Opening Ceremonies, Pelham Finals, 2023-2024, Finals (International Silver Stick)

PrintOpening Ceremonies

OFFICIAL Host and Sponsor of Pelham International Silver Stick


DATE: Thursday, January 11, 2023 TIME: 5:00pm to 9:00pm 


Food and Beverages are available: There will be food kiosks set up throughout the event areas offering snack items, pizza, hot dogs, and drinks. There will be bar service in the main lobby, in the upper lobby and inside the Accipiter arena


Please bring Canadian Cash when possible, Debit and Visa available at the Bar Ticket area and the main lobby concession. There is no ATM in the building. 


 Agenda for Event:


Pin Trading: 5:30 to 6:30

This will happen in the Gym area. Players are encouraged to spend time meeting other players and trading Pins.

During this time noise makers will be provided to the players. One to each player to cheer on their team coach and captain as they are called to the ice.


 Opening Parade of Champions:  6:30pm will assemble and start about 7:00pm

Coaches and Team Captain/Team Player Representative will be asked to go to Accursi Room on the second level to get in the Parade procession.  The Coaches and team captain will be escorted to their entry point on to the ice and will be announced as they enter the main ice surface. The ice surface will have carpets laid out along the boards and across ice for the parade onto the ice.


The Opening Ceremonies will begin with the piping in of the flags, the national anthems and then the Parade of Champions on to the ice surface. There will be some short speeches and then the official puck drop.


7:00PM  Featured Game in in Duliban Arena


For. those that wish you can also continue to socialize the event is open until 9:00pm 

Good Luck to all Teams. We hope you all have a great experience