Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Fort Wayne Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 9, 2016
U10A Green11:20 PMRink 2 Winterhurst Warriors0-2Bowling Green Ice Cats
U10A White21:30 PMRink 1 Canton-Akron Penguins6-1Toledo Cherokee
U10 B31:40 PMRink 3 North Olmstead Eagles1-5Fort Wayne Komets Select
U10A White42:30 PMRink 2 Dayton Stealth6-0Indianapolis Jr. Fuel
U10 B52:40 PMRink 1 Cincinnati Swords6-0Columbus Blue Jackets
U10A Green62:50 PMRink 3 Columbus Blue Jackets2-0Kent Cyclones
U10 B73:40 PMRink 2 Fort Wayne Komets6-0South Indy Sharks
U12 B83:50 PMRink 1 South Indy Sharks3-1Fort Wayne Komets Select
U14 A94:00 PMRink 3 Bowling Green Ice Cats6-0Cincinnati Swords
U12A White104:50 PMRink 2 Bowling Green Ice Cats4-2Glen Ellyn Admirals
U12A Green115:10 PMRink 1 Cincinnati Swords2-0Columbus Blue Jackets
U14 B126:10 PMRink 2 Columbus Blue Jackets4-0Fort Wayne Komets Select
U12A Green136:30 PMRink 1 West Dundee Leafs5-0Toledo Cherokee
U10 B147:00 PMRink 3 Fort Wayne Komets Select5-6Niles Rangers
U14 A157:30 PMRink 2 Geneva Cyclones5-3Cleveland Sharks
U12 B167:50 PMRink 1 Orland Park Arctic Jr. Fury9-2Canton-Akron Penguins
U12A White178:10 PMRink 3 Evansville Thunder1-1Findlay Jr. Trojans
U14 B188:50 PMRink 2 Fort Wayne Komets2-0South Bend Irish Rovers
U14 A199:10 PMRink 1 Cincinnati Swords5-1South Indy Sharks
U14 B209:30 PMRink 3 Glen Ellyn Admirals2-6Bloomington Blades
Saturday, December 10, 2016
U10A Green216:30 AMRink 2 Winterhurst Warriors3-2Columbus Blue Jackets
U10A Green226:50 AMRink 1 Bowling Green Ice Cats4-2Kent Cyclones
U10A White237:00 AMRink 3 Toledo Cherokee2-3Indianapolis Jr. Fuel
U10 B247:40 AMRink 2 Columbus Blue Jackets6-0South Indy Sharks
U10 B258:00 AMRink 1 Cincinnati Swords6-0North Olmstead Eagles
U10 B268:10 AMRink 3 Fort Wayne Komets9-4Niles Rangers
U10A White278:50 AMRink 2 Canton-Akron Penguins3-1Dayton Stealth
U12A Green289:10 AMRink 1 Toledo Cherokee5-1Cincinnati Swords
U12 B299:20 AMRink 3 South Indy Sharks9-0Canton-Akron Penguins
U12A Green3010:30 AMRink 1 Columbus Blue Jackets2-4West Dundee Leafs
U12A White3110:40 AMRink 3 Glen Ellyn Admirals5-1Evansville Thunder
U12A White3211:00 AMRink 2 Findlay Jr. Trojans1-3Bowling Green Ice Cats
U12 B3311:50 AMRink 1 Fort Wayne Komets Select2-5Orland Park Arctic Jr. Fury
U14 A3412:20 PMRink 2 South Indy Sharks2-2Geneva Cyclones
U14 A351:00 PMRink 3 Cleveland Sharks1-7Bowling Green Ice Cats
U14 B361:10 PMRink 1 Bloomington Blades3-2Fort Wayne Komets
U10 B371:40 PMRink 2 South Indy Sharks0-6Fort Wayne Komets Select
U10A Green382:20 PMRink 3 Kent Cyclones7-5Winterhurst Warriors
U14 B392:30 PMRink 1 South Bend Irish Rovers3-2Fort Wayne Komets Select
U10A Green402:50 PMRink 2 Columbus Blue Jackets5-3Bowling Green Ice Cats
