RULES, Pelham Finals, 2023-2024, Final (International Silver Stick)

24th Annual International Silver Stick Finals, Pelham Hockey Tournament 
OMHA Tournament Sanction number 12522

Tournament Rules – All Divisions – January 11 – 14, 2024

1. All OHF rules apply. All suspensions related to assessed penalties will be enforced within the tournament.

2. Any player, coach, manager, or trainer found to be making a travesty of the game shall be expelled from tournament play.

3. Any player, coach, manager, or trainer found to be abusive toward ANY PLAYER, TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL, OR VOLUNTEER will be expelled from further tournament participation.  Further, any attempt by any team official, player or parent to intimidate any player verbally or physically, tournament official or tournament volunteer may result in expulsion from the tournament of the entire team.  This decision will be made solely by the Tournament Director and will not be negotiable once made.

4. Approved O.M.H.A. rosters or USA Hockey approved rosters will be required as proof of the players’ eligibility. These cards/rosters must be presented to tournament officials before the first game. No player will be allowed to play without such evidence of eligibility. Only players listed on the official tournament roster sheet submitted at the start of the tournament will be allowed to participate in the tournament. NO NAMES CAN BE ADDED AFTER THE FIRST GAME. Teams must use the same roster used in the qualifying regional tournament unless approval is received in advance from the Tournament Director or Registrar in writing.  A valid explanation must be provided.

5. Teams must report to the dressing room forty minutes prior to the scheduled game time. All teams are required to be prepared to play up to twenty minutes in advance of scheduled times if tournament conditions permit. Teams unable to make the scheduled starting time shall forfeit the game. 

6. Teams must remain in the dressing room until the Zamboni has left the ice and the gates have been closed.

7. All round robin games and Quarter Finals Semi Final games, in all divisions will be 10-10-15 stop time. 

Finals in all divisions will be 10-15-15 stop time. 

No overtime in round robin games.  Each round-robin game will be awarded two points for a victory, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss.  

Ties in the quarter-final games will be decided using a shoot-out format. Coaches must submit a list of three shooters immediately at the end regulation time. 

• The home team has the choice of shooting first or defending first.
• Shooters will alternate between the two teams at all times.

Part A. Total Goal Format
• Three different shooters from each team will take alternate shots with the total goals scored used to break the tie.
• If the game is still tied after three shots by each team, the shoot-out will continue with a sudden death format.

Part B. Sudden Death Format
• A player used during Part A above can only be repeated once during the sudden death portion until all skaters on the team have had an attempt.
• The shootout continues one shooter at a time for each team until a winner is decided.

Semi-final and final games will have 10-minute sudden victory periods, in the event of a tie, until a winner is declared.  
All overtime periods will be played with four skaters per side.
8. This tournament will not have body checking in any divisions, other than U15 C Tier II & D 14U B (2009) DIVISION.

9. The touch-up offside rule is in effect for the tournament.

10. The two-point leading teams in each pool will move on to the semifinal round.
In the event teams are tied in points at the end of the round robin, standings will be determined in the following order to break the tie.

1. The result of the game between the tied teams. Does not apply if a three-way tie exists unless one team beat the other two.
2. Goals for divided by (Goals For plus Goals Against).
3. Least goals against across all preliminary games
4. Fastest goal in the first game of the tournament.
5. Coin toss

11. The first team listed in the schedule is the home team and will wear white or light colour jersey. The second team listed is the visiting team and will wear dark colour jersey.  

12. The tournament director reserves the right to make all decisions regarding tournament rules, regulations, or protests. Any protest must be in writing and be accompanied by a $200 non-refundable cash deposit.  All decisions related to a protest will be final with no grounds for further appeal.  The cash deposit will be returned only in the event of a successful appeal.

Finally, under Ontario Minor Hockey rules, neck guards and mouth guards are mandatory at all age levels.  The safety of the players competing is of paramount importance to the Tournament Committee.  As a result, we ask that all players wear both neck guards and mouth guards for their protection.  

While we cannot force any team or player from a different governing body to comply with the equipment rules, we would ask that you do so out of respect for the game and the safety of all players competing.

The Tournament rules must be reviewed with the players, team staff and parents and then a signed document must be uploaded to your team portal.