Schedule & Results, 2016-17 Vaughan Regional, 2016-2017 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, December 2, 2016
Group AM Atom-110:15 AMVill-B Aurora Tigers 3-0Orillia Terriers
Group AM Atom-210:15 AMVill-C Vaughan Rangers 5-1Hamilton Huskies
Group AAtom-110:30 AMVill-A Goulding Park Rangers 3-4Vaughan Rangers
Group BPeewee-111:30 AMVill-B Port Credit Storm 4-1Applewood Coyotes
Group BPeewee-211:30 AMVill-C Phantom Wolves 0-3Toronto Eagles
Group AAtom-211:45 AMVill-A West Mall Lightning 0-9Erindale Spitfires
Group BAtom-311:45 AMVill-D North Toronto 2-3Vaughan Panthers
Group APeewee-312:15 PMAl Pal A West Toronto Renegades 1-2Meadowvale Mohawks
Group BM PW-112:45 PMVill-C Vaughan Panthers 0-3Oakville Rangers 2
Group APeewee-412:45 PMVill-B Ted Reeve Thunder 2-4Vaughan Rangers
Group BAtom-41:00 PMVill-D Phantom Wolves 2-2Willowdale Blackhawks
Group BM Atom-31:00 PMVill-A Barrie Colts 1-2Whitby Wildcats
Group CPeewee-51:30 PMAl Pal A Toronto Wolverines 3-1Richmondhill Stars
Group CM PW-32:00 PMVill-B Toronto Royals 0-4North Toronto
Group AM PW-42:00 PMVill-C Vaughan Rangers 0-1Toronto Eagles
Group BM Atom-42:15 PMVill-A Erindale Spitfires 1-5Toronto Eagles
Group AM Ban-12:15 PMVill-D Amesbury Attack 0-4Vaughan Rangers
Group CPeewee-62:45 PMAl Pal A Hespler Shamrocks 3-0Duffield Devils
Group AM PW-53:15 PMVill-B Toronto Aeros 0-6Leaside Flames
Group BM PW-63:15 PMVill-C Port Credit Storm 2-1North York Knights
Group BM Ban-23:30 PMVill-D Toronto Wolverines 0-4Phantom Wolves
Group CM PW-23:30 PMVill-A Applewood Coyotes 0-7Orillia Terriers
Group AAtom -64:30 PMVill-C Vaughan Rangers 7-2West Mall Lightning
Group AAtom-54:30 PMVill-B Goulding Park Rangers 1-1Erindale Spitfires
Group AM Ban-34:45 PMVill-A West Mall Lightning 1-3Leaside Flames
Group BM Ban-44:45 PMVill-D West Hill Golden Hawks 2-1Vaughan Panthers
Group AM Atom-55:15 PMAl Pal B Orillia Terriers 0-2Vaughan Rangers
Group BAtom-75:45 PMVill-B Vaughan Panthers 1-2Willowdale Blackhawks
Group BAtom-85:45 PMVill-C North Toronto 9-1Phantom Wolves
Group ABAN-16:00 PMVill-A Markham Islanders 0-2Vaughan Rangers
Group BBAN-26:00 PMVill-D Port Credit Storm 0-3Leaside
Group ABAN-46:15 PMAl Pal A Toronto Avalanche 3-0Toronto Aces
Group BM Atom-66:30 PMAl Pal B Toronto Eagles 0-9Barrie Colts
Group APeewee-77:00 PMVill-B Meadowvale Mohawks 1-3Vaughan Rangers
Group BPeewee-87:00 PMVill-C Applewood Coyotes 1-1Phantom Wolves
Group BBAN-37:15 PMVill-D West Mall Lightening 4-2Toronto Royals
Group AM MID-17:15 PMVill-A Barrie Colts 4-1Caledon Hawks
Group BM MID-27:30 PMAl Pal A Humberview Huskies 1-2Phantom Wolves
PreliminarMID -17:45 PMAl Pal B Applewood Coyotes 0-8Vaughan Rangers Sr.
