Schedule & Results, 2018-19 Sudbury Regional, 2018-2019 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Division 2112:00 PMCSC #1 Sudbury Wolves1-15Nickel City Coyotes
Division 11112:15 PMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen0-11Nickel City Knights
Division 121:00 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen0-3Nickel City Coyotes
Division 1121:15 PMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen1-3Sudbury Wolves
Division 132:00 PMCSC #1 Sudbury Wolves1-5Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 1132:15 PMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen1-3West Ferris Trappers
Division 2 (XOVER)43:00 PMCSC #1 Sudbury Wolves0-3Nickel City Coyotes
Division 2 (XOVER)143:15 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Knights4-1West Nipissing Sting
Division 154:00 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons4-3Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1154:15 PMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen7-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 165:00 PMCSC #1 Sudbury Wolves2-1Nickel City Sharks
Division 1165:15 PMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen1-2Nickel City Sharks
Division 176:00 PMCSC #1 Timmins North Stars1-5Sudbury Wolves
Division 2 (XOVER)176:15 PMCSC #2 Sudbury Wolves3-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 2 (XOVER)87:00 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons7-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 2187:15 PMCSC #2 West Nipissing Sting2-5Elliot Lake Wildcats
Division 1 (XOVER)198:15 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons0-4Sudbury Wolves
Division 1 (XOVER)98:20 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Knights2-3Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1209:35 PMCSC #2 Georgina Blaze4-1Nickel City Sharks
Division 1 (XOVER)109:40 PMCSC #1 Timmins North Stars4-2Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Friday, November 30, 2018
Division 1217:00 AMCSC #1 Rouyn-Noranda 2-3Richmond Hill Stars
Division 1477:00 AMCar Nickel City Knights1-1East Gwillimbury Eagles
Division 1 (XOVER)677:00 AMWalden Burlington Bulldogs3-3Nickel City Coyotes
Division 1777:00 AMGar Sault Jr. Greyhounds3-1Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Division 2 (XOVER)877:00 AMAzilda South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings0-3Stittsville Rams
Division 1377:30 AMMCCL Halton Hills Thunder1-1Cumberland Jr. Grads
Division 1577:30 AMCambrian North York Knights4-1Ottawa Sting
Division 1488:00 AMCar Sudbury Wolves3-2Toronto Aeros
Division 1788:00 AMGar North York Knights1-2Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
Division 2 (XOVER)888:00 AMAzilda T.N.T. Tornados1-3Orillia Terriers
Division 2228:20 AMCSC #1 Newmarket Redmen5-1T.N.T. Tornados
Division 1688:20 AMWalden Nickel City Jr. Sons10-1Timmins Testmark North Stars
Division 1308:35 AMCSC #2 Sudbury Wolves1-13Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 1388:50 AMMCCL Aurora Tigers0-4Barrie Colts
Division 1588:50 AMCambrian Barrie Colts1-1Burlington Eagles
Division 1499:00 AMCar Timmins Ethier North Stars1-9Barrie Colts
Division 2 (XOVER)799:00 AMGar Sault Jr. Greyhounds2-1Halton Hills Thunder
Division 2699:20 AMWalden South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings2-3Centre Wellington Fusion
Division 2899:20 AMAzilda Nickel City Coyotes16-1Timmins Tiffany North Stars
Division 1 (XOVER)239:40 AMCSC #1 York Mills Rangers7-2Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 2 (XOVER)319:55 AMCSC #2 West Ferris Trappers2-2Markham Islanders
Division 25010:00 AMCar South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings3-4Manitoulin Panthers
Division 2 (XOVER)8010:00 AMGar Markham Islanders2-2West Ferris Trappers
Division 13910:10 AMMCCL Nickel City Jr. Sons0-3Brampton 45's
Division 15910:10 AMCambrian Sault Jr. Greyhounds2-3Orillia Terriers
Division 1 (XOVER)7010:20 AMWalden Don Mills Mustangs1-12North York Knights
Division 12411:00 AMCSC #1 Nickel City Knights2-3West Nipissing Sting
Division 15111:00 AMCar Nickel City Coyotes3-3Nickel City Knights
