Tournament Rules, Georgina Regional, Central Region, 2018-2019, Can Reg (International Silver Stick)

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Georgina AA Regional Silver Stick®




• Referee’s decision is final.

• No protests/appeals will be heard on a referee’s decision.

• All teams (team officials) must present themselves at the tournament desk 1 hour prior to their first game to present theirapproved original roster and original travel permit if required. All game sheets are to stay at the tournament desk to be filledout during the tournament. Please make sure you have all documents with you upon arrival.

• Teams using Affiliated Players (A/P’s) must present their approved Affiliated Player Roster when registering their team.Affiliated Players may only play for one team in the Tournament, and must have played in round robin game in order to playin the Semi-final and or finals.

• All games are played under OMHA rules and regulations with the exception of fighting penalties. Fighting will result in anautomatic ejection from the tournament. All suspensions are as per OMHA and CHA ruling.

• Teams will be responsible for any damage to the dressing rooms and other arena facilities.

Report any damage to the tournament office before using the assigned room. Tournament organizers

and representatives are not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

• Dressing Rooms must be vacated 20 minutes after each game.

• A total of 19 players may be signed to the OMHA Tournament Sign In Form (including AP players).

• All teams will play a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 5 games.

• Length of Games

Novice, Atom & Peewee Periods 10/10/15, stop time.

Bantam & Midget          Periods 10/15/15, stop time

• Complying with the rules of the International Silver Stick Association any player receiving a fighting penalty is out of thetournament. When a player is assigned their 4th penalty of the game they will be immediately ejected by a referee. A player onthe ice at that time must serve the ejected players penalty.


• If a player is late to a game, they must be on the game sheet and on the ice before the end of the 2nd period.


• No Timeouts allowed during round robin games. One 30 second timeout in the Semi Final and

Championship games per team.


• Teams must be prepared to go on the ice up to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. The pre-game warm up willstart immediately after the arena attendant closes the Zamboni doors after the flood. Teams are not to go on the ice until thedoors are closed.


• Pre game warm ups will be limited to a maximum of 3 minutes. Players must be ready for the opening face off after the 3minute warm up. If they are not, the first period playing time will be sacrificed.


• Any player receiving a match penalty is out of the tournament.


• Any individual(s) who cannot control themselves and act in a respectable fashion towards the players, officials, coaches, tournament officials, or other tournament spectators will be ejected from the arena. The person(s) ejected from the arena during the tournament must leave immediately and will not be allowed to participate as a spectator for the duration of the tournament.  Should this individual refuse to

leave in a timely fashion the game will be forfeited. Team officials are required to supply the name of that individual(s) to the tournament officials. Failure to do so could result in the immediate withdrawal of the team from tournament play.


• The team designated as the home team will wear their light colored sweaters.

When the sweater colors conflict it will be the responsibility of the home team to change.


• Any player, coach, manager or trainer found to be abusive toward ANY PLAYER, TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL, OR VOLUNTEER willbe expelled from further tournament participation. Further, any attempt by any team official, player or parent to verbally or physically intimidate any player, tournament official or tournament volunteer may result in expulsion from the tournament of the entire team. This decision will be made solely by the Tournament Director and will not be negotiable once made


• Mercy Rule: If at any time there is more then a 5 goal spread in the 3rd period the clock will run.


• The tournament director reserves the right to make all decisions regarding tournament rules, regulations or protests. Any protest, must be in writing and be accompanied by a $200.00

non-refundable cash deposit. All decisions related to a protest will be final with no grounds for further appeal. The cash deposit will be returned only in the event of a successful appeal.


• The Tournament Director reserves the right to render decisions regarding rule interpretations, objections and protests. All decisions are FINAL.

• Divisions

   6 Team Division: 2 pools of 3 each team playing 3 games crossover based on rankings

7 Teams Division 1 pool of seven teams
8 Team Division: 2 pools of 4, each team playing 3 round robin games.                                                

9 Team Division: 3 pools of 3, each team playing 2 round robin games and a quarter final. 9th place team eliminated

10 Team Division: 2 pools of 3, 1 pool of 4 each team playing 3 round robin games.  
11 Team Division: ?
12 Team Division 3 pools of 4 each team play 3 games

• Determination of Division Winners: Winners will be determined by point system as follows:

2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.


