Hotel Information, Port Huron Finals, 2015-2016, Final (International Silver Stick)

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If you are trying to book a hotel within the Port Huron area, you will need a Hotel Code that will be provided to you upon winning your Regional.  If you are a AAA team and have been asked by a hotel, email me and I will be able to provide your code number to you.  We have done this to deter teams from booking hotels before they win a regional in hopes that they do win.  What ends up happening is that team ends up not winning but forgets to cancel rooms until just before the tournament.  Thus making it difficult for teams that do end up winning to book a hotel closer to the Port Huron area.  You will not need this code the further you stay away from Port Huron.  For instance, we use rinks in the Lapeer area, you will not need the code if you stay in that area.

Port Huron Area

West towards the Flint area

South towards the Utica/Chesterfield area

Sarnia, Ontario