Schedule & Results, 2019-20 Forest Finals, 2019-2020 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, January 10, 2020
PBPB28:00 AMThedford Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)3-5Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)
PBPB38:00 AMWatford Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)4-0Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)
PBPB18:30 AMForest Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-4Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)
PCPC29:10 AMThedford West Grey Warriors (Kincardine Regional)2-1Norwood Hornets (Pembroke Regional)
PCPC39:10 AMWatford Belmont Rangers (Wasaga Beach Regional)2-3East Lambton Eagles (Watford Regional)
PCPC19:40 AMForest Pekin Dragons, IL (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)0-3Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
MBMB210:20 AMThedford Twin Centre Jr. Jacks (Wingham Regional)4-1Newcastle Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
MBMB310:20 AMWatford Petawawa Patriots (Pembroke Regional)3-4Arvada Midgets, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)
MBMB110:50 AMForest Lambeth Lancers (Petrolia Regional)3-0West Point Junior Black Knights, NY (West Chester, PA Regional)
MCMC211:50 AMThedford Flesherton Golden Hawks (Wingham Regional)4-5Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Columbia, MD Regional)
MCMC311:50 AMWatford South Bruce Blades (Wingham Regional Finalists)5-2East Lambton Eagles (Petrolia Regional)
MCMC112:20 PMForest Sturgeon Lake Thunder (Pembroke Regional)1-2Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
PBPB51:20 PMThedford Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)3-4Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
PBPB61:20 PMWatford Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)4-5Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)
PBPB41:50 PMForest Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)0-7Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)
PCPC52:30 PMThedford Belmont Rangers (Wasaga Beach Regional)6-1Pekin Dragons, IL (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)
PCPC62:30 PMWatford Lambton Shores Predators (Host)4-2Norwood Hornets (Pembroke Regional)
PCPC43:00 PMForest East Lambton Eagles (Watford Regional)3-4West Grey Warriors (Kincardine Regional)
MBMB53:40 PMThedford Newcastle Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)8-3West Point Junior Black Knights, NY (West Chester, PA Regional)
MBMB63:40 PMWatford Arvada Midgets, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)1-3Twin Centre Jr. Jacks (Wingham Regional)
MBMB44:10 PMForest Petawawa Patriots (Pembroke Regional)4-5Lambeth Lancers (Petrolia Regional)
MCMC55:10 PMThedford East Lambton Eagles (Petrolia Regional)4-3Flesherton Golden Hawks (Wingham Regional)
MCMC45:40 PMForest South Bruce Blades (Wingham Regional Finalists)3-1Sturgeon Lake Thunder (Pembroke Regional)
MCMC67:45 PMForest Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Columbia, MD Regional)2-1Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
Saturday, January 11, 2020
PCPC78:00 AMForest Norwood Hornets (Pembroke Regional)0-3Belmont Rangers (Wasaga Beach Regional)
PCPC88:00 AMThedford Lambton Shores Predators (Host)2-1West Grey Warriors (Kincardine Regional)
PCPC98:00 AMWatford Pekin Dragons, IL (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)2-3East Lambton Eagles (Watford Regional)
PBPB79:10 AMForest Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional) 1-2Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)
PBPB89:10 AMThedford Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)4-3Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)
PBPB99:10 AMWatford Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)7-1Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)
MCMC710:20 AMForest Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Columbia, MD Regional)2-0East Lambton Eagles (Petrolia Regional)
MCMC810:20 AMThedford Lambton Shores Predators (Host)2-3South Bruce Blades (Wingham Regional Finalists)
MCMC910:20 AMWatford Sturgeon Lake Thunder (Pembroke Regional)3-1Flesherton Golden Hawks (Wingham Regional)
MBMB711:50 AMForest Newcastle Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-1Arvada Midgets, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)
MBMB811:50 AMThedford West Point Junior Black Knights, NY (West Chester, PA Regional)5-3Petawawa Patriots (Pembroke Regional)
