Bantam A, Divisions, 2016-17 St. Clair Shores Regional, Metro Detroit Region, 2016-2017, American Regionals (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2016-2017 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Bantam A
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, December 1, 2016
Bantam A G47:45 PMSCSG Metro Jr Jets3-1St Clair Shores Saints White
Friday, December 2, 2016
Bantam A G99:30 AMSCSMW Farmington Hills Little Caesars 3-7USA Patriots
Bantam A S109:45 AMSCSG Grosse Pointe Bulldogs6-1Macomb Mavericks
Bantam A S1110:45 AMSCSMW Troy Sting0-5Compuware Tire 2
Bantam A S1211:00 AMSCSG Motor City Machine2-1St Clair Shores Saints Red
Bantam A S1312:00 PMSCSMW Jimmy Johns 0-2Rochester Rattlers
Bantam A S1412:15 PMSCSG Novi Ice Cats 0-5Suburban Honeybaked
Bantam A G172:30 PMSCSMW Team Audi of Mentor3-8Metro Jr Jets
Bantam A S224:30 PMFC Compuware Tire 2 1-4Motor City Machine
Bantam A G235:00 PMSCSMW USA Patriots2-0Louisville Ice Cardinals
Bantam A S245:45 PMFC Macomb Mavericks3-2Troy Sting
Bantam A S287:00 PMFC Rochester Rattlers 2-3Novi Ice Cats
Bantam A S277:30 PMSCSMW Suburban Honeybaked3-2Grosse Pointe Bulldogs
Bantam A S308:45 PMSCSMW St Clair Shores Saints Red 3-2Jimmy Johns
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Bantam A S359:30 AMFC Motor City Machine3-3Suburban Honeybaked
Bantam A S3710:00 AMFP Jimmy Johns 4-5Macomb Mavericks
Bantam A S3910:45 AMFC Grosse Pointe Bulldogs1-5Compuware Tire 2
Bantam A G4011:15 AMSCSG St Clair Shores Saints White 1-5Team Audi of Mentor
Bantam A S4111:15 AMFP Novi Ice Cats 2-1St Clair Shores Saints Red
Bantam A S4312:00 PMFC Troy Sting5-0Rochester Rattlers
Bantam A G4412:30 PMSCSG Louisville Ice Cardinals7-3Farmington Hills Little Caesars
Bantam A G515:15 PMFC St Clair Shores Saints White 0-2Louisville Ice Cardinals
Bantam A S525:30 PMSCSG St Clair Shores Saints Red 0-2Suburban Honeybaked
Bantam A S536:15 PMSCSMW Troy Sting1-5Motor City Machine
Bantam A G546:30 PMFS Farmington Hills Little Caesars 1-6Team Audi of Mentor
Bantam A S567:30 PMSCSMW Grosse Pointe Bulldogs2-0Compuware Tire 2
Bantam A S598:45 PMSCSMW Novi Ice Cats 0-5Macomb Mavericks
Sunday, December 4, 2016
Bantam A G6510:30 AMSCSMW Team Audi of Mentor3-2USA Patriots
Bantam A G6611:00 AMSCSG Louisville Ice Cardinals3-4Metro Jr Jets
Bantam A S6712:00 PMSCSMW Macomb Mavericks2-4Suburban Honeybaked
Bantam A S6812:30 PMSCSG Grosse Pointe Bulldogs0-4Motor City Machine
Bantam A S725:00 PMSCSMW Motor City Machine4-2Suburban Honeybaked
Bantam A G735:30 PMSCSG Team Audi of Mentor1-2Metro Jr Jets
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • FC - Fraser Coke , 34400 Utica Rd, Fraser, MI. Phone: (586) 294-2400
  • FP - Fraser PowerAde , 34400 Utica Rd, Fraser, MI. Phone: (586) 294-2400
  • FS - Fraser Sprite , 34400 Utica Rd, Fraser, MI. Phone: (586) 294-2400
  • SCSG - St Clair Shores Gardens , 20000 Stephens, St Clair Shores, MI
  • SCSMW - St Clair Shores Mark Wells, 20000 Stephens, St Clair Shores, MI

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