6 Team Divisions: Teams will play a randomly selected round robin series. At the conclusion of the round robin,1st place A pool(home) playing 2nd place B pool (visitor) and 1st place B pool (home) play 2nd place A pool (visitor).The winners  of the Semi Finals will proceed to the Championship game. The tie breaker formula will be applied, using Qualifying Round games only, to determine the home position in the Championship game.

7 Team Divisions: Teams will play a randomly selected 2 game qualifying series and then be reseeded based on the tie breaker formula. The 1st place team will get a bye to the Semi-Finals.  The remaining 6 teams will play; the 2nd place team (home) will play the 7th place team (visitor), the 3rd place team (home) playing the 6th place team (visitor) and the 4th place team (home) playing the 5th place team (visitor) . The winners of those seeded teams will advance to the Semi-Finals; the 1st place team will play the 3rd seed winner, the 1st seed winner will play the 2nd seed winner. The winners of the Semi Finals will proceed to the Championship game. The tie breaker formula will be applied, using Qualifying Round games only, to determine the home position in the Championship game.

8 Team Divisions: Teams will play a full round robin qualifying series within their respective pools A or B. At the conclusion of the round robin, two Semi-Finals will be played, with the 1st place A pool (home) playing 2nd place B pool (visitor) and 1st place B pool (home) play 2nd place A pool (visitor).The winners  of the Semi Finals will proceed to the Championship game. The tie breaker formula will be applied, using Qualifying Round games only, to determine the home position in the Championship game.

9 Team Division: Teams will play a full round robin series in their pools, Teams will be reseeded 1 to 9,  8th will play 9th looser eliminated, then 1 plays 8, 2 plays, 7, 3 plays 6, 4 plays 5.  Reseed the division using round robin and quarter final results, top 4 go to semi finals 1 plays 4, 2 plays 3, winners move on to finals. 

10 and 12 team division. The top team in each of the three groups will advance.  The 4th team will be determined by: A)  The team with the most points from the remaining teams.  B)  If any number of teams are tied in points the following tie break formula would be implemented: The team which has the highest percentage of goals for divided by the total goals for and against. C) If these teams are tied in percentage the team with the least amount of penalty minutes accumulated during the round robin games would advance. 3. Placing for the Semi finals will be determined in the following manner: A) Ist place will be the team that accumulated the most points during the round robin, second place the next highest points and so on. B)  If there are Group winners tied with the same amount of points from the round robin – the team with the highest percentage will be declared the higher placed team.  C)  The team that is determined to be the 4th place team from the round robin will remain the 4th place team in placing for the Semi-finals. 

11 Team Division: 2 pools of 4, 1 pool of 3, 2 pools of 4 will play 3 games each, 1 pool of 3 will play 2 games. Top teams in each division move on wild card will be points and then head to head and then GFA percentage and penalty minutes of every ones first two games  best moves on.  Team(s) in the pool of 3 that do not move on will be reimbursed 300 for the missed game. 


Chart (i) Divisional Qualifying Round (6,8, Team Divisions)

see below Excluding Wild Cart

• Head-to-head record between tied teams.

• Team with best record (most wins counts first) gains higher position

• GFA percentage of all games played within the Qualifying Round.

• Lowest total penalty minutes incurred in Tournament within the Qualifying Round GM's given to coaching staff member will be added in to the total team penalty Minutes (10 min)

• Team that scored first goal in game between two tied teams

• Coin Toss.


Chart (iii) GFA Formula

GFA closest to 1.000 advances

Goals for + Goals against = total goals; GFA = goals for divided by total goals.

e.g. 25 + 15 = 40 ; GFA = 25/40 = .625

• Overtime

Overtime will be played ONLY in a post round robin Qualifier, Quarter Final, Semi Final or

Championship game. There will be NO change of ends after regulation time.

The following format applies:

One five minute stop time 5 on 5 sudden victory period. If there is still a tie there will be a 10 minute sudden

victory overtime period with 1 goaltender and 4 skaters per team. If after the first 2 minutes of the

10 minute period the game is still tied a buzzer will sound and play will commence with 3 skaters

per team. If still tied after the 2 minutes a buzzer will sound and play will commence with 2 skaters

per team. If still tied after the 2 minutes of play the buzzer will sound again, play will commence

with 1 skater per team. Each 2 minute interval will start from centre ice and there will be

only changes on the fly.  Play will continue until a goal is scored. All penalties carry over to all

overtime periods including after 2 minute buzzer. Should the number of players on the ice be

the goaltender and 1 skater and a penalty occurs, the non-offending team will be allowed an

extra player and offending player will go to the penalty bench.

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