Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Brampton Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
Division 1AAA1-18:00 AMEC#1 Toronto Eagles 2-1Whitby Wildcats
Division 3AAA3-18:00 AMPML Orangeville Flyers 0-5Caledon Hawks
Division 1NA1-18:00 AMPSPEC Brampton 45's0-8Whitby Wildcats Blue
Division 1PAA-18:15 AMEC#2 Orangeville Flyers 0-5Mississauga Ice Warriors
Division 1PAA-28:15 AMPTW Brampton 45's 2-1Toronto Wolverines
Division 2PAA-38:15 AMPRB Ajax Knights 2-4Richmond Hill Stars
Division 1AAA1-29:10 AMEC#1 Halton Hills Thunder 1-5Streetsville Tigers
Division 3AAA3-29:10 AMPML London Jr. Knights White 2-1Markham Islanders
Division 1NA1-29:10 AMPSPEC Hamilton Huskies Blue 4-3Centre Wellington Fusion
Bantam AABAA-19:25 AMPRB Oakville Rangers 1 7-1Duffield Devils
Division 2PA2-19:25 AMPTW Brampton 45's 1-5Oakville Rangers 1
Division 2PAA-49:25 AMEC#2 Halton Hills Thunder 6-2Humber Valley Sharks
Division 2AAA2-110:20 AMEC#1 Mississauga Ice Warriors 5-0Brampton 45's
Division 2NA2-110:20 AMPSPEC Oakville Rangers 1-6Erin Devils
Division 2PA2-210:20 AMPML Halton Hills Thunder 3-6Whitby Wildcats White
Bantam AABAA-210:35 AMPTW Streetsville Tigers4-1Caledon Hawks
Division 1PA1-110:35 AMEC#2 Clarington Toros 1-2Milton Winterhawks
Bantam AABAA-310:45 AMPRB Ajax Knights 0-4Hillcrest Canadiens
Division 2AAA2-211:30 AMEC#1 Markham Waxers 0-0Port Perry Predators
Bantam AABAA-411:30 AMPML Brampton 45's 3-1Orangeville Flyers
Division 2NA2-211:30 AMPSPEC Kent Cobras 3-8Bradford Bulldogs
Division 1PA1-211:45 AMEC#2 Uxbridge Stars 1-4Whitby Wildcats Blue
Division 2MA2-111:55 AMPTW Brampton 45's 6-5Markham Waxers
Division 1MA1-112:05 PMPRB TNT Tornados 0-6Bradford Bulldogs
Bantam AABAA-512:40 PMPSPEC TNT Tornados 2-1Halton Hills Thunder
Division 1PAA-512:40 PMEC#1 Mississauga Ice Warriors 8-5TNT Tornados
Division 1MA1-212:50 PMPML Flamborough Sabres 3-3Midland Centennials
Bantam AABAA-61:15 PMPTW Duffield Devils 4-2Toronto Wolverines
Division 2PAA-61:25 PMPRB Richmond Hill Stars 7-2Caledon Hawks
Division 1AAA1-32:00 PMEC#1 Streetsville Tigers 3-0Whitby Wildcats
Division 1NA1-32:00 PMPSPEC Hamilton Huskies Blue 8-0Brampton 45's
Division 3AAA3-32:10 PMPML Caledon Hawks 4-4London Jr. Knights White
Division 2MA2-22:35 PMPRB Grimsby Peach Kings 2-5Innisfil Winterhawks
Division 1AAA1-43:10 PMEC#1 Toronto Eagles 8-2Halton Hills Thunder
Division 1NA1-43:10 PMPSPEC Centre Wellington Fusion 5-1Whitby Wildcats Blue
Division 3AAA3-43:20 PMPML Markham Islanders 1-3Orangeville Flyers
Division 2PAA-73:25 PMEC#2 Humber Valley Sharks 6-2Ajax Knights
Division 1PAA-83:45 PMPTW Toronto Wolverines 1-2Orangeville Flyers
Division 2AAA2-34:20 PMEC#1 Brampton 45's 0-2Markham Waxers
Division 2NA2-34:20 PMPSPEC Bradford Bulldogs 2-6Erin Devils
Division 2PA2-44:30 PMPML Brampton 45's 2-0Halton Hills Thunder
Division 1PA1-34:35 PMEC#2 Whitby Wildcats Blue 4-0Milton Winterhawks
Division 2PA2-34:55 PMPTW Whitby Wildcats White 3-4Oakville Rangers 1
Bantam AABAA-75:05 PMPRB Hillcrest Canadiens 6-0TNT Tornados
Division 2AAA2-45:30 PMEC#1 Port Perry Predators 2-6Mississauga Ice Warriors
Division 2NA2-45:30 PMPSPEC Oakville Rangers 5-1Kent Cobras