MBMB911:50 AMWatford Lambeth Lancers (Petrolia Regional)2-4Twin Centre Jr. Jacks (Wingham Regional)
PCPC101:20 PMForest Belmont Rangers (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-1Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
PCPC111:20 PMThedford East Lambton Eagles (Watford Regional)5-0Norwood Hornets (Pembroke Regional)
PCPC121:20 PMWatford West Grey Warriors (Kincardine Regional)4-1Pekin Dragons, IL (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)
PBPB102:30 PMForest Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)3-2Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)
PBPB112:30 PMThedford Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)1-4Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)
PBPB122:30 PMWatford Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)5-1Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
MCMC103:40 PMForest Flesherton Golden Hawks (Wingham Regional)4-3Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
MCMC113:40 PMThedford East Lambton Eagles (Petrolia Regional)2-3Sturgeon Lake Thunder (Pembroke Regional)
MCMC123:40 PMWatford South Bruce Blades (Wingham Regional Finalists)1-3Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Columbia, MD Regional)
MBMB105:10 PMForest Twin Centre Jr. Jacks (Wingham Regional)4-0West Point Junior Black Knights, NY (West Chester, PA Regional)
MBMB115:10 PMThedford Arvada Midgets, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)1-4Lambeth Lancers (Petrolia Regional)
MBMB125:10 PMWatford Petawawa Patriots (Pembroke Regional)1-3Newcastle Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
Sunday, January 12, 2020
PCPC138:15 AMForest West Grey Warriors (Kincardine Regional)1-3East Lambton Eagles (Watford Regional)
MCMC139:00 AMThedford Sturgeon Lake Thunder (Pembroke Regional)3-1South Bruce Blades (Wingham Regional Finalists)
PBPB139:30 AMForest Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional) 2-3Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)
MBMB1310:30 AMThedford Lambeth Lancers (Petrolia Regional)7-6Newcastle Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
PCPC1411:00 AMForest East Lambton Eagles (Watford Regional)4-3Belmont Rangers (Wasaga Beach Regional)
PBPB1412:30 PMForest Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)0-3Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)
MCMC142:00 PMForest Sturgeon Lake Thunder (Pembroke Regional)6-2Lehigh Valley Phantoms (Columbia, MD Regional)
MBMB143:45 PMForest Lambeth Lancers (Petrolia Regional)3-4Twin Centre Jr. Jacks (Wingham Regional)
Friday, January 24, 2020
ABAB28:00 AMThedford Kemptville Royals (Pembroke Regional)6-3South Huron Sabres (Alvinston Regional Finalist)
ABAB38:00 AMWatford Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)2-0Listowel Cyclones (Wingham Regional Finalist)
ABAB18:30 AMForest Kincardine Kinucks (Wingham Regional)0-5Mooretown Flags (Alvinston Regional)
ACAC29:10 AMThedford Huron-Bruce Blizzard (Wingham Regional)5-3Muskrat Voyageurs (Pembroke Regional)
ACAC39:10 AMWatford Essa Eagles (Wasaga Beach Regional)2-6Belmont Rangers (Alvinston Regional)
ACAC19:40 AMForest Fort Wayne Force, IN (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)3-9Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
BBBB210:20 AMThedford Ottawa West Golden Knights (Pembroke Regional Finalist)4-2Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)
BBBB310:20 AMWatford Kincardine Kinucks (Kincardine Regional)2-0Arvada Bantams, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)
BBBB110:50 AMForest Petrolia Oilers (Watford Regional)7-3Snider Hockey 14UA's (West Chester, PA Regional)
BCBC211:50 AMThedford Aylmer Flames (Watford Regional)5-4Strongsville Mustangs, OH (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)
BCBC311:50 AMWatford Hagersville Hawks (Watford Regional Finalist)5-1Shallow Lake Lakers (Kincardine Regional)
BCBC112:20 PMForest Lambton Shores Predators (Host)2-4Douro Dukes (Pembroke Regional)
ABAB51:20 PMThedford Listowel Cyclones (Wingham Regional Finalist)2-3Kemptville Royals (Pembroke Regional)
ABAB61:20 PMWatford South Huron Sabres (Alvinston Regional Finalist)0-5Kincardine Kinucks (Wingham Regional)
ABAB41:50 PMForest Mooretown Flags (Alvinston Regional)2-3Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)
ACAC52:30 PMThedford Belmont Rangers (Alvinston Regional)3-2Huron-Bruce Blizzard (Wingham Regional)
ACAC62:30 PMWatford Lambton Shores Predators (Host)1-6Muskrat Voyageurs (Pembroke Regional)
