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Welcome to the International Silver Stick® Hockey Association Inc. Website as we enter the 2024-25 hockey season and our 67th year hosting hockey tournaments across North America!

We currently host 12 American Regional Qualifying Tournaments, 28 Canadian Qualifying Tournaments as well as our International Finals Tournaments consisting of 7 Boys and 4 Girl’s Tournaments.

We would encourage you to browse through our current website including the Larry McGrath Memorial Scholarship, Hockey Hall of Fame and the Silver Stick® Story. This will give you an insight as to how Silver Stick® operates.

Our Regional tournaments are unique in that if you are a Champion of the Division that you have competed in, this entitles you the right to participate in an International Finals tournament competing against other teams who had been successful in winning their Regional Qualifying tournament.  Our Motto, “Citizenship and International Good will through Silver Stick® Hockey will be experienced as teams from both Canada and the United States compete among each other for the coveted sterling silver championship pin.

International Silver Stick® would like to wish all the teams competing in Silver Stick® tournaments across North America to play safe and fair, have fun and enjoy the experience of International Silver Stick® Hockey which you will remember for many years to come.


1. The International Silver Stick® Hockey Association provides hockey opportunities for boys and girls hockey teams.

2.  All Silver Stick® Tournaments operate under the auspices of Hockey Canada or Hockey USA.

3.  The Silver Stick® operational structure is based on a series of regional tournaments. These tournaments identify regional champions that move on to compete against each other in age and skill appropriate International Finals Tournaments. As such, regional tournaments are not designed, necessarily, to afford teams with opportunities to play against new teams, or to provide teams with an “away” tournament. Rather, these tournaments are established to determine which of the teams within a specified region have earned the right to move on and play against other regional winners. It is at this level, the Finals level, that teams will play against new and different teams. Team officials need to understand that, by registering to play in a Regional Silver Stick® Tournament, they are committing their teams to a second tournament, the Finals, should they win at the regional level. Regional Tournaments are in place for virtually all age and skill levels.

4.  The regional concept is also intended to help keep team costs to a minimum, especially for those teams that move on to the Finals.

5.  A team can only represent one region at the Finals. In addition, a team from one country cannot represent a region from another.

6. Regional Tournaments are obligated to accept teams from within their designated region on a first come first serve basis and can not accept an out of region team at the expense of a local, regional team.

7.  A team wishing to participate in an out of region tournament must obtain a release from its designated Regional Tournament. Such a release does not guarantee the team a spot in the out of region tournament.

8.  The International Silver Stick® Hockey Association has established a scholarship program, entitled the McGrath Scholarships. Under this program, each year, 3 American and 3 Canadian players will each receive a scholarship worth $2,000. In addition, a number of Regional Tournaments have also established their own, unique scholarships.

9.  Each team will receive a maximum of 25 tournament pins for participating players and team officials.