Division 28111:00 AMGar Sault Bruins3-2Powassan Hawks
Division 2 (XOVER)4011:10 AMMCCL Nickel City Coyotes2-2Nickel City Knights
Division 2 (XOVER)6011:10 AMCambrian Nickel City Knights2-4Stittsville Rams
Division 2 (XOVER)3211:15 AMCSC #2 West Ferris Trappers2-3Timmins North Stars
Division 17111:40 AMWalden Sudbury Wolves1-4West Ferris Trappers
Division 1 (XOVER)2512:00 PMCSC #1 Burlington Bulldogs0-1T.N.T. Tornados
Division 15212:00 PMCar Halton Hills Thunder1-3Goulding Park Rangers
Division 16112:10 PMCambrian Nickel City Sharks7-0Rouyn-Noranda
Division 19012:15 PMSudbury Wawa Travellers4-1Timmins North Stars
Division 18212:20 PMGar Ottawa Valley Silver Seven8-1Timmins Testmark North Stars
Division 14112:30 PMMCCL North York Knights1-6Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 13312:35 PMCSC #2 Richmond Hill Stars2-4Georgina Blaze
Division 17212:40 PMWalden Upper Ottawa Valley Aces5-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1911:15 PMSudbury Ottawa Sting1-4Barrie Colts
Division 1261:20 PMCSC #1 Cumberland Jr. Grads1-3Aurora Tigers
Division 1531:20 PMCar East Gwillimbury Eagles4-2Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 2831:20 PMGar South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings5-3West Nipissing Sting
Division 1421:30 PMMCCL Sault Jr. Greyhounds7-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1621:30 PMCambrian Burlington Eagles1-4North York Knights
Division 2 (XOVER)731:40 PMWalden South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings3-3Nickel City Coyotes
Division 1 (XOVER)341:55 PMCSC #2 Orillia Terriers7-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1542:20 PMCar Nickel City Sharks4-3Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 1 (XOVER)842:20 PMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons1-4Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 1432:30 PMMCCL Timmins Ethier North Stars4-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1632:30 PMCambrian Orillia Terriers7-0Sudbury Wolves
Division 2 (XOVER)922:35 PMSudbury Sudbury Wolves1-6York Mills Rangers
Division 1 (XOVER)272:40 PMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen2-5West Ferris Trappers
Division 1742:40 PMWalden Copper Cliff Redmen4-1Toronto Aeros
Division 2 (XOVER)353:15 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons5-0Don Mills Mustangs
Division 1 (XOVER)553:20 PMCar West Nipissing Sting1-4Sudbury Wolves
Division 1 (XOVER)853:20 PMGar Halton Hills Thunder1-1Markham Islanders
Division 2443:30 PMMCCL Manitoulin Panthers4-1Timmins Tiffany North Stars
Division 1643:30 PMCambrian Brampton 45's0-4Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1753:40 PMWalden Timmins North Stars2-3Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 1933:55 PMSudbury Barrie Colts2-3West Nipissing Sting
Division 1 (XOVER)284:00 PMCSC #1 Markham Islanders0-14North York Knights
Division 2564:20 PMCar Sault Bruins0-7Newmarket Redmen
Division 1 (XOVER)864:20 PMGar West Ferris Trappers4-6Sudbury Wolves
Division 2454:30 PMMCCL Sudbury Wolves4-8South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings
Division 1654:30 PMCambrian Timmins North Stars2-2Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1364:35 PMCSC #2 Barrie Colts0-3Goulding Park Rangers
Division 2764:40 PMWalden Powassan Hawks0-5T.N.T. Tornados
Division 1 (XOVER)295:20 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons3-2West Ferris Trappers
Division 2465:30 PMMCCL Centre Wellington Fusion1-1Elliot Lake Wildcats
Division 1665:30 PMCambrian Nickel City Sharks1-1Wawa Travellers
Saturday, December 1, 2018
Division 11158:00 AMMCCL Nickel City Knights10-2Timmins Ethier North Stars
Division 11288:00 AMCar Copper Cliff Redmen0-4Sudbury Wolves
Division 11428:00 AMCambrian Nickel City Jr. Sons4-4Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 21568:00 AMWalden Nickel City Coyotes4-1Manitoulin Panthers
Division 11678:00 AMGar Ottawa Valley Silver Seven6-6North York Knights
Division 1948:00 AMCSC #1 Aurora Tigers1-5Goulding Park Rangers
Division 1 (XOVER)1058:15 AMCSC #2 Nickel City Knights0-0T.N.T. Tornados
