Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Midland, MI Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 18, 2016
Pee Wee A 35:30 PMSouth Ann Arbor Wolves 1-4Midland Northstars
Pee Wee A 45:45 PMPPH Muskegon Jr. Jacks 3-1Chelsea Chiefs
Bantam A -56:45 PMSouth Birmingham Rangers 6-1Traverse City North Stars
Bantam A -67:00 PMPPH Saginaw Jr. Spirit 4-4Chelsea Chiefs
Bantam A -78:00 PMSouth Midland Northstars 0-5Grand Rapids Blades
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Pee Wee A 97:45 AMSouth Chelsea Chiefs 3-7Ann Arbor Wolves
Pee Wee A 88:00 AMPPH Midland Northstars 4-2Muskegon Jr. Jacks
Bantam A -118:55 AMSouth Chelsea Chiefs 4-2Birmingham Rangers
Bantam A -109:15 AMPPH Grand Rapids Blades 4-2Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Bantam A -1210:05 AMSouth Traverse City North Stars 3-2Midland Northstars
Pee Wee A 131:30 PMPPH Chelsea Chiefs 3-7Midland Northstars
Pee Wee A 141:45 PMSouth Ann Arbor Wolves 3-6Muskegon Jr. Jacks
Bantam A -152:45 PMPPH Chelsea Chiefs 6-1Midland Northstars
Bantam A -163:00 PMSouth Birmingham Rangers 0-5Grand Rapids Blades
Bantam A -174:15 PMSouth Traverse City North Stars 2-1Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Bnt A-Silv189:15 AMSouth Traverse City North Stars 1-4Chelsea Chiefs
Bnt A-Silv199:30 AMPPH Birmingham Rangers 4-3Grand Rapids Blades
Pee Wee A 2011:45 AMSouth Muskegon Jr. Jacks 1-5Midland Northstars
Bnt A-Silv223:00 PMSouth Birmingham Rangers 1-2Chelsea Chiefs
Friday, November 25, 2016
Bantam AA 231:45 PMSouth Saginaw Jr. Spirit 9-0Tri City Jr. Icehawks
Bantam AA 242:00 PMPPH Ann Arbor Wolverines 2-1Fox Motors
Pee Wee AA254:30 PMSouth Soo Lakers 0-8Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Pee Wee AA264:45 PMPPH Flint Jr. Firebirds 0-4USA Eagles
Squirt AA 275:45 PMSouth Soo Lakers 4-2Fox Motors
Pee Wee AA286:00 PMPPH Fox Motors Blue 4-3Midland Northstars
Bantam AA 297:00 PMSouth Tri City Jr. Icehawks 2-2Ann Arbor Wolverines
Bantam AA 307:15 PMPPH Fox Motors 2-6Soo Lakers
Saturday, November 26, 2016
Pee Wee AA318:00 AMSouth Saginaw Jr. Spirit 1-6USA Eagles
Pee Wee AA328:15 AMPPH Flint Jr. Firebirds 3-4Soo Lakers
Squirt AA 339:15 AMSouth Fox Motors 1-5Soo Lakers
Pee Wee AA349:30 AMPPH Muskegon Jr. Jacks 6-0Fox Motors Blue
Bantam AA 3510:30 AMSouth Tri City Jr. Icehawks 5-2Fox Motors
Bantam AA 3610:45 AMPPH Saginaw Jr. Spirit 5-1Soo Lakers
Pee Wee AA371:45 PMSouth USA Eagles 5-0Soo Lakers
Pee Wee AA382:15 PMPPH Flint Jr. Firebirds 2-4Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Squirt AA 393:00 PMSouth Soo Lakers 3-3Fox Motors
Pee Wee AA403:30 PMPPH Midland Northstars 3-4Muskegon Jr. Jacks
Bantam AA 414:30 PMSouth Ann Arbor Wolverines 0-4Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Bantam AA 424:45 PMPPH Soo Lakers 6-1Tri City Jr. Icehawks
