Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Columbia Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, November 25, 2016
RRPWA17:00 AMROCK-1 Caps Academy White1-5Montgomery LA
RRPWA27:00 AMROCK-3 Caps Academy Red6-2Montgomery UA
RRSQTAA17:00 AMSkateF1 Montgomery Gold4-3Tri City Eagles
RRSQTA17:10 AMSkateF2 Montgomery LA0-1Howard Huskies Blue
RRSQTA27:15 AMROCK-2 Potomac Patriots2-5Montgomery UA Blue
RRBNTA18:25 AMTGIH-L Potomac Patriots White8-3Tri City Eagles
RRBNTB18:25 AMSkateF1 Capitals Academy7-0Howard Huskies White
RRPWAA18:25 AMROCK-1 Richmond Generals4-6Howard Huskies Blue
RRPWAA28:25 AMROCK-3 Red Bank Generals Black AA1-3Montgomery Blue
RRBNTA28:35 AMTGIH-P Montgomery Blue Devils LA3-3Howard Huskies Black
RRSQTA38:35 AMSkateF2 Red Bank Generals Black0-2LI Arrows Squirt Black
RRSQTA48:45 AMROCK-2 Caps Academy3-8Montgomery UA Gold
RR16A18:50 AMPINEY Easton Ice Hawks5-2Howard Huskies White
RR16AA18:50 AMCOL Montgomery Blue Devils2-0Howard Huskies Black
RRPWAA39:50 AMROCK-1 LI Arrows PeeWee Major1-5Montgomery Gold
RRSQTAA29:50 AMSkateF1 LI Arrows Squirt Major0-6Caps Academy
RRBNTAA19:55 AMROCK-3 Reston Raiders 20027-3LI Arrows Bantam Major
RRSQTB110:00 AMSkateF2 York Devils6-4Howard Huskies Silver
RRPWA310:15 AMROCK-2 Redbank Generals A Black0-5Piedmont Predators
RR16A210:20 AMPINEY Warwick Wildcats2-5Montgomery Blue Devils
RR18AA110:20 AMCOL Hershey Jr Bears1-4Reston Raiders
RRBNTA311:20 AMTGIH-L Montgomery UA 20024-0Howard Huskies Silver
RRBNTB211:20 AMSkateF1 Potomac Patriots Blue1-2LI Arrows Bantam Minor
RRPWA411:20 AMROCK-1 LI Arrows PeeWee A Black5-0Howard Huskies Silver
RRBNTAA211:25 AMROCK-3 Hollydell Hurricanes7-1Montgomery Blue Devils
RRBNTA411:30 AMTGIH-P Red Bank Generals7-4Warwick Wildcats
RRSQTB211:30 AMSkateF2 Piedmont Predators5-2Montgomery Blue Devils
RR16A311:50 AMPINEY Richmond Generals4-0LV Phantoms Orange
RR18AA211:50 AMCOL Carolina Jr Hurricanes1-5Long Island Arrows
RRBNTA512:50 PMTGIH-L Tri City Eagles2-5Skyland Kings
RRBNTAA312:50 PMROCK-1 Piedmont Predators0-4Howard Huskies Blue
RRBNTB312:50 PMSkateF1 Montgomery Blue Devils2-4Capitals Academy
RRSQTA512:55 PMROCK-3 LI Arrows Squirt Black7-4Montgomery LA
RRBNTA61:00 PMTGIH-P Montgomery Blue Devils LA0-5Montgomery UA 2003
RRSQTA61:00 PMSkateF2 Howard Huskies Blue8-4Red Bank Generals Black
RR16AA21:20 PMCOL LI Arrows Midget Minor1-6Howard Huskies Silver
RR16AA31:20 PMPINEY Montgomery Blue Devils3-1Hatfield Ice Dogs
RR16A42:20 PMTGIH-L Hatfield Ice Dogs12-0Bowie Bruins
RRBNTAA42:20 PMROCK-1 NOVA Ice Dogs5-1Red Bank Generals Black
RRSQTB32:20 PMSkateF1 NOVA Ice Dogs2-1LI Arrows Squirt Green
RRSQTA72:25 PMROCK-3 Montgomery UA Blue5-2Montgomery UA Gold
RR16A52:30 PMTGIH-P LV Phantoms Black0-4Easton Ice Hawks
RRSQTA82:30 PMSkateF2 Potomac Patriots6-2Caps Academy
RR18AA32:50 PMCOL Hershey Jr Bears2-3Howard Huskies Blue