Division 11169:00 AMMCCL Copper Cliff Redmen0-11Barrie Colts
Division 11299:00 AMCar Upper Ottawa Valley Aces1-3Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 1 (XOVER)1439:00 AMCambrian Halton Hills Thunder2-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 21579:00 AMWalden Timmins Tiffany North Stars3-3South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings
Division 11689:00 AMGar Toronto Aeros0-3Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 1959:20 AMCSC #1 Barrie Colts3-1Cumberland Jr. Grads
Division 2 (XOVER)1069:35 AMCSC #2 Copper Cliff Redmen2-3Burlington Bulldogs
Division 111710:00 AMMCCL Sault Jr. Greyhounds4-2Sudbury Wolves
Division 113010:00 AMCar Copper Cliff Redmen8-1Timmins North Stars
Division 1 (XOVER)14410:00 AMCambrian Nickel City Jr. Sons0-2Markham Islanders
Division 115810:00 AMWalden Sault Jr. Greyhounds3-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 116910:00 AMGar East Gwillimbury Eagles3-2Nickel City Coyotes
Division 2 (XOVER)9610:40 AMCSC #1 North York Knights7-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 1 (XOVER)10710:55 AMCSC #2 Markham Islanders0-13Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 111811:00 AMMCCL Rouyn-Noranda 1-5Georgina Blaze
Division 113111:00 AMCar West Ferris Trappers1-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 1 (XOVER)14511:00 AMCambrian West Ferris Trappers4-0Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 115911:00 AMWalden Orillia Terriers5-1Nickel City Sharks
Division 1 (XOVER)17011:00 AMGar Nickel City Coyotes0-1Nickel City Knights
Division 113212:00 PMCar Nickel City Knights6-3Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 114612:00 PMCambrian Copper Cliff Redmen1-2Brampton 45's
Division 1 (XOVER)16012:00 PMWalden Don Mills Mustangs2-1West Ferris Trappers
Division 2 (XOVER)17112:00 PMGar South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings3-2West Nipissing Sting
Division 1 (XOVER)9712:00 PMCSC #1 York Mills Rangers1-1West Ferris Trappers
Division 110812:15 PMCSC #2 Richmond Hill Stars4-0Nickel City Sharks
Division 111912:20 PMMCCL West Nipissing Sting12-4Timmins Ethier North Stars
Division 2 (XOVER)1331:00 PMCar Sudbury Wolves0-8Stittsville Rams
Division 11471:00 PMCambrian Copper Cliff Redmen2-1Wawa Travellers
Division 11721:00 PMGar Nickel City Jr. Sons5-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 21201:20 PMMCCL Manitoulin Panthers8-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 11611:20 PMWalden Timmins Testmark North Stars0-10Sudbury Wolves
Division 1 (XOVER)981:20 PMCSC #1 Orillia Terriers2-0Nickel City Coyotes
Division 11091:35 PMCSC #2 Aurora Tigers3-0Halton Hills Thunder
Division 11342:00 PMCar Sault Jr. Greyhounds8-1Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 11482:00 PMCambrian Timmins North Stars0-3Nickel City Sharks
Division 11212:20 PMMCCL Sudbury Wolves7-2Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 21622:20 PMWalden Elliot Lake Wildcats4-2South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings
Division 11732:20 PMGar Goulding Park Rangers2-1Cumberland Jr. Grads
Division 1 (XOVER)992:40 PMCSC #1 Timmins North Stars1-1Sudbury Wolves
Division 2 (XOVER)1102:55 PMCSC #2 Sault Jr. Greyhounds4-4Nickel City Jr. Sons
Division 11353:00 PMCar West Ferris Trappers5-2Ottawa Valley Silver Seven
Division 21493:00 PMCambrian Centre Wellington Fusion2-0West Nipissing Sting
Division 11223:20 PMMCCL Barrie Colts4-4Nickel City Knights
Playoffs1633:20 PMWalden Markham Islanders4-2Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Division 21743:20 PMGar South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings1-6Nickel City Coyotes
Division 21004:00 PMCSC #1 Newmarket Redmen12-0Powassan Hawks
Division 11364:00 PMCar North York Knights7-1Barrie Colts
Division 11504:00 PMCambrian Burlington Eagles1-1Ottawa Sting
Division 11114:20 PMCSC #2 Barrie Colts5-2Halton Hills Thunder
Division 21234:20 PMMCCL T.N.T. Tornados4-0Sault Bruins
Playoffs1644:20 PMWalden Nickel City Jr. Sons2-4Halton Hills Thunder