ACAC43:00 PMForest Essa Eagles (Wasaga Beach Regional)4-0Fort Wayne Force, IN (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)
BBBB53:40 PMThedford Arvada Bantams, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)3-2Ottawa West Golden Knights (Pembroke Regional Finalist)
BBBB63:40 PMWatford Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)4-6Snider Hockey 14UA's (West Chester, PA Regional)
BBBB44:10 PMForest Kincardine Kinucks (Kincardine Regional)1-3Petrolia Oilers (Watford Regional)
BCBC55:10 PMThedford Shallow Lake Lakers (Kincardine Regional)1-4Aylmer Flames (Watford Regional)
BCBC45:40 PMForest Douro Dukes (Pembroke Regional)3-2Hagersville Hawks (Watford Regional Finalist)
BCBC67:45 PMForest Strongsville Mustangs, OH (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)5-3Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
Saturday, January 25, 2020
ACAC78:00 AMForest Muskrat Voyageurs (Pembroke Regional)3-4Essa Eagles (Wasaga Beach Regional)
ACAC88:00 AMThedford Lambton Shores Predators (Host)3-4Huron-Bruce Blizzard (Wingham Regional)
ACAC98:00 AMWatford Fort Wayne Force, IN (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)1-4Belmont Rangers (Alvinston Regional)
ABAB79:10 AMForest South Huron Sabres (Alvinston Regional Finalist)1-0Listowel Cyclones (Wingham Regional Finalist)
ABAB89:10 AMThedford Kincardine Kinucks (Wingham Regional)3-1Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)
ABAB99:10 AMWatford Mooretown Flags (Alvinston Regional)6-1Kemptville Royals (Pembroke Regional)
BCBC710:20 AMForest Strongsville Mustangs, OH (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)3-4Shallow Lake Lakers (Kincardine Regional)
BCBC810:20 AMThedford Lambton Shores Predators (Host)0-7Hagersville Hawks (Watford Regional Finalist)
BCBC910:20 AMWatford Douro Dukes (Pembroke Regional)4-3Aylmer Flames (Watford Regional)
BBBB711:50 AMForest Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)4-3Arvada Bantams, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)
BBBB811:50 AMThedford Snider Hockey 14UA's (West Chester, PA Regional)6-1Kincardine Kinucks (Kincardine Regional)
BBBB911:50 AMWatford Petrolia Oilers (Watford Regional)3-1Ottawa West Golden Knights (Pembroke Regional Finalist)
ACAC101:20 PMForest Essa Eagles (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-2Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
ACAC111:20 PMThedford Belmont Rangers (Alvinston Regional)2-4Muskrat Voyageurs (Pembroke Regional)
ACAC121:20 PMWatford Huron-Bruce Blizzard (Wingham Regional)6-4Fort Wayne Force, IN (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)
ABAB102:30 PMForest Kemptville Royals (Pembroke Regional)0-1Kincardine Kinucks (Wingham Regional)
ABAB112:30 PMThedford Listowel Cyclones (Wingham Regional Finalist)0-4Mooretown Flags (Alvinston Regional)
ABAB122:30 PMWatford Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)1-3South Huron Sabres (Alvinston Regional Finalist)
BCBC103:40 PMForest Aylmer Flames (Watford Regional)9-0Lambton Shores Predators (Host)
BCBC113:40 PMThedford Shallow Lake Lakers (Kincardine Regional)6-5Douro Dukes (Pembroke Regional)
BCBC123:40 PMWatford Hagersville Hawks (Watford Regional Finalist)5-1Strongsville Mustangs, OH (Fort Wayne, IN Regional)
BBBB105:10 PMForest Ottawa West Golden Knights (Pembroke Regional Finalist)5-2Snider Hockey 14UA's (West Chester, PA Regional)
BBBB115:10 PMThedford Arvada Bantams, CO (Westminster, CO Regional)2-3Petrolia Oilers (Watford Regional)
BBBB125:10 PMWatford Kincardine Kinucks (Kincardine Regional)0-4Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)
Sunday, January 26, 2020
ACAC138:15 AMForest Belmont Rangers (Alvinston Regional)4-0Essa Eagles (Wasaga Beach Regional)
BCBC139:00 AMThedford Douro Dukes (Pembroke Regional)3-6Aylmer Flames (Watford Regional)
ABAB139:30 AMForest Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)1-0Kincardine Kinucks (Wingham Regional)
BBBB1310:30 AMThedford Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-4Ottawa West Golden Knights (Pembroke Regional Finalist)
ACAC1411:00 AMForest Belmont Rangers (Alvinston Regional)1-4Huron-Bruce Blizzard (Wingham Regional)
ABAB1412:30 PMForest Penetang Flames (Wasaga Beach Regional)1-2Mooretown Flags (Alvinston Regional)
BCBC142:00 PMForest Aylmer Flames (Watford Regional)1-2Hagersville Hawks (Watford Regional Finalist)
BBBB143:45 PMForest Ottawa West Golden Knights (Pembroke Regional Finalist)2-1Petrolia Oilers (Watford Regional)
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