Registration, Wingham Regional, South Western Region, 2018-2019, Canadian Regionals (International Silver Stick)

Registration forms for the 2017 Midget and Atom tournaments are not yet available.  This year we hope to have online registration available.  Thank you for your patience.

Tournament Rules & Regulations

1) Each team is guaranteed 3 games.
2) Each team will receive after their first game.  Tickets are not valid after first game. 
3) Players and coaching staff will receive Silver Stick participation pins.
4) The tournament is sanctioned by the International Silver Stick Hockey Association and the OMHA.
5) Tournament acceptance will be confirmed 3 weeks prior to the tournament.
6) Equipment cannot be stored at the tournament venues.
7) All teams must be bring both Home and Away jerseys.
8) Teams are allowed a 3 minute warm up prior to the start of each game.
9) Teams must produce their OMHA approved roster at least 1 HOUR BEFORE THE START OF THEIR FIRST GAME to the registration office.
10)  Teams must be at the arena 1 hour before game time and prepared to play 1/2 hour ahead of the scheduled start time in the event the tournament is ahead of schedule.  This applies to Saturday and Sunday games only.
11) Any player, coach, manager or trainer not properly carded will be allowed to compete.
12) Team classification must correspond to your current OMHA registration.
13) Any player receiving a major penalty for fighting is expelled from the remainder of the tournament.
14) Games are played at Wingham's North Huron Wescast Community Complex and the Blyth arena.
15) Tie breaking formula for round-robin is as follows:
                                a) Two points for a win and 1 for a tie.
                                b) In the event of a points tie after round robin, the following will prevail:
                                        I) Winner of the head to head game of the tied teams will win.
                                       II) Total goals for and against divided into total goals for.  Higher percentage is the winner.
                                      III) If still tied, the team that scored first in the head to head game will be the winner.
                                       IV) Final option if all the above do not produce a winner will be a coin flip by the managers.