Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Forest Finals, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 6, 2017
Leo18:00 AMForest Ilderton Jets2-1Mitchell Meteors
Leo28:00 AMWatford Penetang Flames2-0Kemptville Panthers
Livingston38:00 AMThedford Freeport NY Long Island Arrows1-6Tweed Hawks
Leo49:10 AMForest South Huron Sabres1-3Lambeth Lancers
Livingston59:10 AMWatford Lambton Shores Predators4-0Dundalk Storm
McColl69:10 AMThedford North Middlesex Stars5-0Bowling Green Ice Cats
Dave710:20 AMForest Kincardine Kinucks2-3Ingersoll Express
McColl810:20 AMWatford Stayner Cyclones1-2West Grey Warriors
Dave910:20 AMThedford Ayr Flames1-8Mooretown Jr Flags
Leo1111:30 AMWatford Kemptville Panthers0-1Ilderton Jets
Dave1011:45 AMForest Elmvale Coyotes4-3Renfrew Timberwolves
McKinlay1211:45 AMThedford Lucan Irish3-2Toledo Cherokee
McKinlay1412:40 PMWatford Shelburne Wolves3-4Centre Hastings Grizzlies
McKinlay131:05 PMForest Lambton Shores Predators1-3Minto Mad Dogs
Leo151:05 PMThedford Lambeth Lancers2-1Mitchell Meteors
Dave172:05 PMWatford Mooretown Jr Flags1-2Kincardine Kinucks
Leo182:15 PMThedford Penetang Flames1-2South Huron Sabres
Dave213:25 PMThedford Renfrew Timberwolves3-1Ingersoll Express
McColl203:30 PMWatford West Grey Warriors5-1Bowling Green Ice Cats
Livingston193:55 PMForest Tweed Hawks4-1Dundalk Storm
McColl234:40 PMWatford Stayner Cyclones3-0North Middlesex Stars
Dave244:50 PMThedford Ayr Flames2-3Elmvale Coyotes
Livingston225:05 PMForest Freeport NY Long Island Arrows0-10Lambton Shores Predators
McKinlay256:15 PMForest Centre Hastings Grizzlies2-3Lucan Irish
McKinlay268:30 PMForest Toledo Cherokee2-6Lambton Shores Predators
Saturday, January 7, 2017
Leo288:00 AMForest Mitchell Meteors4-0South Huron Sabres
Leo308:00 AMThedford Ilderton Jets1-4Penetang Flames
Leo319:10 AMForest Kemptville Panthers1-2Lambeth Lancers
Livingston329:10 AMThedford Dundalk Storm7-0Freeport NY Long Island Arrows
Livingston3310:20 AMForest Tweed Hawks8-0Lambton Shores Predators
Dave3410:20 AMThedford Kincardine Kinucks3-0Ayr Flames
Dave3511:45 AMForest Renfrew Timberwolves5-4Mooretown Jr Flags
Dave3611:45 AMThedford Ingersoll Express4-1Elmvale Coyotes
McKinlay371:05 PMForest Shelburne Wolves1-8Minto Mad Dogs
McColl381:05 PMThedford Bowling Green Ice Cats3-2Stayner Cyclones
McColl402:15 PMThedford North Middlesex Stars5-0West Grey Warriors
McKinlay392:30 PMForest Centre Hastings Grizzlies3-0Toledo Cherokee
Dave433:25 PMThedford Elmvale Coyotes1-3Kincardine Kinucks
McKinlay414:00 PMForest Shelburne Wolves1-4Lambton Shores Predators
Leo444:50 PMThedford Mitchell Meteors2-1Lambeth Lancers
McKinlay425:30 PMForest Lucan Irish4-2Minto Mad Dogs
Leo466:00 PMThedford Ilderton Jets3-0Penetang Flames
Dave456:55 PMForest Renfrew Timberwolves1-3Ingersoll Express
Sunday, January 8, 2017
McKinlay478:00 AMForest Minto Mad Dogs3-0Lucan Irish
Livingston (XOVER)488:00 AMThedford West Grey Warriors1-6Tweed Hawks
McColl (XOVER)509:15 AMThedford Lambton Shores Predators1-4North Middlesex Stars
McKinlay499:30 AMForest Centre Hastings Grizzlies2-1Lambton Shores Predators
Leo5111:00 AMForest Ilderton Jets2-0Mitchell Meteors
Dave5212:30 PMForest Ingersoll Express1-2Kincardine Kinucks
Livingston (XOVER)532:30 PMForest North Middlesex Stars1-2Tweed Hawks
McKinlay543:45 PMForest Centre Hastings Grizzlies2-3Minto Mad Dogs
Friday, January 20, 2017
Ross18:00 AMForest Hanover Falcons8-2Petrolia Oilers
Ross28:00 AMWatford West Seneca Wings2-3Penetang Flames
Maxfield38:00 AMThedford Freeport NY long Island Arrows0-6Deep River Knights
Ross49:10 AMForest Arvada Co Hockey Association3-5Carleton Place Mississippi Thunder Kings
