats
MP AA Div (XOVER)1631:00 PMCplex1 Newmarket Redmen 1-1Caledon Hawks
M Paa (XOVER)191:00 PMHollin Vaughan Rangers 3-2Cumberland Jr. Grads
MB A Div 2 (XOVER)1141:05 PMMC-Hyund Newmarket Redmen0-11Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MP AA Div (XOVER)1411:20 PMCplex2 Traverse City North Stars 1-2Whitby Wildcats
MB A Div 1 (XOVER)641:20 PMMC-Pfaff Hespeler Shamrocks 2-2London Jr. Mustangs
M Paa (XOVER)881:20 PMMC-Honda Birmingham Rangers 2-2Toronto Royals
MB A Div 1 (XOVER)392:00 PMMC-Forha Orillia Terriers1-1Clarington Toros
MB A Div 2 (XOVER)1642:15 PMCplex1 Midland North Stars1-3Jimmy Johns Redford
MB AA Div (XOVER)202:15 PMHollin Newmarket Redmen1-5Ottawa Sting
MM A Div 3 (XOVER)1152:20 PMMC-Hyund Newmarket Redmen4-2Glenwood Springs
MB AA Div (XOVER)1422:35 PMCplex2 Kitchener Rangers4-3Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
MM A Div 2652:35 PMMC-Pfaff London Jr. Mustangs White6-1Owen Sound Jr. Attack
MB AA Div (XOVER)892:35 PMMC-Honda USA Eagles2-1Mississauga Jets
MB AA Div (XOVER)403:15 PMMC-Forha Orchard Lake United1-1Vaughan Rangers
MM AA Div (XOVER)1653:30 PMCplex1 OakLand Jr. Grizzlies8-1Vaughan Panthers
MM A Div 4 (XOVER)213:30 PMHollin Warwick Wildcats0-1Barrie Colts
MM A Div 3 (XOVER)1163:40 PMMC-Hyund Stratford Warriors 4-0Lehigh Valley
MM A Div 41433:50 PMCplex2 Woolwich 1-2Texas Jr. Stars
MM A Div 3 (XOVER)903:50 PMMC-Honda Edmonton SSAC1-3Orillia Terriers
MM AA Div 663:55 PMMC-Pfaff Hershey Bears3-0Markham Waxers
MM AA Div 414:30 PMMC-Forha London Jr. Knights1-2Tampa Scorpions
MM AA Div (XOVER)1664:50 PMCplex1 Newmarket Redmen 4-1Delaware Ducks
MA A Play224:50 PMHollin Innisfil Winterhawks3-5Erie North Shore Storm
MM AA Div (XOVER)1175:00 PMMC-Hyund Boulder Bisson1-4Hillcrest Canadians
MM AA Div (XOVER)1445:10 PMCplex2 North York Knights2-0Tornados NT
MA A Play915:10 PMMC-Honda Whitby Wildcats1-2Welland Tigers
MP A Play675:15 PMMC-Pfaff Barrie Colts3-1Cambridge Hawks
MP A Play425:50 PMMC-Forha Owen Sound Jr. Attack1-2Don Mills Mustangs
MM A Play236:05 PMHollin Owen Sound Jr. Attack0-1Stratford Warriors
MA AA Play1676:10 PMCplex1 Tornados NT3-6Gloucester Rangers
MP AA Play1186:20 PMMC-Hyund Caledon Hawks 3-1Newmarket Redmen
MP AA Play926:25 PMMC-Honda Cumberland Jr. Grads 0-1Vaughan Rangers
MA AA Play1456:30 PMCplex2 North Toronto2-3Halton Hills
MM A Play686:40 PMMC-Pfaff Glenwood Springs2-3Barrie Colts
MB A Play437:15 PMMC-Forha Hespeler Shamrocks 2-6London Jr. Mustangs
MB A Play1687:25 PMCplex1 Midland North Stars0-5Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets
MM A Play1197:45 PMMC-Hyund Newmarket Redmen0-6London Jr. Mustangs White
MB AA Play1467:45 PMCplex2 Ottawa Sting5-4Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
MM A Play937:50 PMMC-Honda Texas Jr. Stars1-4Orillia Terriers
MM AA Play698:05 PMMC-Pfaff Delaware Ducks6-1OakLand Jr. Grizzlies
MM AA Play448:40 PMMC-Forha Boulder Bisson0-4Tampa Scorpions
MM AA Play1698:50 PMCplex1 Vaughan Panthers4-2North York Knights
MM AA Play1479:10 PMCplex2 Hershey Bears0-1Hillcrest Canadians
MB AA Play1209:15 PMMC-Hyund Mississauga Jets0-4USA Eagles
Sunday, January 14, 2018
MA A Play1708:00 AMCplex1 Welland Tigers4-3Erie North Shore Storm
MM A Play1218:30 AMMC-Hyund Barrie Colts3-2London Jr. Mustangs White
MM A Play948:45 AMMC-Honda Orillia Terriers4-3Stratford Warriors
MA AA Play1719:20 AMCplex1 Halton Hills0-3Gloucester Rangers
MM AA Play12210:10 AMMC-Hyund Delaware Ducks1-2Tampa Scorpions
MM AA Play9510:25 AMMC-Honda Hillcrest Canadians3-0Vaughan Panthers
MP A Play17210:40 AMCplex1 Don Mills Mustangs0-4Barrie Colts
MP AA Play17312:15 PMCplex1 Vaughan Rangers 3-4Caledon Hawks
MB A Play1741:50 PMCplex1 Woodstock Jr. Navy Vets3-0London Jr. Mustangs
MB AA Play1753:25 PMCplex1 USA Eagles4-0Ottawa Sting
MM A Play1765:00 PMCplex1 Orillia Terriers5-0Barrie Colts
MM AA Play1776:50 PMCplex1 Tampa Scorpions0-2Hillcrest Canadians
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