Group APeewee-108:15 PMVill-C West Toronto Renegades 2-3Ted Reeve Thunder
Group BPeewee-98:15 PMVill-B Toronto Eagles 1-5Port Credit Storm
Group AM MID-38:30 PMVill-A Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 2-5Vaughan Rangers
Group BM MID-48:30 PMVill-D TNT Tornados 2-5Vaughan Panthers
PreliminarMID -28:45 PMAl Pal A Vaughan Rangers Jr. 0-0Phantom Wolves
PreliminarMID -39:00 PMAl Pal B Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 3-1Toronto Aeros
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Group BM Atom-78:00 AMWdbg Whitby Wildcats 5-1Erindale Spitfires
Group CM PW-108:00 AMRose North Toronto 5-1Applewood Coyotes
Group AM PW-78:00 AMVill-B Toronto Eagles 2-2Toronto Aeros
Group AM PW-88:00 AMVill-C Leaside Flames 2-3Vaughan Rangers
Group BM PW-98:00 AMGar Port Credit Storm 6-1Vaughan Panthers
Group BM PW-118:15 AMVill-A Oakville Rangers 2 2-1North York Knights
Group CM PW-128:15 AMVill-D Orillia Terriers 6-4Toronto Royals
Group AM Atom-89:15 AMWdbg Hamilton Huskies 2-6Aurora Tigers
Group AM Ban-59:15 AMVill-B Leaside Flames 13-0Amesbury Attack
Group AM Ban-69:15 AMVill-C Vaughan Rangers 0-3West Mall Lightning
Group CPeewee-119:15 AMGar Richmondhill Stars 1-1Hespler Shamrocks
Group CPeewee-129:15 AMRose Duffield Devils 0-2Toronto Wolverines
Group BM Ban-79:30 AMVill-A Vaughan Panthers 2-2Toronto Wolverines
Group BM Ban-89:30 AMVill-D Phantom Wolves 6-0West Hill Golden Hawks
Group AAtom-910:30 AMWdbg Erindale Spitfires 2-2Vaughan Rangers
Group ABAN-510:30 AMVill-B Toronto Aces 3-0Markham Islanders
Group ABAN-610:30 AMVill-C Vaughan Rangers 3-0Toronto Avalanche
Group BBAN-710:30 AMGar Toronto Royals 0-1Port Credit Storm
Group BBAN-810:30 AMRose Leaside 1-0West Mall Lightening
Group AM MID-510:45 AMVill-A Caledon Hawks 5-1Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
PreliminarMID -410:45 AMVill-D Vaughan Rangers Sr. 3-2Phantom Wolves
Group BAtom-1011:45 AMWdbg Willowdale Blackhawks 3-0North Toronto
Group BM MID-611:45 AMGar Vaughan Panthers 3-0Humberview Huskies
Group BM MID-711:45 AMRose Phantom Wolves 4-0TNT Tornados
PreliminarMID -511:45 AMVill-B Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 3-1Applewood Coyotes
PreliminarMID -611:45 AMVill-C Toronto Aeros 1-2Vaughan Rangers Jr.
Group AM MID-812:00 PMVill-A Vaughan Rangers 2-0Barrie Colts
Group APeewee-1312:00 PMVill-D Vaughan Rangers 4-0West Toronto Renegades
Group AAtom-111:00 PMWdbg West Mall Lightning 0-9Goulding Park Rangers
Group APeewee-141:00 PMVill-B Ted Reeve Thunder 2-6Meadowvale Mohawks
Group BPeewee-151:00 PMVill-C Toronto Eagles 4-2Applewood Coyotes
Group AM PW-131:15 PMVill-D Toronto Eagles 1-5Leaside Flames
Group BPeewee-161:15 PMVill-A Port Credit Storm 3-1Phantom Wolves
Group BAtom-122:15 PMWdbg Phantom Wolves 5-8Vaughan Panthers
Group AM PW-142:15 PMVill-C Toronto Aeros 1-1Vaughan Rangers
Group CPeewee-172:15 PMVill-B Richmondhill Stars 3-4Duffield Devils
Group BM PW-152:30 PMVill-D Port Credit Storm 1-2Oakville Rangers 2
Group CPeewee-182:30 PMVill-A Hespler Shamrocks 3-2Toronto Wolverines
Group AM Atom-103:30 PMVill-C Orillia Terriers 5-0Hamilton Huskies
Group AM Atom-93:30 PMVill-B Aurora Tigers 3-5Vaughan Rangers
Group BM PW-163:30 PMWdbg Vaughan Panthers 1-1North York Knights
Group AM Ban-93:45 PMVill-A Leaside Flames 2-4Vaughan Rangers
