Rules, Sudbury Regional, Northern Region, 2018-2019, Canadian Regionals (International Silver Stick)


49th Sudbury Silver Stick®

Tournament Rules

  • Timeouts are not permitted during Round Robin play

** 1 - 30 second timeout per team will be permitted during playoff games only. 

  • Coaches and managers are responsible for the daily supervision of all their team personnel. 
  • Teams must register 60 minutes prior to their first game and must submit line-ups 30 minutes prior to every game. 
  • Teams must be prepared to start 15 minutes before scheduled start time. 
  • For purposes of simplicity, the team listed first for each game on the schedule will be the Home Team. 
  • Novice, Atom, and Peewee games will be played in 10 minutes stop time periods - ice will be resurfaced after each game. 
  • Bantam and Midget games will be played in 13 minutes stop time periods and the ice will be resurfaced every periods of play. 
  • 3 minutes will be allowed for a warm-up prior to each game (only, if time permits)
  • Points will be award as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
  • No mercy rule.
  • Home teams are to wear dark jersey and Visiting are to wear light jerseys.



In the event of a tie, after Round-Robin play, the following prevails:

  • The team with the most wins will take the higher position. 
  • If still tied, the winner of the game between the two teams (head to head), that are tied, will take preference. 
  • If still tied preference will then be determined by (total number of goals for) divided by (goals for plus goals against). The team with the highest percentage takes the highest position. This is based on all games played in the Round-Robin division. 
  • If still tied, the team, which scored the first goal in the game played between each other, would take the higher position.  
  • If still tied, the team, which scored the quickest goal in any game played would take the higher position. 
  • If still tied the team which received the least minutes in penalties will take the higher position. 
  • If still tied, the team, which scored the latest goal in the game played would take the higher position. 
  • If still tied the winner of a single coin toss would take the higher position. 
  • Games ending in a tie in the playoff rounds overtime will be as follows:
      • 4 on 4 - 3 minutes stop time
      • 3 on 3 - 3 minutes stop time
      • 2 on 2 - 3 minutes stop time
      • 1 on 1 - until a game winning goal is scored 

  • Teams will line up on their respective blue line at the conclusion of each championship game for presentation of awards. 
  • Any game related problems or questions should be referred to the Tournament Director. 
  • The winner of this tournament is not obligated to attend the North American International Finals, but they should advise the Tournament Director, of their decision, ASAP.
  • If medical attention is required beyond that provided at the arena, please have a team representative available to go with any injured player to the hospital.

All dressing rooms must be left in good condition. Showers turned off, all garbage to be placed in garbage cans. Dirty or damaged dressing rooms could cause a team to be fined $100 or disqualified. This is the responsibility of the team management to ensure this situation does not occur.