RR18AA42:50 PMPINEY Reston Raiders1-1Carolina Jr Hurricanes
RRBNTA73:50 PMTGIH-L Howard Huskies Silver4-5Potomac Patriots White
RRSQTAA33:50 PMSkateF1 Tri City Eagles13-0LI Arrows Squirt Major
RRPWA53:55 PMROCK-3 Piedmont Predators3-5Caps Academy Red
RRBNTA84:00 PMTGIH-P Warwick Wildcats6-4Howard Huskies Black
RRPWB14:00 PMSkateF2 York Devils4-2LI Arrows PeeWee Green
RR16A64:20 PMPINEY Howard Huskies White2-5Richmond Generals
RR18A14:20 PMCOL Dix Hills Hawks2-6Warwick Wildcats
RRPWA64:30 PMROCK-2 Howard Huskies Silver0-9Caps Academy White
RRBNTA95:20 PMTGIH-L Skyland Kings2-2Montgomery UA 2002
RRSQTAA45:20 PMSkateF1 Caps Academy2-2Montgomery Gold
RRPWA75:25 PMROCK-3 Montgomery LA1-2LI Arrows PeeWee A Black
RRBNTA105:30 PMTGIH-P Red Bank Generals4-1Montgomery UA 2003
RRPWB25:30 PMSkateF2 Montgomery Blue Devils6-0Harford North Stars
RRPWA85:45 PMROCK-1 Montgomery UA5-3Redbank Generals A Black
RR16A75:50 PMPINEY Bowie Bruins3-1LV Phantoms Orange
RR16AA45:50 PMCOL Hatfield Ice Dogs1-4Warwick Wildcats
RRPWAA46:00 PMROCK-2 Montgomery Blue4-1LI Arrows PeeWee Major
RR18A26:15 PMTGIH-R York Devils2-4Lehigh Valley Phantoms
RR16A86:50 PMTGIH-L Hatfield Ice Dogs7-1Warwick Wildcats
RRBNTB46:50 PMSkateF1 Howard Huskies White5-1LI Arrows Bantam Minor
RRPWAA56:55 PMROCK-3 Montgomery Gold7-2Richmond Generals
RRPWAA67:00 PMTGIH-P Howard Huskies Blue2-5Red Bank Generals Black AA
RR16A97:20 PMPINEY LV Phantoms Black4-2Montgomery Blue Devils
RR16AA57:20 PMCOL Howard Huskies Black0-6Howard Huskies Silver
RR18A37:45 PMTGIH-R Hatfield Ice Dogs3-1Richmond Generals
RRBNTB58:20 PMSkateF1 Potomac Patriots Blue2-3Montgomery Blue Devils
RR18AA59:00 PMCOL Long Island Arrows2-2Howard Huskies Blue
Saturday, November 26, 2016
RRSQTA107:00 AMROCK-3 Caps Academy2-5Montgomery UA Blue
RRSQTA97:00 AMROCK-1 Montgomery LA1-4Red Bank Generals Black
RRSQTB47:00 AMSkateF1 York Devils5-2NOVA Ice Dogs
RRPWA97:10 AMROCK-2 LI Arrows PeeWee A Black2-4Caps Academy White
RRSQTA117:10 AMTGIH-P Montgomery UA Gold4-2Potomac Patriots
RRSQTB57:10 AMSkateF2 LI Arrows Squirt Green2-3Montgomery Blue Devils
RRBNTB68:00 AMCOL Montgomery Blue Devils4-3Howard Huskies White
RRBNTA118:25 AMTGIH-L Montgomery Blue Devils LA2-1Warwick Wildcats
RRBNTB78:25 AMSkateF1 LI Arrows Bantam Minor0-9Capitals Academy
RRPWA108:30 AMROCK-2 Montgomery UA5-2Piedmont Predators
RRBNTA128:35 AMTGIH-P Potomac Patriots White4-5Skyland Kings
RRPWA118:35 AMROCK-3 Redbank Generals A Black0-4Caps Academy Red
RRSQTA128:35 AMROCK-1 LI Arrows Squirt Black4-5Howard Huskies Blue
RRSQTB68:35 AMSkateF2 Howard Huskies Silver3-3Piedmont Predators
RR16A109:20 AMPINEY Easton Ice Hawks4-2Bowie Bruins
RR18AA69:30 AMCOL Hershey Jr Bears4-1Carolina Jr Hurricanes
RR16A119:50 AMTGIH-L Warwick Wildcats0-4Howard Huskies White
RRPWB39:55 AMSkateF1 LI Arrows PeeWee Green3-5Montgomery Blue Devils
