Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Stratford Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
MAtom B19:00 AMAllman Orangeville Flyers3-2London Jr Knights Green
MAtom B29:00 AMRBC Brampton 45's5-2Mississauga Jets
MAtom A39:30 AMMolson Streetsville Tigers0-1Stratford Warriors
Atom B (XOVER)410:10 AMAllman Waterloo Wolves1-7Flamborough Sabres
Atom A (XOVER)510:10 AMRBC London Jr Knights Green1-2Milton Winterhawks
Minor Pee 610:40 AMMolson Halton Hills Thunder3-0London Jr Knights Green
Atom A (XOVER)711:20 AMAllman TNT Tornados5-4Stratford Warriors
Minor Pee 811:20 AMRBC Westmall Lightning0-3Milton Winterhawks
PW A (XOVER)911:50 AMMolson Hamilton Huskies0-3London Jr Knights Green
PW A (XOVER)1012:30 PMAllman Mississauga Terriers1-1Milton Winterhawks
PW A (XOVER)1112:30 PMRBC Waterloo Wolves0-0Stratford Warriors
MAtom B121:10 PMMolson London Jr Knights Green4-0Mississauga Jets
MAtom B131:40 PMAllman Brampton 45's1-8Orangeville Flyers
MAtom A141:40 PMRBC Streetsville Tigers4-1Garden City Falcons
Atom A (XOVER)152:50 PMAllman London Jr Knights Green6-1Waterloo Wolves
Minor Pee 162:50 PMRBC Halton Hills Thunder9-1Orangeville Flyers
Atom A (XOVER)173:30 PMMolson TNT Tornados1-9Milton Winterhawks
Atom A (XOVER)184:00 PMRBC Flamborough Sabres3-2Stratford Warriors
Minor Pee 194:40 PMMolson London Jr Knights Green1-1Milton Winterhawks
PW B (XOVER)205:15 PMAllman Milton Winterhawks0-4Hamilton Huskies
PW A (XOVER)215:35 PMRBC Mississauga Terriers8-1Stratford Warriors
MAtom A225:50 PMMolson Garden City Falcons2-8Stratford Warriors
PW B (XOVER)236:45 PMRBC London Jr Knights Green1-0Waterloo Wolves
Minor Pee 247:00 PMMolson Orangeville Flyers0-6Westmall Lightning
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
MAtom B257:30 AMDufferin London Jr Knights Green3-1Brampton 45's
MAtom B268:00 AMAllman Mississauga Jets1-6Orangeville Flyers
Minor Atom278:00 AMRBC Garden City Falcons0-4Streetsville Tigers
Atom B (XOVER)288:30 AMMolson Stratford Warriors0-3London Jr Knights Green
Atom B (XOVER)298:40 AMDufferin Waterloo Wolves2-1TNT Tornados
Atom B (XOVER)309:10 AMAllman Milton Winterhawks7-2Flamborough Sabres
Minor Pee 319:10 AMRBC Milton Winterhawks8-0Halton Hills Thunder
Minor Pee 329:40 AMMolson Orangeville Flyers1-4London Jr Knights Green
PW B (XOVER)339:50 AMDufferin Milton Winterhawks1-5Waterloo Wolves
PW B (XOVER)3410:20 AMAllman Stratford Warriors2-3Hamilton Huskies
PW A (XOVER)3510:20 AMRBC Mississauga Terriers1-6London Jr Knights Green
MM A3610:50 AMMolson Brampton 45's4-3Waterloo Wolves
MM A3711:00 AMDufferin Pickering Panthers7-3Ancaster Avalanche
MM B3811:30 AMAllman Stratford Warriors4-3Milton Winterhawks
MM B3911:30 AMRBC Forest Hill 7-4Guelph Jr Gryphons
MAtom SF A4012:10 PMMolson London Jr Knights Green0-3Stratford Warriors
MAtom SF B4112:50 PMAllman Streetsville Tigers0-9Orangeville Flyers
Bant B4212:50 PMRBC Flamborough Sabres1-4Milton Winterhawks
ATOM SF B (XOVER)431:20 PMMolson Flamborough Sabres0-5London Jr Knights Green
ATOM SF A (XOVER)442:00 PMAllman Waterloo Wolves3-4Milton Winterhawks
Minor Pee 452:00 PMRBC Westmall Lightning2-1Halton Hills Thunder
Minor Pee 462:40 PMMolson Milton Winterhawks6-2Orangeville Flyers
Minor Bant473:00 PMDufferin Guelph Gryphons1-3Cambridge Hawks
MM B483:40 PMAllman Forest Hill 2-4Hamilton Huskies
MM A493:40 PMRBC Brampton 45's3-0Cambridge Hawks
Bant A504:00 PMMolson Burlington Eagles6-1Stratford Warriors
Bant A514:20 PMDufferin Waterloo Wolves2-5Humberview Huskies
MM A525:00 PMAllman Waterloo Wolves1-2Pickering Panthers
MM B535:00 PMRBC Guelph Jr Gryphons2-0Milton Winterhawks
Bant B545:20 PMMolson Oakville Rangers3-1Stoney Creek Jr Warriors
