General Information, Woodstock Regional, Niagara Peninsula Region, 2018-2019, Canadian Regionals (International Silver Stick)

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Forty-Fourth Annual Woodstock Legion Tournament

1. Playing rules are those of Hockey Canada and tournament regulations are those of The Alliance.  Special tournament rules are listed below.

2. Team officials must present their approved Hockey Canada roster sheets and Travel Permit  to the registrar one hour before the scheduled face-off time of their first game.  All players affiliated or otherwise, may register with only one team and must complete the tournament with that team.  Team officials  must produce their approved Hockey Canada cards before being allowed on the team bench.

3. The tournament committee reserves the right to make any or all decisions regarding:
(a) interpretation of the rules.
(b) objections or protests involving disputes or conduct of the tournament.

4. (a) A total of not more than 19 players may dress for any game.  A team dressing only 1 player in goalkeeper equipment must designate another player on their roster that will dress as a goalie if the goalkeeper is injured and unable to continue playing.  The designated player will be given a reasonable amount of time to change equipment.

5. All suspensions for Major, Misconduct and Match penalties are per OHF minimum suspensión list.  In addition,
       any player who incurs a major penalty for fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

6. All teams must be prepared to go on the ice 15 minutes before scheduled game time.

7. All Minor Atom, Minor Pee Wee and Minor Bantam games will consist of three periods of stop time (two ten minute periods & one fifteen minute period).  The Minor Midget games will consist of three periods of stop time (one ten minute period and two fifteen  minute periods).  The ice will be flooded between the 2nd and 3rd period of each game (Atom and Pee Wee Divisions) or after every two periods of play (Bantam and Midget Divisions).  There will be a three minute warm-up before each game, starting when the first player enters the ice.  If a game goes in to overtime, the on-ice officials will determine if a flood is necessary.

8. (a)The home team in each game will wear dark sweaters and the visiting team white or light coloured sweaters.
(b) No timeouts are allowed during round robin (pool) play.  Each team will be allowed one timeout per game in semi-final and final play.

9. All teams will be guaranteed three games.
(a) Each Division (Minor Atom, Minor Pee Wee, Minor Bantam,  Minor Midget) will be run on a pool format
with two pools of four teams in each Division.
(b) There will be a three game round robin for each pool. Teams will be awarded two points for a win, one each for a tie in overtime, and zero for a loss (whether in regulation time or overtime).
(c) The first and second place finishers in each pool will advance to the Division Semi- final.  The team finishing in first place in one pool will play the team finishing in second place in the other pool.
(d) The winners of each semi-final game will play for the Division Championship.
(e) If teams are tied for play-off position at end of round robin play the final pool standings will be determined in  the following manner:
i) if two teams are tied, the tie will be broken using the results of the round robin game involving the
same two teams – if the game had a winner, the winner of the game to be awarded the higher standing for pool play.  If the teams tied in round-robin play, the tie will be broken as outlined below.
ii) if three teams are tied, the tie will be broken in the following manner:  
1.  Rank all 3 teams in order of fewest goals against; team(s) with the fewest advancing
      2.  If any teams are still tied, rank them in order of goal average (goals for / goals for and against); team(s) with the best advancing
                   3.  If any teams are still tied, rank them in order of the fewest penalty minutes; team(s) with the fewest advancing
4.  If all above fail, flip a coin

10. In the case of a tie in any game, except the semi-finals and finals, one sudden victory overtime period of five (5)    
     minutes stop time will be played, with each team reduced to four skaters plus a goalie.  First goal scored to determine the winner.  If the score remains tied at the end of the five (5) minute overtime period, each team will be awarded one point.

11. In the case of a tie in semi-final and final games, one or more sudden victory overtime period(s) of ten (10) minutes stop time  will be played at regular strength.  The first goal scored will determine the winner.

12. The Tournament Committee will not be responsible for any injuries incurred during the duration of the tournament.  All precautions will be taken to protect participants.

13. Any of the rules and regulations may be altered or changed at the discretion of the Committee.