Bantam AABAA-85:40 PMPML Caledon Hawks 5-2Brampton 45's
Division 1PA1-45:45 PMEC#2 Uxbridge Stars 1-2Clarington Toros
Bantam AABAA-96:05 PMPTW Halton Hills Thunder 1-8Streetsville Tigers
Division 1PAA-96:25 PMPRB Brampton 45's 4-2TNT Tornados
Bantam AABAA-106:40 PMPSPEC Toronto Wolverines 0-12Oakville Rangers 1
Bantam AABAA-116:40 PMEC#1 Orangeville Flyers 5-5Ajax Knights
Division 2MA2-46:55 PMEC#2 Innisfil Winterhawks 3-6Markham Waxers
Division 1MA1-47:00 PMPML TNT Tornados 0-7Flamborough Sabres
Division 2MA2-37:25 PMPTW Grimsby Peach Kings 2-3Brampton 45's
Division 1MA1-37:35 PMPRB Midland Centennials 0-3Bradford Bulldogs
Division 2PAA-108:00 PMPSPEC Halton Hills Thunder 1-0Caledon Hawks
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Division 1AA1-18:00 AMPML Bradford Bulldogs 4-4Grimsby Kings
Division 2AAA2-58:00 AMEC#1 Brampton 45's 2-4Port Perry Predators
Novice AANAA-18:00 AMCG1 TNT Tornados 9-3Caledon Hawks
Division 2AA2-18:15 AMEC#2 Caledon Hawks 7-0Brampton 45's
Division 1AAA1-58:15 AMPTW Streetsville Tigers 1-3Toronto Eagles
Division 3AAA3-58:15 AMPSPEC Caledon Hawks 2-0Markham Islanders
Novice AANAA-28:15 AMPRB Niagara Falls Flyers 0-10West London Hawks
Division 1PAA-118:15 AMCG2 TNT Tornados 1-0Toronto Wolverines
Division 1AA1-29:10 AMPML Burlington Eagles 3-3Meadowvale Hawks
Division 2AAA2-69:10 AMEC#1 Markham Waxers 0-1Mississauga Ice Warriors
Novice AANAA-39:10 AMCG1 Stouffville Clippers 0-3Orangeville Flyers
Division 2AA2-29:25 AMEC#2 Halton Hills Thunder 5-2Centre Wellington Fusion
Division 1AAA1-69:25 AMPTW Whitby Wildcats 2-2Halton Hills Thunder
Division 3AAA3-69:25 AMPSPEC Orangeville Flyers 2-7London Jr. Knights White
Bantam ABA1-19:25 AMPRB Owen Sound Jr. Attack 2-2Woolwich Wildcats
Division 2PAA-129:25 AMCG2 Richmond Hill Stars 2-4Humber Valley Sharks
Division 1NA1-510:20 AMCG1 Brampton 45's1-15Centre Wellington Fusion
Division 1PA1-510:20 AMPML Milton Winterhawks 6-2Uxbridge Stars
Division 2PA2-510:20 AMEC#1 Whitby Wildcats White 6-3Brampton 45's
Division 3MAA3-210:35 AMPTW Toronto Wolverines 0-5Greater Toronto Capitals
Division 1PAA-1310:35 AMCG2 Brampton 45's 0-6Mississauga Ice Warriors
Division 2NA2-510:45 AMPRB Erin Devils 5-1Kent Cobras
Division 1NA1-611:30 AMCG1 Whitby Wildcats Blue 0-4Hamilton Huskies Blue
Division 1PA1-611:30 AMPML Clarington Toros 2-5Whitby Wildcats Blue
Division 2PA2-611:30 AMEC#1 Oakville Rangers 1 5-0Halton Hills Thunder
Division 2MAA2-211:45 AMPSPEC Guelph Gryphons 1-3Orangeville Flyers
Novice AANAA-411:45 AMEC#2 Burlington Eagles 9-1Caledon Hawks
Division 2PAA-1411:45 AMCG2 Halton Hills Thunder 2-3Ajax Knights
Division 2NA2-611:55 AMPRB Bradford Bulldogs 1-8Oakville Rangers
Bantam ABA2-112:40 PMEC#1 Caledon Hawks 1-4Halton Hills Thunder
Bantam AABAA-1212:40 PMCG1 Toronto Wolverines 1-6Oakville Rangers 1
Division 1PAA-1612:40 PMPML TNT Tornados 0-3Orangeville Flyers
Division 1MA1-512:55 PMPTW Midland Centennials 10-0TNT Tornados
Division 2MA2-512:55 PMCG2 Brampton 45's 3-0Innisfil Winterhawks
Novice AANAA-512:55 PMEC#2 West London Hawks 12-2TNT Tornados
Division 1MAA1-11:05 PMPRB Mississauga Jets Jr. 0-4Caledon Hawks
Division 2MAA2-11:05 PMPSPEC Mississauga Braves 0-9Mississauga Jets Sr.
