Schedule & Results, 2019-20 Haliburton/Minden Regional, 2019-2020 (International Silver Stick)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Saturday, November 30, 2019
P1 LL/HL18:00 AM- Apsley Flames6-1Highland Storm #1
A1 LL/HL18:00 AM- Sturgeon Lake Thunder4-8Highland Storm #1
P1 LL/HL29:00 AM- Mariposa Lightning3-0Douro Dukes
A1 LL/HL29:00 AM- Stirling Blues2-3Apsley Flames
P2 LL/HL310:00 AM- Lakefield Chiefs10-1Highland Storm #2
A2 LL/HL310:00 AM- Lakefield Chiefs3-4Highland Storm #2
P2 LL/HL411:00 AM- Kemptville Royals1-6Havelock Hawks
A2 LL/HL411:00 AM- Havelock Hawks1-3Delhi Rockets
P1 LL/HL512:00 PM- Highland Storm #14-2Douro Dukes
A1 LL/HL512:00 PM- Highland Storm #13-2Stirling Blues
P1 LL/HL61:00 PM- Mariposa Lightning4-2Apsley Flames
A1 LL/HL61:00 PM- Apsley Flames2-2Sturgeon Lake Thunder
P2 LL/HL72:00 PM- Highland Storm #20-7Havelock Hawks
A2 LL/HL72:00 PM- Highland Storm #22-10Havelock Hawks
P2 LL/HL83:00 PM- Kemptville Royals0-6Lakefield Chiefs
A2 LL/HL83:00 PM- Delhi Rockets5-2Lakefield Chiefs
P1 LL/HL94:00 PM- Mariposa Lightning8-0Highland Storm #1
A1 LL/HL94:00 PM- Apsley Flames5-7Highland Storm #1
P1 LL/HL105:00 PM- Douro Dukes0-4Apsley Flames
A1 LL/HL105:00 PM- Stirling Blues2-8Sturgeon Lake Thunder
P2 LL/HL116:00 PM- Kemptville Royals3-3Highland Storm #2
A2 LL/HL116:00 PM- Delhi Rockets6-4Highland Storm #2
P2 LL/HL127:00 PM- Havelock Hawks5-5Lakefield Chiefs
A2 LL/HL127:00 PM- Lakefield Chiefs2-5Havelock Hawks
Sunday, December 1, 2019
ASF LL/HL138:00 AM- Havelock Hawks0-9Highland Storm #1
ASF LL/HL149:15 AM- Apsley Flames2-4Delhi Rockets
PSF LL/HL1310:30 AM- Lakefield Chiefs6-2Mariposa Lightning
PSF LL/HL1411:45 AM- Apsley Flames3-2Havelock Hawks
ASF LL/HL151:00 PM- Delhi Rockets3-2Highland Storm #1
PF LL/HL152:30 PM- Apsley Flames2-4Lakefield Chiefs
Saturday, December 7, 2019
1 MLL/HL18:00 AM- Mariposa Lightning9-0Highland Storm
B1 LL/HL18:00 AM- Strugeon Lake Thunder2-5Bancroft Jets
1 MLL/HL29:00 AM- Thornton Tigers4-1Apsley Flames
B1 LL/HL29:00 AM- Lakefield Chiefs4-3Lindsay Muskies White
2 MLL/HL310:00 AM- Sturgeon Lake Thunder6-3Stiring Blues
B2 BLL/HL310:00 AM- Lindsay Muskies Teal1-4Mariposa Lightning
2 MLL/HL411:00 AM- Manvers Mustangs5-0Lakefield Chiefs
B2 BLL/HL411:00 AM- Apsley Flames2-3Durham Cursaders
1 MLL/HL512:00 PM- Highland Storm1-5Thornton Tigers
B1 LL/HL512:00 PM- Bancroft Jets3-1Lakefield Chiefs
1 MLL/HL61:00 PM- Apsley Flames5-2Mariposa Lightning
B1 LL/HL61:00 PM- Lindsay Muskies White3-2Strugeon Lake Thunder
2 MLL/HL72:00 PM- Stiring Blues1-4Manvers Mustangs
B2 BLL/HL72:00 PM- Mariposa Lightning4-6Apsley Flames
2 MLL/HL83:00 PM- Lakefield Chiefs3-6Sturgeon Lake Thunder
B2 BLL/HL83:00 PM- Durham Cursaders10-2Lindsay Muskies Teal
1 MLL/HL94:00 PM- Apsley Flames4-0Highland Storm
B1 LL/HL94:00 PM- Lindsay Muskies White6-2Bancroft Jets
1 MLL/HL105:00 PM- Thornton Tigers2-1Mariposa Lightning
B1 LL/HL105:00 PM- Lakefield Chiefs2-1Strugeon Lake Thunder
2 MLL/HL116:00 PM- Lakefield Chiefs2-2Stiring Blues
B2 BLL/HL116:00 PM- Durham Cursaders4-0Mariposa Lightning
2 MLL/HL127:00 PM- Manvers Mustangs0-1Sturgeon Lake Thunder
B2 BLL/HL127:00 PM- Apsley Flames5-3Lindsay Muskies Teal
Sunday, December 8, 2019
BSF138:00 AM- Apsley Flames4-3Lakefield Chiefs
BSF149:15 AM- Lindsay Muskies White3-4Durham Cursaders
MSF1310:30 AM- Manvers Mustangs2-3Thornton Tigers
MSF1411:45 AM- Apsley Flames1-5Sturgeon Lake Thunder
BF3151:00 PM- Durham Cursaders4-3Apsley Flames
MF152:30 PM- Sturgeon Lake Thunder1-4Thornton Tigers
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