Group CM PW-173:45 PMVill-D North Toronto 2-4Orillia Terriers
Group BM Atom-114:45 PMVill-B Toronto Eagles 1-4Whitby Wildcats
Group BM Atom-124:45 PMVill-C Erindale Spitfires 0-4Barrie Colts
Group CM PW-184:45 PMWdbg Applewood Coyotes 0-1Toronto Royals
Group AM Ban-105:00 PMVill-A West Mall Lightning 3-1Amesbury Attack
Group BM Ban-115:00 PMVill-D Phantom Wolves 4-0Vaughan Panthers
Group ABAN-106:00 PMVill-C Toronto Avalanche 4-0Markham Islanders
Group ABAN-96:00 PMVill-B Toronto Aces 2-6Vaughan Rangers
Group BBAN-116:15 PMVill-A Leaside 9-0Toronto Royals
Group BM Ban-126:15 PMVill-D West Hill Golden Hawks 0-5Toronto Wolverines
Group AM MID-107:15 PMVill-C Barrie Colts 4-1Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
Group AM MID-97:15 PMVill-B Caledon Hawks 0-5Vaughan Rangers
Group BBAN-127:30 PMVill-D West Mall Lightening 1-3Port Credit Storm
Group BM MID-117:30 PMVill-A TNT Tornados 1-3Humberview Huskies
PreliminarMID -78:30 PMVill-B Toronto Aeros 0-5Vaughan Rangers Sr.
PreliminarMID -88:30 PMVill-C Vaughan Rangers Jr. 2-1Applewood Coyotes
Group BM MID-128:45 PMVill-D Phantom Wolves 0-2Vaughan Panthers
PreliminarMID -98:45 PMVill-A Phantom Wolves 1-2Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
Sunday, December 4, 2016
ChampionshM Atom-SF18:00 AMVill-B Barrie Colts 2-1Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM Atom-SF28:00 AMVill-C Aurora Tigers 3-4Whitby Wildcats
ChampionshAtom-SF18:15 AMVill-A Vaughan Panthers 3-5Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshAtom-SF28:15 AMVill-D Erindale Spitfires 3-2Willowdale Blackhawks
ChampionshM PW-SF19:15 AMVill-B Port Credit Storm 1-0Oakville Rangers 2
ChampionshM PW-SF29:15 AMVill-C Leaside Flames 2-4Orillia Terriers
ChampionshPeewee-SF19:30 AMVill-A Toronto Wolverines 0-3Port Credit Storm
ChampionshPeewee-SF29:30 AMVill-D Hespler Shamrocks 6-1Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM Ban-SF110:30 AMVill-B Toronto Wolverines 3-2Leaside Flames
ChampionshM Ban-SF210:30 AMVill-C West Mall Lightning 2-1Phantom Wolves
ChampionshM MID-SF110:45 AMVill-A Phantom Wolves 3-0Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM MID-SF210:45 AMVill-D Barrie Colts 4-3Vaughan Panthers
ChampionshMID -SF111:45 AMVill-B Phantom Wolves 1-3Vaughan Rangers Sr.
ChampionshMID -SF211:45 AMVill-C Vaughan Rangers Jr. 1-6Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
ChampionshBAN-SF112:00 PMVill-A Port Credit Storm 0-4Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshBAN-SF212:00 PMVill-D Toronto Avalanche 5-2Leaside
ChampionshAtom-Final1:15 PMVill-B Erindale Spitfires 7-0Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM Atom-Final1:30 PMVill-A Barrie Colts 0-4Whitby Wildcats
ChampionshM PW-Final2:30 PMVill-B Port Credit Storm 1-4Orillia Terriers
ChampionshPeewee-Final2:45 PMVill-A Hespler Shamrocks 4-0Port Credit Storm
ChampionshM Ban-Final3:45 PMVill-B West Mall Lightning 0-1Toronto Wolverines
ChampionshM MID-Final4:00 PMVill-A Barrie Colts 2-1Phantom Wolves
ChampionshBAN-Final5:00 PMVill-B Toronto Avalanche 2-1Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshMID -Final5:15 PMVill-A Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 5-2Vaughan Rangers Sr.
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