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Pee Wee AA437:00 AMSouth Muskegon Jr. Jacks 2-1Soo Lakers
PW AA-Gree447:15 AMPPH Midland Northstars 3-2Fox Motors Blue
Bantam AA 458:15 AMSouth Soo Lakers 5-2Ann Arbor Wolverines
Bantam AA 468:30 AMPPH Fox Motors 0-7Saginaw Jr. Spirit
PW AA-Silv479:30 AMSouth Saginaw Jr. Spirit 1-2USA Eagles
PW AA-Gree4812:15 PMPPH Midland Northstars 2-0Muskegon Jr. Jacks
Bantam AA 491:30 PMSouth Soo Lakers 2-8Saginaw Jr. Spirit
Bnt AA-Gre503:15 PMSouth Tri City Jr. Icehawks 1-3Ann Arbor Wolverines
Friday, December 9, 2016
Bantam B11:00 AMPPH Saginaw Vondette Roofing 2-4Lansing Senators
Bantam B11:15 AMSouth Midland Feeny 6-3Saginaw Sharks
Pee Wee B1:45 PMPPH Bay County Blizzard 7-4Midland Park Place Homes
Pee Wee B2:15 PMSouth Saginaw Renegades 2-1Midland Feeny
Squirt B3:00 PMPPH Saginaw Storm Master Hurricanes 5-1Midland Feeny
Squirt B3:30 PMSouth Lapeer Thunder 3-9Midland Eastman Party Store
Bantam B4:15 PMPPH Saginaw Sharks 0-5TC Bagger Daves
Bantam B4:45 PMSouth Lansing Senators 4-2Midland Feeny
Midget A6:15 PMSouth Plymouth Stingrays 2-3Grand Rapids Griffins
Midget A7:45 PMSouth Toledo Cherokee 5-3Kensington Valley Raiders
Saturday, December 10, 2016
Squirt B7:30 AMPPH Midland Eastman Party Store 5-3Saginaw Storm Master Hurricanes
Squirt B8:15 AMSouth Midland Feeny 3-4Lapeer Thunder
Pee Wee B8:45 AMPPH Midland Park Place Homes 1-1Midland Feeny
Pee Wee B9:30 AMSouth Bay County Blizzard 3-5Saginaw Renegades
Bantam B10:00 AMPPH Midland Feeny 2-1Saginaw Vondette Roofing
Bantam B10:45 AMSouth Lansing Senators 1-5TC Bagger Daves
Midget A11:15 AMPPH Kensington Valley Raiders 9-0Grand Rapids Griffins
Midget A12:15 PMSouth Toledo Cherokee 1-3Plymouth Stingrays
Squirt B1:45 PMSouth Lapeer Thunder 6-4Saginaw Storm Master Hurricanes
Pee Wee B2:45 PMPPH Saginaw Renegades 1-6Midland Park Place Homes
Squirt B3:00 PMSouth Midland Feeny 4-5Midland Eastman Party Store
Bantam B4:00 PMPPH Saginaw Sharks 5-4Lansing Senators
Pee Wee B4:30 PMSouth Midland Feeny 2-5Bay County Blizzard
Bantam B5:15 PMPPH TC Bagger Daves 5-1Saginaw Vondette Roofing
Midget A5:45 PMSouth Grand Rapids Griffins 0-5Toledo Cherokee
Midget A7:15 PMSouth Plymouth Stingrays 0-4Kensington Valley Raiders
Sunday, December 11, 2016
Bantam B9:30 AMSouth Saginaw Vondette Roofing 0-7Saginaw Sharks
Bantam B9:45 AMPPH TC Bagger Daves 2-2Midland Feeny
Squirt B -10:45 AMSouth Lapeer Thunder 2-4Midland Eastman Party Store
Pee Wee B12:30 PMSouth Bay County Blizzard 3-2Saginaw Renegades
Finals Mid2:15 PMSouth Kensington Valley Raiders 5-0Toledo Cherokee
Bantam B f4:15 PMSouth Midland Feeny 0-4TC Bagger Daves
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