Tournament Rules, 2016-17 Rome Regional, North Eastern Region, 2016-2017, American Regionals (International Silver Stick)

This Tournament is part of the 2016-2017 season, which is not set as the current season.
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Rome Silver Silver Stick Regional

Tournament Rules

1. All games shall be played in accordance with official USA hockey rules.

2. Game periods are as follows:

a. Squirt: 1st and 2nd period are 10 minute and 3rd is 12 minute periods

b. Pee Wee and Bantam: 1st and 2nd period are 12 minute and 3rd is 15 minute

3. Penalty minutes are as follows (see rule 8b for running time penalty minutes)

a. Squirt Penalty: Minor - 1:30 minute, Major - 5:00 minute and Game Misconduct - 10:00 minute

b. Pee Wee and Bantam Penalty: Minor - 2:00 minute, Major 5:00 minute and Game Misconduct - 10:00 minute

c. High Stick penalties are 1:30 for Squirts, 2:00 for Pee Wee/Bantams OR 5:00 minute AND game misconduct.

4. A five (5) point system shall be used to determine advancement from round robin. Win of the period=1, Tie of the period=1/2,

Loss of the period=0, Win of the game=2, Tie of the game=1, Loss of the game=0

5. Tiebreaker for round robin play shall be according to the official NYSAHA guide.

6. Determination for game tie for crossover and championship games will be as follows:

a. After a one minute break, the teams will play one 5 minute sudden death overtime period. The teams will defend the

same goal as they defended in the third period.

b. If after one sudden death overtime no one has scored, a one minute break will occur and the teams will play another 5

minute sudden death overtime period. The teams will defend the same goal they defended in the third period.

c. If after both sudden death overtimes no one has scored, the winner will be determined by a 5 player shoot out with the

home team having the choice to shoot first or second. If a tie still exists, another 5 player shoot out, using different players

will occur. A shooter may not shoot again until all players on that team have shot once. This format will continue until a

winner is determined.

7. Stop time will be used.

8. Mercy rule shall apply in round robin games. In the event either team takes a six (6) goal lead, running time will only

commence in the third period only. Stop time will resume during the third period once the goal differential becomes two (2).

a. During running time, the clock will stop to set all penalties. Once set running time will immediately resume.

b. During running time minor penalty minutes will double and major penalty will be seven (7) minutes. Play must be in

progress before the player leaves the penalty box.

c. During running time if the official invites a coach to attend to an injured player, the clock will stop. Running time will

resume as soon as the player and coach are off the ice.

d. During running time the official may stop the clock, if he/she feels necessary, for any discussions with the coaches.

9. No timeouts in round robin play. A one minute time out will be allowed in consolation, cross-over and championship games.

10. Games are scheduled one hour thirty minutes maximum. Games not completed within this time frame may be required to go

to running time in the third period. This will occur at the discretion of the tournament director and after both coaches have

been notified.

11. Non-Marking pucks will be provided for each team for warm ups by the tournament director. All games will have a three (3)

minute warm up and one (1) minute between periods. Warm up will be signaled by a horn prior to that game. Any team

entering the ice late will lose that time from warm ups. Coaches are required to have your team ready to play at least 15

minutes prior to the start of your scheduled game.

12. Coaches must verify their roster before each game. Coaches also must be in possession of their coaching card and put their

name and card information on the score sheet prior to the start of each game. Players will be required to check in and sign

prior to the start of their first game.

13. Coaches, players and spectators must remain under control. “ZERO TOLERANCE” rule will be in effect throughout the


14. Formal protests require a non refundable fee of $200 and must be presented to the Tournament Director or Rule Committee

person within one half hour of the end of the game in question. Decision of the Rules Committee if final.

15. If you are unclear on any of these rules, please contact the Tournament Director. Or send an email to:

[email protected]