Tournament Rules, 2016-17 Midland, MI Regional, Mid-Michigan Region, 2016-2017, American Regionals (International Silver Stick)

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2016 Mid-Michigan Silver Stick Rules 

MAHA Sanction #MIT1718810381, MIT1718810809, MIT1718810859


 All players and coaches who will be on the ice/bench must sign in prior to game time.  Only players whose names appear on the USA roster may participate in tournament games.  Names need to be signed and printed as they appear on the roster.  Sign in will take place before the first game only.  If you have players that didn’t make your first game, they need to sign in at the front desk in the presence of the head coach for verification, prior to playing.



 Locker room keys will be picked up at the front registration desk where you sign in.  Please choose one person from your team to be in charge of this key, picking it up and returning it. They will be required to pay a $20.00 deposit to get the key to the locker room.  We will not accept car keys or a driver’s license instead.  This deposit will be returned at the end of the tournament if the locker rooms you were assigned were left clean and undamaged.  We will have someone checking the locker room upon each departure.  If our attendants have to clean up the locker room prior to the next team taking possession, your money will not be refunded, rather be used to pay someone to clean up after you, or as a deposit on damages if there are any.


Please be sure to have your players change and exit the locker rooms as soon as possible as there will be other teams waiting to get in and get ready for their game.



Ø  The home team is designated as the first team listed for each game.  The home team will wear a light color jersey and the visiting team will wear a dark color jersey. 

Ø  All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time as games may start earlier if the ice is available.  Finals games will start at the scheduled time even if the ice is free earlier.

Ø  Due to the number of teams over three weekends of tournaments, we cannot accommodate schedule requests, so teams must be prepared to play the first game Friday morning.

Ø  Periods:      13 Minute Periods – Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam

15 Minute Periods - Midget A



Ø  12 Team Divisions: Split into three – 4 team divisions (Green, White and Silver).  Round robin format – each team plays the teams in their divisions (3 games).  The top team in each bracket advances to the semi-finals, along with one wild card team.  The wild card team will be the non-bracket winner with the most points accumulated in pool play.  Tie breaker rules will apply as needed.  The winners of the semi-final games advance to the championship game.

Ø  8 Team Divisions:  Split into two – 4 team divisions (Green and White). Round robin format – each team plays the teams in their divisions (3 games).  The top two teams per division advance to the semi-finals.  The winners of the semi-final games advance to the championship game.

Ø  6 Team Divisions:  Split into two – 3 team divisions (Green and White).  Round robin format – each team plays the teams in the other division (3 games).  All 6 teams are then ranked in order based on the points accumulated in pool play.  The top 4 teams advance to the semi-final games.  The winners of the semi-final games advance to the championship game.

Ø  4 Team Divisions:  Round robin format – each team plays the teams in their division (3 games).  The top two teams advance into the finals.




A maximum of four coaches, whose names appear on the team’s official USA roster, will be permitted on/around the player’s bench during any tournament game.  The head coach is responsible for ensuring all players sign in prior to the FIRST game the player plays in. Failure to comply and the player not signed in will not be allowed to play in the game. The Tournament Director discusses tournament issues with the head coach ONLY and all decisions made by the Tournament Director are final.



The head coach is required to sign the score sheet at the front registration desk and confirm that your roster is correct no later than fifteen (15) minutes prior to the designated game start time. After the game is complete, a copy of the score sheet may be picked up at the front registration desk.



Ø  There is NO overtime during round robin play.

Ø  Teams will receive 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss.

Ø  If five (5) or more goals separate the teams at the end of the second period, or at any time in the third period, a running time shall be instituted except for injuries, until the deficit falls below five (5) goals.

Ø  Five (5) goals is the maximum differential allowed for purposes of calculating the goals for/goals against (plus/minus) for each game.

Ø  If a team elects to dress only one goaltender, and he/she is injured during tournament play, another player may be dressed.  However, this must be accomplished on the bench, as no time out will be allowed.  Another player will be permitted on the ice until the substitute goaltender is ready.

Ø  Ice will be resurfaced before all games. There will not be resurfacing between periods during regulation play.  Ice resurfacing during overtimes can be done at the discretion of the on-ice officials/Tournament Director. 

Ø  There will be NO timeouts allowed in pool play games.  Each team is allowed a single one minute timeout in Semi-final or Championship games, regardless of the duration of the game.

Ø  Any major penalty for FIGHTING will result in automatic suspension of the player from all remaining games of the tournament.  This is an International Silver Stick Rule! 

Ø  On-ice officials have been instructed not to take any physical or verbal abuse from any players, coaches, or spectators at any time.  If they do encounter such abuse, the game will be stopped until the abusive person leaves the arena.  The on-ice officials are a separate entity from the Tournament staff and MAHL. 



The Midland Amateur Hockey League follows the MAHA STAR Hockey program.

Coaches, parents and other team or association personnel may be suspended from participation in the Midland Silver Stick Regional Tournament including all games and removal from the rink premises for conduct deemed by the Tournament Director to be detrimental to the best interests of youth hockey. Such conduct shall include but not be limited to the following:

  1. Fighting or inciting others to fight
  2. Obscene language, conduct or behavior (i.e. pounding on the glass)
  3. Language, conduct or behavior intended to intimidate others (i.e. yelling at referees)
  4. Refusal and/or failure to immediately heed a directive from a referee, authorized rink personnel or the Tournament Director.
  5. No horns or noise makers permitted in the arena.



In the event of a tie between teams after pool play (Total Points), the position of all teams that are tied for the standings will be determined by the following:

1.      The results of the head-to-head games played between the tied teams in the following order:

a.       The points acquired in these games (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss).

b.      Differential (plus/minus) - Subtracting the total number of goals scored against from the total number of goals scored in these games, the positions being determined in order of the greatest surplus.  The maximum differential for each game shall be five (5) goals.

c.       The team giving up the least number of goals in these games with the maximum being five (5) goals.

2.      If, after applying the formulas of 1a, 1b or 1c, the tie still exists, 1b and 1c shall be applied using all of the pool play games played by the teams that are tied.  Note:  the formulas shall be applied in the order 1a, 1b, 1c, 2.

3.      Scoring quotient.  The scoring quotient is determined by dividing the goals scored in pool play by the total of goals scored for and against.  Whichever team has the higher quotient advances.  The maximum differential for each game shall be five (5) goals.

Example:  Team A             15 GF 7 GA     Quotient is 15/22=.681

                          Team B             14 GF 6 GA     Quotient is 14/20=.700

              Therefore team B advances.

4.      Team with fewest number of penalty minutes in all pool play games.

5.      Highest goal total with tied opponents.  The maximum differential for each game shall be five (5) goals.

6.      Highest goal total for all games.  The maximum differential for each game shall be five (5) goals.

7.      Coin toss.



In the event of a tie score at the end of regulation time in a Semi-final or Championship game, teams will play a ten (10) minute sudden-death overtime period.  For the overtime period, teams will stay at their own ends.  If at the end of the ten minute overtime period the game is still tied, a shootout will decide the winner.  The shootout will begin with three (3) designated shooters from each team.  If still tied after first round of shootout, it now becomes a “SUDDEN DEATH” shootout.  A sudden death shootout is defined as each team attempting a shot.  Should one team score and the other team not score, the team that scored wins the shootout.  A team may not repeat shooters until all skaters are used.  The home team will decide if they would like to shoot first or second.



All USA Hockey rules apply. 

All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final!