Schedule & Results, 2019-20 Chatham Regional, 2019-2020 (International Silver Stick)

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Friday, December 13, 2019
AAE-A18:00 AMER KENT Cobras2-13Caledon Hawks
AAE-C28:00 AMTIL Belle River Jr. Canadiens3-4Whitby Wildcats
AAE-B38:30 AMMEM Woolwich Wildcats5-4North London Nationals
MAAA-A48:30 AMTC Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-3KENT Cobras
PWAE-A59:10 AMER Sarnia Jr. Sting (Major)5-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AAE-C69:10 AMTIL New Hamburg Huskies2-2West London Hawks
APAE-C79:40 AMMEM Orangeville Flyers3-2KENT Cobras
APAE-C89:40 AMTC Barrie Colts1-5London Bandits (Black)
MPWAA-B (XOVER)1010:20 AMTIL KENT Cobras1-1Belle River Jr. Canadiens
PWAE-B910:20 AMER Sarnia Jr. Sting (Minor)7-5LaSalle Sabres
AAE-B1110:50 AMMEM Cambridge Hawks1-4Milton Winterhawks (White)
PWAE-A1210:50 AMTC Whitby Wildcats (Blue)4-4Woolwich Wildcats
AAE-A1311:30 AMER Oakridge Aeros0-3Waterloo Wolves
MMAA-A1411:30 AMTIL Barrie Colts5-3Belle River Jr. Canadiens
PWAE-B1512:00 PMMEM Georgina Blaze1-7Belleville Jr. Bulls
MAAA-A1612:00 PMTC Windsor Jr. Spitfires12-1Duffield Devils
MPWAA-A (XOVER)1712:40 PMER West Niagara Flying Aces4-2Riverside Rangers
MAAA-A181:00 PMTIL KENT Cobras4-4Burlington Jr. Cougars (Blue)
MMAA-A191:10 PMMEM Flambourough-Dundas Reps2-5KENT Cobras
MBAA-A (XOVER)201:10 PMTC KENT Cobras5-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
MPWAA-A (XOVER)211:50 PMER Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-5Whitby Wildcats (White)
AAE-B222:10 PMTIL North London Nationals1-1Milton Winterhawks (White)
MBAA-A (XOVER)232:30 PMTC Milton Winterhawks1-1Hamilton Huskies
AAE-C242:40 PMMEM Whitby Wildcats3-4West London Hawks
MMAA-A253:00 PMER Sarnia Jr. Sting2-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
AAE-B263:20 PMTIL Woolwich Wildcats4-4Cambridge Hawks
AAE-C273:50 PMMEM Belle River Jr. Canadiens4-2New Hamburg Huskies
MBAA-A (XOVER)283:50 PMTC Belle River Jr. Canadiens0-0Oshawa Generals
APAE-C294:30 PMTIL KENT Cobras5-1Barrie Colts
MAAA-A304:30 PMER Duffield Devils0-6Belle River Jr. Canadiens
MMAA-A315:00 PMMEM Barrie Colts2-3London Jr. Knights (Green)
PWAE-A325:10 PMTC Woolwich Wildcats0-2Sarnia Jr. Sting (Major)
MAAA-A335:40 PMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires6-8Burlington Jr. Cougars (Blue)
AAE-A345:40 PMER Caledon Hawks2-4Waterloo Wolves
BAE-B356:20 PMTC Sarnia Jr. Sting (MD)3-3LaSalle Sabres
AAE-A306:30 PMMEM KENT Cobras1-1Oakridge Aeros
APAE-C376:50 PMTIL London Bandits (Black)3-3Orangeville Flyers
PWAE-B386:50 PMER Sarnia Jr. Sting (Minor)2-2Georgina Blaze
PWAE-A397:40 PMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-4Whitby Wildcats (Blue)
BAE-B407:40 PMTC Stoney Creek Warriors (Red)1-3Southpoint Capitals
BAE-A418:00 PMTIL Milton Winterhawks1-2KENT Cobras
PWAE-B428:00 PMER LaSalle Sabres0-7Belleville Jr. Bulls
MMAA-A438:50 PMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires4-4KENT Cobras
MMAA-A449:00 PMTC Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-1Flambourough-Dundas Reps
MMAA-A459:10 PMER London Jr. Knights (Green)3-0Sarnia Jr. Sting
BAE-A469:20 PMTIL Centre Wellington Fusion3-1Stoney Creek Warriors (White)
Saturday, December 14, 2019
MAAA-A478:00 AMER Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MAAA-A488:00 AMMEM Burlington Jr. Cougars (Blue)6-0Duffield Devils
MBAA-A (XOVER)498:00 AMTC Belle River Jr. Canadiens5-3Sarnia Jr. Sting
MPWAA-B (XOVER)508:00 AMTIL Riverside Rangers2-3Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MPWAA-A (XOVER)519:10 AMER Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-3Whitby Wildcats (White)
MBAA-B (XOVER)529:10 AMMEM Oshawa Generals2-3Milton Winterhawks
MPWAA-A (XOVER)539:10 AMTIL West Niagara Flying Aces2-0KENT Cobras