McKeller59:10 AMWatford Mildmay/Teeswater South Bruce Blades2-6North Middlesex Stars
Maxfield69:10 AMThedford Lambton Shores Predators5-4Chatsworth TCDMHA Rebels
Chaffe710:20 AMForest East Lambton Eagles3-2Geneva Cyclones
McKeller810:20 AMWatford Stayner Cyclones7-3Six Nations Blackhawks
Rick910:20 AMThedford Littleton Co Hawks0-5Morrisville Center State Stampede
Ross1111:30 AMWatford Penetang Flames0-7Hanover Falcons
Rick1011:45 AMForest Ingersoll Express3-2Orleans Blues
Rick1211:45 AMThedford Twin Centre Stars4-5Lambeth Lancers
White1412:40 PMWatford Blyth Brussels Crusaders1-5Mariposa Lightning
Chaffe131:05 PMForest Lambton Shores Predators0-1Flesherton Golden Hawks
Ross151:05 PMThedford Carleton Place Mississippi Thunder Kings2-12Petrolia Oilers
White172:05 PMWatford West Grey Warriors2-4Southwest Bullets
Ross182:15 PMThedford West Seneca Wings0-3Arvada Co Hockey Association
Maxfield162:30 PMForest Deep River Knights4-6Chatsworth TCDMHA Rebels
Rick213:25 PMThedford Orleans Blues1-4Lambeth Lancers
McKeller203:30 PMWatford Six Nations Blackhawks3-4North Middlesex Stars
McKeller193:55 PMForest Stayner Cyclones5-4Mildmay/Teeswater South Bruce Blades
Rick234:40 PMWatford Morrisville Center State Stampede3-2Twin Centre Stars
Rick244:50 PMThedford Littleton Co Hawks0-3Ingersoll Express
Maxfield225:05 PMForest Freeport NY long Island Arrows1-4Lambton Shores Predators
Chaffe256:15 PMForest Geneva Cyclones0-5Flesherton Golden Hawks
Chaffe268:30 PMForest East Lambton Eagles0-2Lambton Shores Predators
Saturday, January 21, 2017
White277:45 AMWatford Mariposa Lightning6-3West Grey Warriors
Ross288:00 AMForest Petrolia Oilers3-4Arvada Co Hockey Association
Ross308:00 AMThedford Hanover Falcons7-1West Seneca Wings
White299:10 AMWatford Blyth Brussels Crusaders1-0Southwest Bullets
Ross319:10 AMForest Penetang Flames1-7Carleton Place Mississippi Thunder Kings
Maxfield329:10 AMThedford Chatsworth TCDMHA Rebels7-2Freeport NY long Island Arrows
Maxfield3310:20 AMForest Deep River Knights2-1Lambton Shores Predators
Rick3410:20 AMThedford Twin Centre Stars4-5Ingersoll Express
Rick3511:45 AMForest Lambeth Lancers2-1Littleton Co Hawks
Rick3611:45 AMThedford Morrisville Center State Stampede2-1Orleans Blues
Chaffe371:05 PMForest Flesherton Golden Hawks7-4East Lambton Eagles
McKeller381:05 PMThedford North Middlesex Stars8-1Stayner Cyclones
McKeller402:15 PMThedford Mildmay/Teeswater South Bruce Blades6-4Six Nations Blackhawks
White392:30 PMForest Southwest Bullets2-5Mariposa Lightning
White423:25 PMThedford West Grey Warriors1-3Blyth Brussels Crusaders
Chaffe414:00 PMForest Geneva Cyclones1-7Lambton Shores Predators
Ross444:50 PMThedford Petrolia Oilers1-8Hanover Falcons
Rick435:30 PMForest Twin Centre Stars2-1Ingersoll Express
Ross466:00 PMThedford Arvada Co Hockey Association3-2Carleton Place Mississippi Thunder Kings
Rick456:55 PMForest Lambeth Lancers3-2Morrisville Center State Stampede
Sunday, January 22, 2017
Chaffe (XOVER)478:00 AMForest Blyth Brussels Crusaders3-4Flesherton Golden Hawks
Maxfield (XOVER)488:00 AMThedford Stayner Cyclones6-1Chatsworth TCDMHA Rebels
McKeller (XOVER)509:15 AMThedford Deep River Knights2-7North Middlesex Stars
White (XOVER)499:30 AMForest Lambton Shores Predators3-0Mariposa Lightning
Ross5111:00 AMForest Arvada Co Hockey Association1-5Hanover Falcons
Rick5212:30 PMForest Lambeth Lancers5-4Twin Centre Stars
McKeller532:15 PMForest North Middlesex Stars7-3Stayner Cyclones
Chaffe543:45 PMForest Lambton Shores Predators3-4Flesherton Golden Hawks
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