Bantam ABA1-22:00 PMPML Woolwich Wildcats 2-2Qunite West Hawks
Bantam ABA2-22:00 PMEC#1 Brampton 45's 5-0Whitby Wildcats Blue
Bantam AABAA-132:00 PMCG1 Halton Hills Thunder 0-4Streetsville Tigers
Division 3MAA3-12:05 PMEC#2 Brampton 45's 2-5Stouffville Clippers
Division 1MA1-62:15 PMPTW Bradford Bulldogs 5-0Flamborough Sabres
Division 2MA2-62:15 PMCG2 Markham Waxers 5-5Grimsby Peach Kings
Division 1MAA1-22:25 PMPRB Halton Hills Thunder 0-5Streetsville Tigers
Division 2PAA-142:25 PMPSPEC Caledon Hawks 0-8Humber Valley Sharks
Bantam AABAA-143:20 PMCG1 Ajax Knights 0-5Caledon Hawks
Bantam AABAA-153:20 PMEC#1 TNT Tornados 3-5Duffield Devils
Bantam AABAA-163:20 PMPML Orangeville Flyers 6-3Brampton 45's
Novice AANAA-63:35 PMPTW Stouffville Clippers 2-2Niagara Falls Flyers
Novice AANAA-73:45 PMPRB Burlington Eagles 1-5Orangeville Flyers
Division 1AA1-34:40 PMCG1 Meadowvale Hawks 0-6Grimsby Kings
Division 2AA2-34:40 PMEC#1 Centre Wellington Fusion 1-1Caledon Hawks
ChampionshNA-SF14:40 PMPML Oakville Rangers 1-9Hamilton Huskies Blue
Division 2PAA-174:45 PMPTW Richmond Hill Stars 2-3Halton Hills Thunder
ChampionshPA-SF24:45 PMPSPEC Milton Winterhawks 1-2Oakville Rangers 1
ChampionshNA-SF24:55 PMPRB Centre Wellington Fusion 6-1Erin Devils
ChampionshPA-SF14:55 PMEC#2 Whitby Wildcats White 3-8Whitby Wildcats Blue
Division 1AA1-45:50 PMCG1 Bradford Bulldogs 7-4Burlington Eagles
Division 2AA2-45:50 PMEC#1 Brampton 45's 0-1Halton Hills Thunder
ChampionshAAA-SF15:50 PMPML Caledon Hawks 4-0Toronto Eagles
ChampionshAAA-SF26:05 PMPRB London Jr. Knights White 3-2Mississauga Ice Warriors
Division 1PAA-186:05 PMPSPEC Mississauga Ice Warriors 2-0Toronto Wolverines
Division 1PAA-196:05 PMEC#2 Orangeville Flyers 5-1Brampton 45's
Division 2PAA-206:05 PMPTW Ajax Knights 7-1Caledon Hawks
Division 3MAA3-36:25 PMCG2 Greater Toronto Capitals 4-3Stouffville Clippers
Bantam ABA1-47:00 PMEC#1 Qunite West Hawks 1-2Caledon Hawks
Division 1MAA1-37:00 PMCG1 Streetsville Tigers 2-0Caledon Hawks
Division 2MAA2-37:00 PMPML Orangeville Flyers 2-4Mississauga Jets Sr.