Division 11754:20 PMGar West Nipissing Sting11-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 11375:00 PMCar Toronto Aeros2-1Timmins North Stars
Division 11015:20 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons6-2North York Knights
Playoffs1515:20 PMCambrian Copper Cliff Redmen1-3East Gwillimbury Eagles
Division 21765:20 PMGar Timmins Tiffany North Stars10-2Sudbury Wolves
Playoffs1125:40 PMCSC #2 West Ferris Trappers0-8North York Knights
Playoffs1245:40 PMMCCL Markham Islanders1-6Copper Cliff Redmen
Playoffs1655:40 PMWalden Nickel City Coyotes2-0Copper Cliff Redmen
Division 11386:00 PMCar Timmins Testmark North Stars0-12Upper Ottawa Valley Aces
Division 11026:20 PMCSC #1 Brampton 45's1-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Playoffs1526:20 PMCambrian Nickel City Coyotes4-2Nickel City Knights
Division 11776:20 PMGar Copper Cliff Redmen0-11Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Playoffs1137:00 PMCSC #2 Rouyn-Noranda 0-12Georgina Blaze
Playoffs1257:00 PMMCCL Nickel City Sharks5-2Richmond Hill Stars
Playoffs1397:00 PMCar West Nipissing Sting1-7Nickel City Coyotes
Playoffs1667:00 PMWalden Nickel City Knights5-4Burlington Bulldogs
Playoffs1537:20 PMCambrian Sudbury Wolves3-6Orillia Terriers
Division 11787:20 PMGar Sudbury Wolves1-4Copper Cliff Redmen
Playoffs1037:40 PMCSC #1 Sault Jr. Greyhounds1-2West Ferris Trappers
Playoffs1408:00 PMCar Sudbury Wolves0-3South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings
Playoffs1148:20 PMCSC #2 Powassan Hawks0-6Ottawa Sting
Playoffs1268:20 PMMCCL Nickel City Jr. Sons2-1Timmins North Stars
Playoffs1548:20 PMCambrian Nickel City Sharks6-5Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Playoffs1049:00 PMCSC #1 Barrie Colts0-1Newmarket Redmen
Playoffs1419:00 PMCar T.N.T. Tornados1-3North York Knights
Playoffs1559:20 PMCambrian Halton Hills Thunder1-0Barrie Colts
Playoffs1279:40 PMMCCL Cumberland Jr. Grads0-1Aurora Tigers
Sunday, December 2, 2018
Playoffs1798:00 AMCSC #1 Halton Hills Thunder2-1Sudbury Wolves
Playoffs1948:00 AMMCCL Manitoulin Panthers1-2West Nipissing Sting
Playoffs2028:00 AMCar Barrie Colts2-4Nickel City Coyotes
Playoffs1878:15 AMCSC #2 Markham Islanders3-2West Ferris Trappers
Playoffs1809:00 AMCSC #1 Nickel City Coyotes1-0T.N.T. Tornados
Playoffs1959:00 AMMCCL Upper Ottawa Valley Aces1-0Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Playoffs2039:00 AMCar West Ferris Trappers3-4Nickel City Jr. Sons
Playoffs1889:15 AMCSC #2 Nickel City Knights2-5Orillia Terriers
Playoffs19610:00 AMMCCL Nickel City Coyotes0-1Nickel City Knights
Playoffs20410:00 AMCar South Porcupine Jr. Gold Kings0-5Stittsville Rams
Playoffs18110:20 AMCSC #1 Copper Cliff Redmen1-8Nickel City Jr. Sons
Playoffs18910:35 AMCSC #2 North York Knights6-2Don Mills Mustangs
Playoffs19711:00 AMMCCL Elliot Lake Wildcats1-4Nickel City Sharks
Playoffs20511:00 AMCar Copper Cliff Redmen2-5Centre Wellington Fusion
Playoffs18211:40 AMCSC #1 Nickel City Jr. Sons1-2Sudbury Wolves
Playoffs19011:55 AMCSC #2 West Ferris Trappers3-4York Mills Rangers
Playoffs19812:00 PMMCCL West Nipissing Sting1-4Nickel City Coyotes
Playoffs20612:00 PMCar Sudbury Wolves0-4Sault Jr. Greyhounds
Playoffs1831:00 PMCSC #1 North York Knights2-5Newmarket Redmen
Playoffs1991:00 PMMCCL Nickel City Coyotes4-6East Gwillimbury Eagles
Playoffs2071:00 PMCar Upper Ottawa Valley Aces4-2Nickel City Jr. Sons
Playoffs1911:15 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Coyotes3-2Orillia Terriers
Playoffs2002:00 PMMCCL Nickel City Knights1-3Stittsville Rams
Playoffs2082:00 PMCar Copper Cliff Redmen2-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Playoffs1842:20 PMCSC #1 Halton Hills Thunder2-0Aurora Tigers
Playoffs1922:35 PMCSC #2 Nickel City Jr. Sons5-4North York Knights
Playoffs2013:00 PMMCCL Nickel City Sharks0-2Orillia Terriers
Playoffs2093:00 PMCar Brampton 45's0-4Copper Cliff Redmen
Playoffs1853:40 PMCSC #1 Centre Wellington Fusion4-3Nickel City Sharks
Playoffs1934:00 PMCSC #2 Sudbury Wolves4-3York Mills Rangers
Playoffs2104:00 PMCar Halton Hills Thunder0-3Markham Islanders
Playoffs1864:40 PMCSC #1 Nickel City Sharks4-1Georgina Blaze
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