Minor Bant555:40 PMDufferin Halton Hills Thunder1-5Kitchener JR Rangers
Minor Pee 566:20 PMAllman London Jr Knights Green5-1Westmall Lightning
PW SF A (XOVER)576:20 PMRBC Mississauga Terriers0-5London Jr Knights Green
PW SF B (XOVER)586:40 PMMolson Waterloo Wolves1-2Hamilton Huskies
Minor Bant597:00 PMDufferin Burlington Eagles Blue3-3London Jr Knights Green
Minor Bant607:40 PMRBC Cambridge Hawks5-1Waterloo Wolves
Minor Bant617:40 PMAllman Stoney Creek Warriors1-1Whitby Wildcats
MM B628:00 PMMolson Hamilton Huskies4-2Stratford Warriors
MM A638:30 PMDufferin Ancaster Avalanche2-0Cambridge Hawks
Midget649:00 PMRBC Hamilton Huskies2-3Stratford Warriors
Midget659:00 PMAllman Niagara Falls Flyers2-2Kent Cobras
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Minor Bant668:00 AMAllman Stoney Creek Warriors1-5Guelph Gryphons
Minor Bant678:00 AMRBC London Jr Knights Green3-1Halton Hills Thunder
Minor Bant688:00 AMDufferin Kitchener JR Rangers3-1Burlington Eagles Blue
Minor Bant698:30 AMMolson Waterloo Wolves5-3Whitby Wildcats
Bant B709:20 AMAllman Stoney Creek Jr Warriors3-0Flamborough Sabres
Bant B719:20 AMRBC Milton Winterhawks1-2Oakville Rangers
Bant A729:20 AMDufferin Humberview Huskies3-1Burlington Eagles
Atom F (XOVER)739:50 AMMolson London Jr Knights Green0-4Milton Winterhawks
Bant A7410:40 AMAllman Stratford Warriors3-3Waterloo Wolves
MAtom F7510:40 AMRBC Orangeville Flyers3-2Stratford Warriors
MM A7610:40 AMDufferin Ancaster Avalanche0-3Waterloo Wolves
MPW F7711:10 AMMolson London Jr Knights Green1-6Milton Winterhawks
MM B7812:00 PMAllman Hamilton Huskies2-1Guelph Jr Gryphons
PW FINAL (XOVER)7912:00 PMRBC Hamilton Huskies5-3London Jr Knights Green
MM A8012:30 PMMolson Brampton 45's2-1Pickering Panthers
MM B811:20 PMAllman Forest Hill 3-2Stratford Warriors
Midget821:20 PMRBC Kent Cobras1-3Hamilton Huskies
Midget831:50 PMMolson Stratford Warriors5-0Niagara Falls Flyers
Minor Bant842:40 PMAllman Halton Hills Thunder4-5Stoney Creek Warriors
Minor Bant852:40 PMRBC Whitby Wildcats3-4Kitchener JR Rangers
MM A863:00 PMDufferin Waterloo Wolves4-0Cambridge Hawks
Minor Bant873:10 PMMolson Burlington Eagles Blue1-3London Jr Knights Green
Bant A884:00 PMAllman Humberview Huskies1-1Stratford Warriors
Bant A894:00 PMRBC Burlington Eagles2-3Waterloo Wolves
MM B904:20 PMDufferin Milton Winterhawks5-1Hamilton Huskies
Minor Bant914:30 PMMolson Waterloo Wolves2-4Guelph Gryphons
Bant B925:20 PMAllman Stoney Creek Jr Warriors3-1Milton Winterhawks
MM A935:20 PMRBC Ancaster Avalanche4-1Brampton 45's
Bant B945:50 PMMolson Oakville Rangers4-3Flamborough Sabres
MM B956:40 PMAllman Guelph Jr Gryphons3-1Stratford Warriors
Midget966:40 PMRBC Kent Cobras2-7Stratford Warriors
Minor Bant977:10 PMMolson Stoney Creek Warriors0-3Cambridge Hawks
Midget988:00 PMAllman Niagara Falls Flyers1-4Hamilton Huskies
MM A998:20 PMRBC Cambridge Hawks1-4Pickering Panthers
MM B1008:40 PMMolson Forest Hill 3-4Milton Winterhawks
Friday, December 30, 2016
Minor Bant1018:00 AMRBC Guelph Gryphons2-3Cambridge Hawks
Minor Bant1028:15 AMMolson London Jr Knights Green0-2Kitchener JR Rangers
Bant SF A1039:20 AMRBC Stoney Creek Jr Warriors3-4Humberview Huskies
Bant SF B1049:35 AMMolson Waterloo Wolves0-4Oakville Rangers
Midget Sem10510:40 AMRBC Kent Cobras2-4Stratford Warriors
Midget Sem10610:55 AMMolson Niagara Falls Flyers1-2Hamilton Huskies
MM FINAL10712:00 PMRBC Hamilton Huskies1-2Brampton 45's
MB FINAL1081:00 PMMolson Kitchener JR Rangers1-4Cambridge Hawks
Bant FINAL1092:00 PMRBC Humberview Huskies4-3Oakville Rangers
M FINAL1103:30 PMRBC Hamilton Huskies2-3Stratford Warriors
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