Bantam ABA2-37:15 PMPRB Halton Hills Thunder 3-1Whitby Wildcats Blue
Bantam ABA2-47:15 PMPTW Owen Sound Jr. Attack 1-2Brampton 45's
ChampionshBAA-SF27:15 PMEC#2 Streetsville Tigers1-3Oakville Rangers 1
Division 3MAA3-47:45 PMCG2 Brampton 45's 3-0Toronto Wolverines
Division 1MAA1-48:20 PMCG1 Mississauga Jets Jr. 4-6Halton Hills Thunder
Division 2MAA2-48:20 PMPML Mississauga Braves 2-4Guelph Gryphons
ChampionshBAA-SF18:30 PMPSPEC Caledon Hawks 2-0Hillcrest Canadiens
ChampionshMA-SF18:35 PMPRB Markham Waxers 1-3Bradford Bulldogs
ChampionshMA-SF28:35 PMPTW Midland Centennials 5-4Brampton 45's
Thursday, December 29, 2016
EliminatioNAA-88:00 AMPML Caledon Hawks 8-0Orangeville Flyers
EliminatioNAA-98:00 AMPSPEC Niagara Falls Flyers 1-3Burlington Eagles
EliminatioNAA-108:15 AMPRB Stouffville Clippers 1-1TNT Tornados
ChampionshPAA-SF18:15 AMPTW Humber Valley Sharks 5-3Mississauga Ice Warriors
Division 1AA1-59:10 AMPSPEC Grimsby Kings 2-4Burlington Eagles
EliminatioBA1-59:10 AMPML Whitby Wildcats Blue 3-2Halton Hills Thunder
Division 1AA1-69:25 AMPRB Meadowvale Hawks 2-8Bradford Bulldogs
ChampionshPAA-SF29:25 AMPTW Orangeville Flyers 1-0Halton Hills Thunder
ChampionshNA-F10:20 AMPSPEC Centre Wellington Fusion 3-0Hamilton Huskies Blue
EliminatioBA1-610:30 AMPML Qunite West Hawks 4-2Caledon Hawks
Division 2AA2-510:35 AMPRB Centre Wellington Fusion 5-0Brampton 45's
EliminatioBA2-610:45 AMPTW Owen Sound Jr. Attack 2-4Woolwich Wildcats
Division 2AA2-611:45 AMPRB Halton Hills Thunder 1-2Caledon Hawks
Division 1MAA1-511:50 AMPML Halton Hills Thunder 1-9Caledon Hawks
Division 2MAA2-512:05 PMPTW Mississauga Jets Sr. 4-0Guelph Gryphons
Division 3MAA3-512:55 PMPRB Stouffville Clippers 11-0Toronto Wolverines
ChampionshAAA-F1:20 PMPSPEC London Jr. Knights White 0-6Caledon Hawks
Division 1MAA1-61:20 PMPML Streetsville Tigers 2-2Mississauga Jets Jr.
Division 2MAA2-61:35 PMPTW Orangeville Flyers 1-0Mississauga Braves
Division 3MAA3-62:15 PMPRB Greater Toronto Capitals 2-1Brampton 45's
ChampionshNAA-SF12:50 PMPML TNT Tornados 0-9West London Hawks
ChampionshPA-F2:50 PMPSPEC Oakville Rangers 1 4-3Whitby Wildcats Blue
ChampionshNAA-SF23:05 PMPTW Burlington Eagles 1-6Orangeville Flyers
ChampionshAA-SF14:00 PMPML Halton Hills Thunder 4-5Bradford Bulldogs
ChampionshAA-SF24:15 PMPTW Burlington Eagles 3-2Caledon Hawks
ChampionshPAA-F4:20 PMPSPEC Orangeville Flyers 2-1Humber Valley Sharks
ChampionshBA-SF15:10 PMPML Qunite West Hawks 3-2Brampton 45's
ChampionshBA-SF25:25 PMPTW Woolwich Wildcats 1-6Halton Hills Thunder
ChampionshBAA-F6:20 PMPSPEC Caledon Hawks 1-3Oakville Rangers 1
ChampionshMAA-SF16:30 PMPML Streetsville Tigers 4-3Greater Toronto Capitals
ChampionshMAA-SF26:45 PMPTW Caledon Hawks 4-1Mississauga Jets Sr.
ChampionshMA-F7:50 PMPSPEC Midland Centennials 4-5Bradford Bulldogs
Friday, December 30, 2016
ChampionshNAA-F9:00 AMPSPEC Orangeville Flyers 1-6West London Hawks
ChampionshAA-F10:30 AMPSPEC Burlington Eagles 6-3Bradford Bulldogs
ChampionshBA-F12:00 PMPSPEC Qunite West Hawks 2-5Halton Hills Thunder
ChampionshMAA-F2:00 PMPSPEC Caledon Hawks 6-0Streetsville Tigers
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