U14 B413:30 PMRink 3 Columbus Blue Jackets6-0Glen Ellyn Admirals
U10A White423:50 PMRink 1 Indianapolis Jr. Fuel0-6Canton-Akron Penguins
U10 B434:00 PMRink 2 North Olmstead Eagles0-6Fort Wayne Komets
U10 B444:50 PMRink 3 Niles Rangers0-6Columbus Blue Jackets
U14 A455:00 PMRink 1 Cincinnati Swords1-2Cleveland Sharks
U10A White465:10 PMRink 2 Dayton Stealth4-1Toledo Cherokee
U12 B476:00 PMRink 3 Orland Park Arctic Jr. Fury9-7South Indy Sharks
U10 B486:20 PMRink 1 Fort Wayne Komets Select5-4Cincinnati Swords
U12A Green496:20 PMRink 2 Cincinnati Swords2-5West Dundee Leafs
U12A White507:20 PMRink 3 Findlay Jr. Trojans3-5Glen Ellyn Admirals
U12A Green517:30 PMRink 1 Columbus Blue Jackets1-7Toledo Cherokee
U12A White527:40 PMRink 2 Bowling Green Ice Cats4-2Evansville Thunder
U12 B538:40 PMRink 3 Canton-Akron Penguins1-5Fort Wayne Komets Select
U14 A548:50 PMRink 1 Bowling Green Ice Cats6-0South Indy Sharks
U14 B559:00 PMRink 2 Fort Wayne Komets4-4Columbus Blue Jackets
U14 B5610:00 PMRink 3 Bloomington Blades4-2South Bend Irish Rovers
U14 A5710:10 PMRink 1 Geneva Cyclones3-2Cincinnati Swords
U14 B5810:20 PMRink 2 Fort Wayne Komets Select4-3Glen Ellyn Admirals
Sunday, December 11, 2016
U10 B596:50 AMRink 2 Niles Rangers6-9Cincinnati Swords
U10 B607:00 AMRink 1 South Indy Sharks2-2North Olmstead Eagles
U10 B617:10 AMRink 3 Columbus Blue Jackets9-4Fort Wayne Komets
U10 A Semi628:00 AMRink 2 Dayton Stealth0-3Columbus Blue Jackets
U10 A Semi638:10 AMRink 1 Bowling Green Ice Cats5-6Canton-Akron Penguins
U10 A Cons648:20 AMRink 3 Kent Cyclones7-1Indianapolis Jr. Fuel
U12 B Cons659:20 AMRink 2 Canton-Akron Penguins0-3Fort Wayne Komets Select
U10 A Cons669:30 AMRink 1 Toledo Cherokee1-7Winterhurst Warriors
U12 A Semi679:30 AMRink 3 Toledo Cherokee0-2Bowling Green Ice Cats
U12 A Semi6810:40 AMRink 1 Glen Ellyn Admirals2-4West Dundee Leafs
U14 A6910:40 AMRink 2 Geneva Cyclones1-4Bowling Green Ice Cats
U14 B7011:00 AMRink 3 South Bend Irish Rovers2-3Columbus Blue Jackets
U14 B7112:00 PMRink 2 Fort Wayne Komets Select0-4Bloomington Blades
U14 A7212:10 PMRink 1 Cleveland Sharks7-4South Indy Sharks
U14 B7312:20 PMRink 3 Glen Ellyn Admirals1-7Fort Wayne Komets
U10 A Cham741:20 PMRink 2 Canton-Akron Penguins0-3Columbus Blue Jackets
U12 A Cons751:30 PMRink 1 Evansville Thunder5-3Columbus Blue Jackets
U12 A Cons761:40 PMRink 3 Cincinnati Swords0-2Findlay Jr. Trojans
U10 B Cham772:50 PMRink 1 Fort Wayne Komets2-3Cincinnati Swords
U12 A Cham782:50 PMRink 2 West Dundee Leafs8-1Bowling Green Ice Cats
U12 B Cham793:00 PMRink 3 South Indy Sharks2-5Orland Park Arctic Jr. Fury
U14 B Cham804:20 PMRink 1 Columbus Blue Jackets2-7Bloomington Blades
U14 A Cham814:30 PMRink 2 Geneva Cyclones0-3Bowling Green Ice Cats
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