Tournament Format & Rules, Sarnia Boys Finals, 2022-2023, Final (International Silver Stick)

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2023 Sarnia International Silver Stick® Tournament Format & Rules




1.      A & AA divisions will play a 4 game round robin to determine seeding for elimination games.  All age groups will play semi-final games with the seeding based on the results of the round robin games.

2.      AAA divisions will play a 4 game round robin to determine seeding for semi-final elimination games.

3.      Game lengths will be as follows:

a.      U11/10U – 10 - 15 -15

b.      U18/18U A/AA – 15 - 15 - 15

c.      U18/18U AAA – 15 - 15 – 20

4.      Hockey Canada playing rules will be used for all tournament games.

5.      There will be NO TIMOUTS in round robin play.  Teams will be allowed one, 30 second time out in seeded elimination games.

6.      In round robin play teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie.

7.      Seeding will be determined in the following order:

a.      Most points

b.      Head to Head play (In the event of a 3+ way tie H2H will not be used as a tie breaker).

c.      Highest goal percentage. Calculated GF/(GF + GA).

d.      Total (least) penalty minutes. M = 10m, GM = 10m, GRM = 15m, MP = 15m.

e.      Fastest goal by the team in the first game of the tournament.

f.       Coin flip.  In the event of a three way tie the odd coin is awarded highest seed.

8.      The overtime format for seeded elimination games will be as follows:

a.      3 on 3, 15 minute sudden victory (3 skaters + 1 goalie).

b.      Penalties in the overtime period(s) will result in the non-offending team gaining an on ice strength advantage (4 on 3, 5 on 3).

c.       Penalized players will return to the ice following their penalties and teams will play 4 on 4, or 5 on 5 until the stoppage following the expiration of the penalty where teams will return on 3 on 3 strength.

9.      Teams will be ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game time.  Games will start no earlier than 15 minutes early.



1.    RULE BOOK:  All C.H.A / Alliance rules apply plus the following Sarnia Silver Stick rules.

2.    FIGHTINGAutomatic ejection for duration of tournament.

3.    MATCHAutomatic ejection for duration of tournament.

4.    MAJORAny player or team official receiving TWO (2) Major penalties of any type shall be ejected for the duration of the tournament.

5.    TRAVESTYAny player, team official or parent found to be making a travesty of the game shall be expelled from further tournament participation.

6.    ABUSE: Any player, team official or parent found to be abusive toward ANY TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL, will be expelled from further tournament participation.

7.    EJECTION: Any player or team official ejected from a game for any reason shall remain in the dressing room for the duration of the game.  Failure to do so will result in expulsion from further tournament play.

8.    PARENTS:  Any parent that is ejected from the arena during the tournament must leave IMMEDIATELY and shall not be allowed to participate as a spectator for the duration of the tournament.  Should the parent(s) refuse to leave in a timely fashion the game shall be forfeited.  Team officials ARE required to supply the name of any parent(s) ejected to Tournament Officials.  Failure to do so shall result in the immediate withdrawal of the team from tournament play.

9.    OFFSIDES/ICING:  Delayed (Touch-up) offsides are in effect.  Automatic icings (play blown dead when the puck crosses the goal line).

10. NECK GUARDS/MOUTH GUARDS: To be worn in accordance with YOUR home association.

Games will be run time if there is a 5 goal differential in the 3rd period.  Once run time is established it will be used for the remainder of the game.


The Tournament Director's decision is final.