MMAA-A549:20 AMTC London Jr. Knights (Green)5-1Flambourough-Dundas Reps
BAE-A5510:20 AMER Stoney Creek Warriors (White)2-4Milton Winterhawks
BAE-B5610:20 AMTIL LaSalle Sabres2-4Stoney Creek Warriors (Red)
MMAA-A5710:30 AMMEM Sarnia Jr. Sting1-5Barrie Colts
MBAA-A (XOVER)5810:50 AMTC KENT Cobras4-2Hamilton Huskies
BAE-A5911:40 AMER KENT Cobras1-2Centre Wellington Fusion
BAE-B6011:40 AMTIL Southpoint Capitals3-4Sarnia Jr. Sting (MD)
MMAA-A6112:00 PMMEM KENT Cobras1-4Belle River Jr. Canadiens
MPWAA-B (XOVER)6212:10 PMTC KENT Cobras3-2Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MPWAA-A (XOVER)631:00 PMER Belle River Jr. Canadiens1-4Riverside Rangers
AAE-A641:00 PMTIL Waterloo Wolves9-3KENT Cobras
MMAA-A651:20 PMTC Flambourough-Dundas Reps1-5Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MAAA-A661:30 PMMEM Duffield Devils2-8KENT Cobras
MPWAA-B (XOVER)672:10 PMER Whitby Wildcats (White)2-1West Niagara Flying Aces
AAE-A682:10 PMTIL Oakridge Aeros2-2Caledon Hawks
MAAA-A692:40 PMMEM Burlington Jr. Cougars (Blue)6-1Belle River Jr. Canadiens
AAE-B702:50 PMTC Milton Winterhawks (White)7-0Woolwich Wildcats
AAE-C713:20 PMER West London Hawks0-0Belle River Jr. Canadiens
PWAE-B723:20 PMTIL Sarnia Jr. Sting (Minor)1-4Belleville Jr. Bulls
PWAE-A733:50 PMMEM Sarnia Jr. Sting (Major)2-5Whitby Wildcats (Blue)
AAE-B744:00 PMTC Cambridge Hawks5-3North London Nationals
AAE-C754:30 PMER New Hamburg Huskies1-4Whitby Wildcats
PWAE-B764:30 PMTIL LaSalle Sabres2-1Georgina Blaze
PWAE-A775:00 PMMEM Woolwich Wildcats0-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
APAE-C785:10 PMTC Barrie Colts1-4Orangeville Flyers
MBAA-B (XOVER)795:40 PMER Oshawa Generals1-0KENT Cobras
MMAA-A805:40 PMTIL KENT Cobras3-4London Jr. Knights (Green)
APAE-C816:10 PMMEM KENT Cobras2-4London Bandits (Black)
MAAA-A826:20 PMTC KENT Cobras3-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MBAA-B (XOVER)837:00 PMER Sarnia Jr. Sting1-3Milton Winterhawks
MMAA-A847:10 PMTIL Windsor Jr. Spitfires6-5Barrie Colts
BAE-B857:20 PMMEM Stoney Creek Warriors (Red)2-6Sarnia Jr. Sting (MD)
BAE-A867:30 PMTC Stoney Creek Warriors (White)2-4KENT Cobras
MBAA-B (XOVER)878:20 PMER Hamilton Huskies7-1Belle River Jr. Canadiens
BAE-B888:40 PMMEM LaSalle Sabres1-3Southpoint Capitals
MMAA-A898:40 PMTIL Belle River Jr. Canadiens3-1Sarnia Jr. Sting
BAE-A908:50 PMTC Milton Winterhawks3-2Centre Wellington Fusion
Sunday, December 15, 2019
AAE-PO918:00 AMER West London Hawks3-1Milton Winterhawks (White)
PWAE-PO928:00 AMMEM Whitby Wildcats (Blue)1-2London Bandits (Black)
MAAA-PO938:00 AMTC Windsor Jr. Spitfires2-4KENT Cobras
AAE-PO949:10 AMER Whitby Wildcats2-7Waterloo Wolves
PWAE-PO959:10 AMMEM Orangeville Flyers3-2Belleville Jr. Bulls
MAAA-PO969:10 AMTC Belle River Jr. Canadiens2-3Burlington Jr. Cougars (Blue)
BAE-PO9710:20 AMER Southpoint Capitals2-3Centre Wellington Fusion
MPWAA-PO9810:20 AMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-2Whitby Wildcats (White)
MPWAA-PO9910:20 AMTC KENT Cobras2-1West Niagara Flying Aces
MBAA-PO10011:30 AMTC Oshawa Generals1-0Milton Winterhawks
MMAAPO10111:30 AMMEM Barrie Colts1-6London Jr. Knights (Green)
BAE-PO10211:40 AMER KENT Cobras3-4Sarnia Jr. Sting (MD)
MBAA-PO10312:50 PMTC Hamilton Huskies3-0KENT Cobras
MMAAPO1041:00 PMMEM Windsor Jr. Spitfires1-3Belle River Jr. Canadiens
AAE-PO1051:00 PMER West London Hawks2-3Waterloo Wolves
MAAA-PO1062:10 PMTC KENT Cobras3-4Burlington Jr. Cougars (Blue)
MPWAA-PO1072:15 PMER KENT Cobras0-4Whitby Wildcats (White)
PWAE-PO1082:30 PMMEM Orangeville Flyers5-2London Bandits (Black)
MBAA-PO1093:25 PMTC Oshawa Generals2-1Hamilton Huskies
BAE-PO1103:30 PMER Centre Wellington Fusion2-1Sarnia Jr. Sting (MD)
MMAAPO1113:45 PMMEM Belle River Jr. Canadiens1-6London Jr. Knights (Green)
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