2024 Tournament Rules, Whitby Finals, Final (International Silver Stick)

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Gloria Rints Memorial International Silver Stick

2024 Tournament Rules

1. A total of 19 players may be signed to the entry form, however, US teams may sign and dress
20 per USA Hockey Rules

2. All teams will play a minimum of 4 games (Round Robin).

3. Teams using Affiliated Players (A/P's) must provide proper documentation. Players may play
for only one team in the Tournament.

4. U10/9U (2015), U12/11U (2013) & U14/13U (2011) & U16/15U (2009) 30 TEAMS WITH 6 X 5 TEAM DIVISIONS)

The six Division Winners after the Round Robin series will advance to the Quarter Finals as well as two 2nd place wildcard teams that will be determined by the tie breaking rules.  The five Division Winners will be ranked 1,2,3,4,5,6 and maintain that ranking. The two Wildcard Teams will be ranked 7,8.  The ranking will be determined by the Tie Breaking Rules #7. The teams in the Quarter and Semifinal games will be matched based on the team records in the Round Robin games. The team with the highest point standing will play the team with the lowest point standing. The only exception to this rule is that no team will play a team in the Quarter or Semifinals that it played in the Round Robin series until the Championship Game. 

U10/9U (2015) & U12/11U (2013)  10-15-15 mins.
U14/13U (2011) 12-15-15 mins
U16/15U (2009)  12-15-15 mins. (Flood between 2nd & 3rd periods).

6. Division winners will be determined by a point system as follows: 2 Points for a win, 1 Point
for a tie, and 0 Points for a loss. Overtime will be played only in the Quarter, Semis and Finals.
Refer to Rule #12.

7. In the event of a tie in points after the Round Robin games, the following procedure will be followed until a winner is declared:

(a) The result of the game between the teams involved will determine the winner.
Divide the goals for by the total of the goals for and goals against. The team with the highest
percentage will be declared the winner.
The team that scored the first goal in the game between the tied teams
will be declared the
The team with the least penalty minutes will be declared the winner.
(e) The team that scored the earliest goal in their first game will be declared the winner.

When selecting the two quarter final wildcard teams, the same procedure will be followed to determine the two teams advancing.

There will be no change of ends after regulation time. All overtime periods are sudden victory.

Quarter Final, Semi-Final, and Championship Games:
If tied at the end of regulation time, teams will play one ten (10) minute overtime period. If still
tied, play will resume in a three (3) minute overtime period with four skaters per team. If still tied
after three (3) minutes an additional three (3) minute period will resume with three skaters per team.
If still tied, play will resume with two skaters per team and play until a team scores. All penalties
carry over to all overtime periods. Should a penalty occur with two skaters per team on the ice,
the non-offending team will be allowed an extra player to the ice until the expiration of the penalty
and will not return to two on two until the first stoppage of play after the penalty has expired.  When penalty has expired the penalized player will return to the ice and the teams will play three on three until the first stoppage of play and then revert back to playing two on two.

The mercy Rule applies when a team is ahead by five or more goals in the third period. The clock
will run until the gap is reduced to three goals, at which point the clock will revert back to stop time. The only time the clock would be stopped during running time is if an on-ice injury should occur. All penalties are running time.

10. No timeouts allowed except for one 30 second timeout in the Championship game.

11. Teams must be prepared to go on the ice up to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. The pre-game warm-up will start immediately after the arena attendant closes the zamboni doors after the flood. Teams are not to go on the ice until the doors are closed.

12. Pre-game warm-ups will be limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.  Immediately after the flood the clock will be set at 3 minutes more than the prescribed 1st period stop time minutes and the teams will begin their warm-up. The clock will continue to run until the first stoppage of play after the opening face-off.  Players must be ready for the opening face-off after the 3 minute warm-up. If they are not, the first period playing time will be sacrificed.

13. O.M.H.A. rules will govern all games. In addition to these rules, complying with the rules of the
International Silver Stick Hockey Association, any player receiving a five minute fighting penalty is out of the tournament.

14. Protective Equipment.  Teams are permitted to wear whatever equipment their League or Association mandates and not required to meet the OMHA standards.

15. There is no body checking allowed at the U10/9U AND U12/11U levels.

16. Dressing Rooms must be vacated 20 minutes after each game.

17. The team designated as the home team will wear their light coloured sweaters. When the sweater colours conflict it will be the responsibility of the home team to change

18. Individual Trophies or plaques will be awarded to the Champions and Finalists in each age group. Each member of the Championship team will also receive a Championship Silver Stick Pin, All Champions and Finalists teams will also receive a Team Trophy or Plaque for display in their arena. The Champions will also receive a Championship Banner. All participants in the Tournament will receive a dated Silver Stick pin as a Tournament memento.

19. A trophy will be awarded to the Tournament M.V.P. in each age group with the winner being announced after the playing of the Championship game.

20. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to render decisions regarding rule interpretations and objections.  Protests are not allowed.  All decisions are final.