Tournament Rules, 2016-17 New Tecumseth (TNT) Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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TNT logo14th Annual International Silver Stick®

Regional Qualifier

AE Groups 1 & 2/Minor Bantam AA

November 11-13 & December 9-11, 2016

Tournament Rules

Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Midget, Minor Bantam

  1. This tournament is fully sanctioned by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, and all OMHA rules apply.


  2. To be eligible to participate in this tournament, approved OMHA/Alliance/GTHL rosters must be presented to the Tournament Director prior to the start of the tournament.


  3. Selection of teams, game times and necessary byes will be the product of the draw.  Schedule is subject to change.


  4. Teams must arrive one (1) hour prior to their first game and be prepared to play 15 minutes prior to the start of each of their games. 


  5. All games sheets are to remain in the Tournament Office.


  6. Any team failing to appear for a game as outlined in the official schedule shall be considered losers by a 1 to 0 score.  The Tournament Executive has the right to reschedule.


  7. No protests will be heard. 


  8. Referee’s decision is FINAL.  No protests/appeals will be heard on a referee’s decision.  No video replay will be considered.


  9. Under OHF rules, this tournament will NOT have body checking in the Novice. Atom or Peewee divisions.


  10. All OMHA rules regarding equipment will be enforced.  This includes proper BNQ neck protectors, chin straps, mouth guard and mask straps that must be fastened at all times.  Alliance and GTHL teams are not required to wear mouthguards according to Alliance/GTHL rules.


  11. Teams are to vacate the dressing rooms within 20 minutes following the end of their game.  All dressing rooms are to be left in good condition.  Showers turned off, all garbage and recycling placed in bins.  Dirty or damaged dressing rooms could cause a team to be fined $100 or disqualified from the tournament.  This is the responsibility of the team management to ensure this situation does not occur.


  12. All Affiliate Players (APs) must be on the roster on file in the Tournament Office.  APs must play in at least one (1) round robin game in order to be eligible to participate in a semi-final or final game.


  13. Home team is to wear light coloured jerseys, away team to wear dark jerseys.   No exceptions.


  14. As per International Silver Stick policy, teams will shake hands at the start of each game.





  1. Tournament format is a minimum of three (3) game preliminary round robin in all divisions.  Length of games shall be as follows:


    Novice & Atom: 10-10-10 stop time periods for round robin play; 10-10-15 for semi-finals and finals


    Peewee:  10-10-15 stop time periods for round robin play; 10-15-15 for semi-finals and finals


    Minor Bantam, Bantam and Midget: 10-10-15 stop time periods for round robin.  Semi-finals and finals will be 10-15-15.


  2. There will be a 3-minute warm-up.  Teams are NOT to go on the ice until the officials are on the ice.


  3. Time outs are NOT permitted in round robin play.  One (1) 30-second time out will be permitted per team in both the semi-final and final.

  4. The top point getting teams from divisions will advance to the playoffs.  See Rule 19 for tie-breaking.  Semi-Final winners advance to the Championship Game.

  5. In the Preliminary Round, teams are awarded points as follows:


    2 points for each game won

    1 point for each game tied

    0 points for each game lost


  6. Preliminary Round Tie Breaker:



  1. Head to head record between tied teams.

  2. Team with the best record (most wins counts first) gains higher position.

  3. GFA percentage of all games played in the Round Robin.

  4. Lowest total penalty minutes incurred in Tournament within the Round Robin.

  5. Team that scored first goal in game between two tied  teams.

  6. Coin toss.



  1. Overtime:  In Semi-Final and Championship games only.


  • There will be no change of ends after regulation time has expired. 

  • Penalties and suspensions carry over to all subsequent overtime periods.

  • Goaltenders are optional but are included in player counts. 

  • The score clock will be set at five (5) minutes.  3 on 3 sudden victory will be played.  If still tied, the clock will be reset to 5 minutes, and another period of 3 on 3 will be played. 

  • If a penalty occurs during overtime, the non-offending team will put an extra player on the ice for the duration of the penalty.  Once the penalty has run out, play will resume with the appropriate number of players on the ice for each team.

  • If the score is still tied, a shootout will decide the winner.  Coaches are to provide the Tournament Director with a list of players for the shoot out – in order of 1 – 17, prior to the start of the game.  

  • Each team will start with 3 shooters. 

  • Players who are serving penalties at the end of the overtime period may not participate in the shootout except as noted below. 

  • Players from both teams will take their penalty shots alternately.  The visiting team will shoot first.  Goalies may be replaced between shots. 

  • If the game remains tied, the shootout will continue with one shooter, alternating, and sudden victory (provided each team has had an equal number of shots).  All players must shoot once before a player may shoot a second time.

  • Players who had been serving a penalty when overtime ended will be eligible to participate in the extra rounds but only after all other players have participated.



  1. MERCY RULE: whenever a 5-goal spread occurs in the 3rd period, straight time will ensue.  If the goal spread becomes 3 goals or less, the clock will go back to stop time.


  2. Any suspension under OMHA rules will also be a tournament suspension.


  3. Any team official or player receiving a major penalty for fighting or a match penalty will be immediately suspended from the tournament. 


  4. Any coach, manager, trainer or player found to be making a travesty of the game shall be removed from further participation at the Tournament Director’s discretion.


  5. Foul language will NOT be tolerated, whether in the dressing rooms, hallways or on the ice.  Tournament volunteers have the authority to remove any player, coach or parent from the arena for the use of foul language in the dressing rooms and/or hallways, and other public areas.  The Referees have been instructed to issue gross misconducts to players and coaching staff for abusive language.  This will result in ejection from the game AND the remainder of the tournament.


  6. Any individual(s) who cannot control themselves and act in a respectable manner towards the players, officials, coaches, tournament officials or other tournament spectators will be asked to leave the arena.  The person(s) ejected from the arena during the tournament must leave immediately and will not be permitted to participate as a spectator for the remainder of the tournament.  Should the individual refuse to leave in a timely manner, the game will be forfeited, and the team could face immediate withdrawal from the tournament.


  7. Any player, coach, manager or trainer found to be abusive toward ANY PLAYER, TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL, OR VOLUNTEER, will be expelled from further tournament participation.  Further, any attempt by any team official, player or parent to verbally or physically intimidate any player, tournament official or tournament volunteer may result in expulsion from the tournament of the entire team.  This decision will be made solely by the Tournament Director and will not be negotiable once made.


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