Bantam AAA, Divisions, Port Huron Finals, 2015-2016 (International Silver Stick)

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Bantam AAA
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, January 7, 2016
BAAA - A (XOVER)135:00 PMMM Detroit Honeybaked3-5Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BAAA - A (XOVER)145:00 PMMP Toronto Jr. Canadiens2-3Detroit Compuware
BAAA - C (XOVER)155:00 PMGPC PAL Jr. Islanders1-6London Jr. Knights
BAAA - C (XOVER)165:00 PMGPU Vaughan Kings5-4Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA - B (XOVER)176:30 PMMM North York Rangers0-3Boston Jr. Eagles
BAAA - B (XOVER)186:30 PMMP Detroit Belle Tire1-1Ottawa Senators
BAAA - D (XOVER)196:30 PMGPC Team Illinois5-0Halton Hurricanes
BAAA - D (XOVER)206:30 PMGPU Ottawa Jr. 67's1-6Chicago Mission
BAAA - E (XOVER)218:00 PMMM Detroit Little Caesars4-0Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA - E (XOVER)228:00 PMMP Cambridge Hawks3-1Chicago Young Americans
BAAA - G (XOVER)238:00 PMGPC Detroit Victory Honda1-5Barrie Colts
BAAA - G (XOVER)248:00 PMGPU Shattuck St. Marys4-1Toronto Titans
BAAA - F (XOVER)259:30 PMMM New Jersey Colonials8-0Ajax Pickering Raiders
BAAA - F (XOVER)269:30 PMMP Mississauga Reps1-1Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA - H (XOVER)279:30 PMGPC Mid-Fairfield Rangers3-3Whitby Wildcats
BAAA - H (XOVER)289:30 PMGPU St. Louis Blues0-7Toronto Marlboros
Friday, January 8, 2016
BAAA - E4110:30 AMMM New Jersey Colonials1-1Mississauga Reps
BAAA - E4210:30 AMMP Southern Tier Admirals3-1Chicago Young Americans
BAAA - F4310:30 AMGPC Detroit Little Caesars3-1Cambridge Hawks
BAAA - F4410:30 AMGPU Ajax Pickering Raiders2-3Pittsburgh Penguins Elite
BAAA - A4511:00 AMPPA North York Rangers1-2Detroit Belle Tire
BAAA - A4611:00 AMPPP Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs4-2Detroit Compuware
BAAA - C4712:00 PMMM Team Illinois3-0Ottawa Jr. 67's
BAAA - C4812:00 PMMP London Jr. Knights3-2Buffalo Jr. Sabres
BAAA - D4912:00 PMGPC PAL Jr. Islanders2-0Vaughan Kings
BAAA - D5012:00 PMGPU Halton Hurricanes4-4Chicago Mission
BAAA - B5112:30 PMPPA Detroit Honeybaked1-4Toronto Jr. Canadiens
BAAA - B5212:30 PMPPP Boston Jr. Eagles3-3Ottawa Senators
BAAA - G531:30 PMMM Mid-Fairfield Rangers4-0St. Louis Blues
BAAA - G541:30 PMMP Barrie Colts1-1Toronto Titans
BAAA - H551:30 PMGPC Detroit Victory Honda3-8Shattuck St. Marys
BAAA - H561:30 PMGPU Whitby Wildcats3-1Toronto Marlboros
BAAA - A695:00 PMPPA Detroit Belle Tire4-2Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BAAA - A705:00 PMPPP Detroit Compuware6-1North York Rangers
BAAA - F716:00 PMMM Cambridge Hawks4-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
BAAA - F726:00 PMMP Pittsburgh Penguins Elite3-5Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA - E736:00 PMGPC Mississauga Reps2-3Southern Tier Admirals
BAAA - E746:00 PMGPU Chicago Young Americans2-8New Jersey Colonials
BAAA - B756:30 PMPPA Toronto Jr. Canadiens1-4Boston Jr. Eagles
BAAA - B766:30 PMPPP Ottawa Senators6-5Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA - H778:00 PMMM Shattuck St. Marys4-0Whitby Wildcats
BAAA - H788:00 PMMP Toronto Marlboros4-1Detroit Victory Honda
BAAA - G798:00 PMGPC St. Louis Blues0-2Barrie Colts
BAAA - G808:00 PMGPU Toronto Titans1-1Mid-Fairfield Rangers
BAAA - D819:30 PMMM Vaughan Kings5-1Halton Hurricanes
BAAA - D829:30 PMMP Chicago Mission4-0PAL Jr. Islanders
BAAA - C839:30 PMGPC Ottawa Jr. 67's1-4London Jr. Knights
BAAA - C849:30 PMGPU Buffalo Jr. Sabres6-0Team Illinois
Saturday, January 9, 2016
BAAA - F10010:30 AMGPU Ajax Pickering Raiders1-1Detroit Little Caesars
BAAA - E9710:30 AMMM Chicago Young Americans1-2Mississauga Reps
BAAA - E9810:30 AMMP Southern Tier Admirals1-5New Jersey Colonials
BAAA - F9910:30 AMGPC Pittsburgh Penguins Elite4-4Cambridge Hawks
BAAA - B10111:00 AMPPA Ottawa Senators1-0Toronto Jr. Canadiens
BAAA - B10211:00 AMPPP Boston Jr. Eagles2-1Detroit Honeybaked
BAAA - G10312:00 PMMM Toronto Titans2-4St. Louis Blues
BAAA - G10412:00 PMMP Barrie Colts4-4Mid-Fairfield Rangers
BAAA - H10512:00 PMGPC Toronto Marlboros3-0Shattuck St. Marys
BAAA - H10612:00 PMGPU Whitby Wildcats5-0Detroit Victory Honda
BAAA - A10712:30 PMPPA Detroit Compuware3-2Detroit Belle Tire
BAAA - A10812:30 PMPPP Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs5-4North York Rangers
BAAA - C1091:30 PMMM Buffalo Jr. Sabres2-0Ottawa Jr. 67's
BAAA - C1101:30 PMMP London Jr. Knights6-2Team Illinois
BAAA - D1111:30 PMGPC Chicago Mission7-4Vaughan Kings
BAAA - D1121:30 PMGPU Halton Hurricanes7-4PAL Jr. Islanders
BAAA Champ1177:00 PMMP Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs4-3London Jr. Knights
BAAA Champ1187:00 PMGPC Barrie Colts1-2New Jersey Colonials
BAAA Champ1198:45 PMMP Chicago Mission2-1Boston Jr. Eagles
BAAA Champ1208:45 PMGPC Toronto Marlboros2-4Detroit Little Caesars
Sunday, January 10, 2016
BAAA Champ12310:30 AMMM Chicago Mission4-1Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs
BAAA Champ12410:30 AMMP Detroit Little Caesars6-3New Jersey Colonials
BAAA Champ1264:00 PMMM Detroit Little Caesars5-3Chicago Mission
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • GPC - Glacier Pointe - Canada, 4150 Dove Road, Port Huron, MI
  • GPU - Glacier Pointe - USA, 4150 Dove Road, Port Huron, MI
  • MM - McMorran Main, 701 McMorran Blvd., Port Huron, MI
  • MP - McMorran Pavillion, 701 McMorran Blvd., Port Huron, MI
  • PPA - Polar Palace - Arctic, 3301 Davison Road, Lapeer, MI
  • PPP - Polar Palace - Polar, 3301 Davison Road, Lapeer, MI

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