PB, Peewee B, Divisions, 2019-20 Forest Finals (International Silver Stick)

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TeamGame 1*Game 2*Game 3*Game 4*Game 5*Game 6*GFGAPts*TotGF %
Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)3-5 (L)10-7 (W)2.54-3 (W)25-1 (W)2.50-3 (W)0X22988160.710
Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)4-0 (W)2.53-4 (L)1.51-2 (W)23-2 (W)1.52-3 (W)20-3 (L)0151289.517.50.556
Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)3-5 (W)24-5 (W)1.51-2 (L)11-4 (W)2.52-3 (L)1X171368140.567
Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-4 (L)1.53-4 (W)1.57-1 (W)35-1 (L)0.5XX151346.510.50.536
Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)3-4 (W)1.54-5 (L)1.54-3 (L)13-2 (L)1.5XX131525.57.50.464
Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)4-0 (L)0.50-7 (L)0.57-1 (L)01-4 (L)0.5XX22201.51.50.083
* = Bonus Points
Division Schedule & Results
Game #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 10, 2020
PB28:00 AMThedford Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)3-5Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)
PB38:00 AMWatford Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)4-0Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)
PB18:30 AMForest Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)3-4Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)
PB51:20 PMThedford Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)3-4Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
PB61:20 PMWatford Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)4-5Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)
PB41:50 PMForest Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)0-7Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)
Saturday, January 11, 2020
PB79:10 AMForest Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional) 1-2Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)
PB89:10 AMThedford Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)4-3Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)
PB99:10 AMWatford Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)7-1Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)
PB102:30 PMForest Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)3-2Shelburne Wolves (Kincardine Regional)
PB112:30 PMThedford Wyoming Cutthroats, WY (Westminster, CO Regional)1-4Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional)
PB122:30 PMWatford Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)5-1Wasaga Beach Stars (Wasaga Beach Regional)
Sunday, January 12, 2020
PB139:30 AMForest Frontenac Flyers (Pembroke Regional) 2-3Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)
PB1412:30 PMForest Lambeth Lancers (Watford Regional)0-3Ilderton Jets (Watford Regional-Finalists)
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Thedford - The Legacy Recreation Centre, 16 Allen Street, Thedford, ON. Phone: 519-296-4878
  • Forest - The Shores Recreation Centre, 7883 Amtelecom Parkway, Forest, ON. Phone: 519-786-5371
  • Watford - Warwick Township Arena, 61 Centennial Avenue, Watford, ON. Phone: 519-876-2808

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