Tournament Rules, 2016-17 Northumberland Regional, Eastern Region, 2016-2017, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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Cougar Classic Tournament Rules
1. This Tournament is sanctioned by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA)
2. The Tournament Director / Committee, or the designated representative thereof, shall have complete authority with respect to the interpretation and/or application of the Tournament Rules & Regulations.
3. All decisions of the Tournament Director / Committee, or the designated representative thereof, shall be considered final and binding on all parties.    
4. There are no appeals or protests allowed at this tournament.   Any concerns or issues are to be addressed with the Tournament Director.
5. By submitting your roster the players, & team officials releases the Northumberland Stick Committee and Northumberland Minor Hockey from any liability for any injury or accident going to or from or during the tournament. Your signature also acknowledges that you have read and understand the Tournament Rules.
6. “FIGHTING” is not allowed in a Silver Stick Tournament. Any player receiving a fighting penalty is out of the tournament.


1. Hockey Canada rules, OMHA regulations and the OMHA Manual of Operations shall apply to all teams, In addition to these rules, complying with the rules of the International Silver Stick Hockey Association;
2. All players shall wear all approved equipment and safety protection (ie: mouthguards, neck guards) as established by the OMHA Manual of Operations.

[ It should be noted that teams from outside the OMHA are only required to wear mouth guards if that is a requirement of their parent body. ]

3. The tournament will employ a three (3) official system for all Bantam/Midget games
4. The ice will be resurfaced prior to each game with the exception of Bantam/Midget games which may have the ice resurfaced every two (2) periods of game play when Bantam/Midget games are scheduled back-to-back.
5. Teams must be at the Arena and prepared to start the games fifteen (15) minutes prior to the published scheduled start time.


1. All team managers are required to register and sign-in in the tournament room upstairs at the CCC Pond Arena at least forty-five (45) minutes prior to their first game.  Teams not playing their first game at the CCC will be required to sign in immediately following their first game.
2. An approved electronic team roster Travel Permit from your governing body must be provided to the tournament organizers prior to your first game.


1. The Round-Robin segment of the tournament will be followed by a semi final/final game(s) for the proceeding teams.

During the Round-Robin segment of the tournament, points will be awarded as follows

Game Points: 2   Points for a win        1   Point for a tie              0   Points for a loss

3. Tie breaking in round robin standings will be based, in order, on:

If only 2 teams tied,

A - The head to head record involving the two teams.

If 3 or more teams tied,

B - The best ratio of: (in all round robin games.) Goals for / Goals for + Goals against, then
C - The team with the least goals allowed, then
D - The team with the lowest number of penalty minutes (misconducts count as 10), then
E - A toss of the coin by tournament chairman or designate.
4.  To promote sportsmanship in the Tournament, a maximum of a five goal margin in a Round-Robin game will be used in the calculation of a tiebreaker and games will be recored to the scoreboard and website as such.  In the event that there is a five (5) or more goal difference at anytime during the third period of a Round-Robin game, the game clock will continue to run.  The only time the clock would stop is during a Referee signaled injury timeout.   During run time, a two (2) minute penalty shall be assigned three (3) minutes on the score clock and a five (5) minute penalty shall be assigned six (6) minutes on the score clock.
5. In the event that a team either forfeits a game or fails to complete a game, a score of 3 to 0 will be recorded and the winning team will be awarded two points for the win.
6. In the event an uneven number of teams are in a division causing one team to play a fourth round-robin game, in said team's 4th and final round-robin game, said team cannot earn any points and their score will not be counted. 


1. All tournament games shall consist of a three (3) minute warm-up.   The game clock will commence when the Referees skate onto the ice.
2. All games will be comprised of three (3) stop time periods.
3. Period Lengths

Round Robin
Novice 10-10-10
Minor Atom 10-10-15
Minor Peewee 10-10-15
Minor Bantam 10-15-15
Minor Midget 10-15-15
All warm-ups shall be 3 minutes.

Quarter/Semi Final & Final Games:
Novice 10-10-10
Minor Atom 10-10-15
Minor Peewee 10-10-15
Minor Bantam 10-15-15
Minor Midget 10-15-15
All warm-ups shall be 3 minutes.
4. No overtime shall be played during the Round-Robin segment.
5. There will be no timeouts permitted during the Round-Robin segment.
6. During the Championship game, the length of the periods shall be the same as in round robin play. Floods during the game to be determined.
7. One (1) thirty (30) second timeout shall be permitted for each team during the Semi-Finals and Championship games. Must be used in regulation time, no-time outs in Overtime.


E. TIES IN SEMI-FINAL AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: If at the end of regulation time the score is tied, Overtime shall be conducted in a series of 10-minute sudden victory over time periods. First team that scores in the overtime period is declared the winner.
1. The teams will take a two (2) minute rest at their benches
2. During all these overtime periods, teams will play with 3 skaters plus a goalkeeper. Substitutions (including the goalie) are allowed.
3. The teams will not change ends.   
4. No timeouts can be called by the coaches.
5. When a penalty would result in a team having less than 3 skaters, the penalized team shall play with 3 skaters and the other team shall add one (or two) player(s) for the duration of the penalty, returning to the proper number of players at the first stoppage in play following the expiration of the penalty.
6. Overtime games will flood after 2 overtime periods.


1. Any player or team personnel ejected from a game will be suspended from their teams’ next scheduled tournament game based upon the Ontario Hockey Federation minimum suspension guidelines.
2. Any player or team personnel receiving a Gross Misconduct or a Match Penalty at any time and/or for any reason during the tournament shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.


1. A goaltender shall not be permitted a “warm-up” following a goaltender change during a tournament game, regardless of the reason (ie: injury) for such a change.
2. The Home Team for each tournament game shall be the team so designated in the Official Tournament Schedule.  In the event of a jersey conflict the Home Team will change jerseys.
3. All teams shall use the arena dressing room assigned to them during each tournament game.   Each team shall assume full responsibility for securing and/or otherwise protecting any/all of their belongings.  Teams are asked to leave their dressing room in a neat and clean condition within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the game.
5. No more than five (5) team officials on the game sheet or bench.
As per OMHA regulations, i
t is the responsibility of the team to ensure Team Officials sign the game sheet prior to the start of each game IF THEY WILL BE ON THE BENCH.  Failure to sign the game sheet can result in suspension of the head coach.
6. Division winners are expected to participate at the International Silver Stick Finals
  Revised:      November, 2016