RR16A1210:00 AMTGIH-P Montgomery Blue Devils3-2Richmond Generals
RRBNTAA510:05 AMROCK-1 Howard Huskies Blue5-0Red Bank Generals Black
RRBNTAA610:05 AMROCK-3 Reston Raiders 20021-3Montgomery Blue Devils
RRPWA1210:05 AMSkateF2 Montgomery LA7-0Howard Huskies Silver
RR16A1310:50 AMPINEY LV Phantoms Orange1-4Hatfield Ice Dogs
RR18AA711:00 AMCOL Reston Raiders2-0Howard Huskies Blue
RRBNTA1311:20 AMTGIH-L Howard Huskies Black0-4Red Bank Generals
RRPWB411:25 AMSkateF1 Harford North Stars0-3York Devils
RRBNTA1411:30 AMTGIH-P Tri City Eagles0-8Montgomery UA 2002
RRBNTAA711:35 AMROCK-1 Piedmont Predators2-2NOVA Ice Dogs
RRBNTAA811:35 AMROCK-3 LI Arrows Bantam Major0-6Hollydell Hurricanes
RRSQTAA511:35 AMSkateF2 Tri City Eagles3-1Caps Academy
RR16AA612:20 PMPINEY LI Arrows Midget Minor0-4Warwick Wildcats
RR16AA712:30 PMCOL Howard Huskies Silver1-1Hatfield Ice Dogs
RRBNTA1512:50 PMTGIH-L Warwick Wildcats0-10Montgomery UA 2003
RRSQTAA612:55 PMSkateF1 Montgomery Gold15-1LI Arrows Squirt Major
RRBNTA161:00 PMTGIH-P Skyland Kings1-1Howard Huskies Silver
RR18A41:05 PMROCK-3 Hatfield Ice Dogs1-0York Devils
RR18A51:05 PMROCK-1 Lehigh Valley Phantoms3-2Dix Hills Hawks
RRBNTB81:05 PMSkateF2 Howard Huskies White2-0Potomac Patriots Blue
RR18A62:00 PMPINEY Warwick Wildcats4-1Richmond Generals
RR16A142:20 PMTGIH-L Bowie Bruins0-5LV Phantoms Black
RRSQTB72:25 PMSkateF1 Montgomery Blue Devils2-2York Devils
RR16A152:30 PMTGIH-P Warwick Wildcats2-4Easton Ice Hawks
RRPWAA72:30 PMROCK-3 Montgomery Blue2-0Richmond Generals
RRPWAA82:30 PMTGIH-R LI Arrows PeeWee Major1-2Howard Huskies Blue
RRPWAA92:35 PMROCK-1 Montgomery Gold4-1Red Bank Generals Black AA
RRBNTB92:40 PMSkateF2 LI Arrows Bantam Minor5-14Montgomery Blue Devils
RR18AA83:40 PMCOL Long Island Arrows3-3Reston Raiders
RRBNTA173:50 PMTGIH-L Red Bank Generals0-6Montgomery Blue Devils LA
Semi-FPWA133:55 PMROCK-3 Caps Academy White0-8Caps Academy Red
RRSQTB83:55 PMSkateF1 Howard Huskies Silver4-1LI Arrows Squirt Green
RR16A164:00 PMTGIH-R LV Phantoms Orange0-0Howard Huskies White
RRBNTA184:00 PMTGIH-P Montgomery UA 20025-3Potomac Patriots White
RRBNTAA94:05 PMROCK-1 NOVA Ice Dogs1-4Howard Huskies Blue
RRSQTB94:10 PMSkateF2 NOVA Ice Dogs6-2Piedmont Predators
RRBNTAA104:30 PMROCK-2 Reston Raiders 20026-3Hollydell Hurricanes
RR16AA85:00 PMPINEY Warwick Wildcats10-0Howard Huskies Black
RR16AA95:10 PMCOL Montgomery Blue Devils4-1LI Arrows Midget Minor
RRBNTA195:20 PMTGIH-L Montgomery UA 20036-0Howard Huskies Black
Semi-FPWA145:25 PMROCK-3 LI Arrows PeeWee A Black4-3Montgomery LA
RRPWB55:25 PMSkateF1 Montgomery Blue Devils2-0York Devils
RR16A175:30 PMTGIH-P Hatfield Ice Dogs4-2Montgomery Blue Devils
RRBNTAA115:35 PMROCK-1 Red Bank Generals Black0-8Piedmont Predators
RRPWB65:35 PMSkateF2 LI Arrows PeeWee Green6-3Harford North Stars
RRBNTAA126:05 PMROCK-2 LI Arrows Bantam Major3-4Montgomery Blue Devils
RR18A76:30 PMPINEY Richmond Generals0-4Lehigh Valley Phantoms
RR18AA96:40 PMCOL Carolina Jr Hurricanes1-3Howard Huskies Blue
RR18A86:50 PMTGIH-L Dix Hills Hawks2-2Hatfield Ice Dogs
Semi-FSQTA136:50 PMROCK-3 Montgomery UA Gold2-3Montgomery UA Blue
Semi-FSQTA146:55 PMSkateF1 LI Arrows Squirt Black2-1Howard Huskies Blue
RRBNTA207:00 PMTGIH-P Tri City Eagles1-9Howard Huskies Silver
RRBNTB107:05 PMSkateF2 Capitals Academy7-0Potomac Patriots Blue
RR18A97:45 PMTGIH-R Warwick Wildcats2-0York Devils
RR16A188:00 PMPINEY LV Phantoms Black5-5Richmond Generals
RR18AA108:10 PMCOL Hershey Jr Bears1-2Long Island Arrows
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Semi-FSQTB117:10 AMSkateF1 Howard Huskies Silver3-2York Devils
Semi-FSQTB107:20 AMSkateF2 Montgomery Blue Devils2-3NOVA Ice Dogs
Semi-F16A198:15 AMCOL LV Phantoms Black2-1Hatfield Ice Dogs
Semi-F16AA108:30 AMTGIH-L Howard Huskies Silver6-3Montgomery Blue Devils
Semi-FBNTAA138:30 AMROCK-1 Montgomery Blue Devils2-3Howard Huskies Blue
Semi-FSQTAA78:30 AMROCK-3 Caps Academy3-5Tri City Eagles
Semi-F16A208:40 AMTGIH-R Richmond Generals1-7Easton Ice Hawks
Semi-F16AA118:40 AMTGIH-P Hatfield Ice Dogs2-6Warwick Wildcats
Semi-FBNTAA148:40 AMROCK-2 Reston Raiders 20024-3Hollydell Hurricanes
Semi-FPWB78:45 AMSkateF1 LI Arrows PeeWee Green2-4York Devils
Semi-FPWAA108:55 AMSkateF2 Red Bank Generals Black AA0-3Montgomery Blue
Semi-FPWAA119:55 AMCOL Howard Huskies Blue3-1Montgomery Gold
Semi-F18A1010:00 AMTGIH-R Dix Hills Hawks3-4Warwick Wildcats
Semi-F18AA1110:00 AMTGIH-L Howard Huskies Blue2-0Long Island Arrows
Semi-FBNTA2110:00 AMROCK-1 Red Bank Generals1-6Montgomery UA 2002
Semi-FBNTA2210:00 AMROCK-3 Skyland Kings2-1Montgomery UA 2003
Semi-F18AA1210:10 AMTGIH-P Hershey Jr Bears3-0Reston Raiders
Semi-FBNTB1210:20 AMSkateF1 LI Arrows Bantam Minor1-11Capitals Academy
Semi-FBNTB1110:30 AMSkateF2 Howard Huskies White3-2Montgomery Blue Devils
Semi-F18A1111:25 AMCOL Hatfield Ice Dogs2-3Lehigh Valley Phantoms
FinalSQTA1511:30 AMROCK-1 LI Arrows Squirt Black2-4Montgomery UA Blue
FinalPWA1511:40 AMTGIH-P LI Arrows PeeWee A Black1-9Caps Academy Red
FinalSQTB1211:50 AMSkateF1 Howard Huskies Silver2-5NOVA Ice Dogs
Final16A211:00 PMTGIH-R LV Phantoms Black3-0Easton Ice Hawks
FinalSQTAA81:00 PMTGIH-L Tri City Eagles4-0Montgomery Gold
FinalBNTAA151:10 PMTGIH-P Reston Raiders 20020-4Howard Huskies Blue
FinalPWB81:20 PMSkateF1 York Devils5-4Montgomery Blue Devils
Final16AA121:30 PMCOL Howard Huskies Silver2-6Warwick Wildcats
FinalPWAA122:40 PMTGIH-L Howard Huskies Blue6-5Montgomery Blue
FinalBNTA232:50 PMTGIH-P Skyland Kings0-1Montgomery UA 2002
FinalBNTB132:50 PMSkateF1 Howard Huskies White1-7Capitals Academy
Final18AA133:20 PMCOL Hershey Jr Bears0-4Howard Huskies Blue
Final18A124:25 PMTGIH-P Lehigh Valley Phantoms6-0Warwick Wildcats
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